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How to Meaningfully Reality Check - Do's and Dont's

In all honesty, the influx of 'how many RCs should I do a day' and 'why aren't my RCs showing up in my dream' posts are a bit repetitive, so I thought I'd share how I reality check :)
TL;DR - Just read the bold parts, especially if you regularly RC but they aren't appearing in dreams.
- Ever think 'I already know I'm awake, lemme just do this real quick' It defeats the whole purpose of the reality check, meaning you're practically just poking your hand.
- Only use one reality check. Keep in mind you subconscious knows what your doing and why you're doing it. Most of us have had them fail in dreams, and that can throw you back into the dream that quickly. Some have even had more than one reality check fail ( not likely). Instead of a RC, try using a RC Routine. Ex. Push your finger into your hand, then plug your nose and breathe, then bite your tongue.
- Don't rush RCs. Enough said, you're only doing yourself a disservice.
- Try and will your reality checks. I'll refer back to the hand check. Visualize your finger going through the other side of your palm, rather than poking it to see if it goes through. Plug your nose and take a deep breath and imagine the air filling your lungs.
- Be aggressive with them. Whatever it takes to make it a habit, do it. Some use timers, some a circle on their palm and when they see it, the try and push through it. You want to get to the point your mind just reminds you, "Oh yeah, RC!". I know that it can be tiring, but the more you do it, the more likely it'll show up in your dreams.
- Ask yourself 'Am I dreaming?' It may sound silly, but one false awakening can completely dissolve that view. Everyday you wake up, do a reality check no matter what.
- Reality check when the slightest thing is off. And I mean slightest. This is a wonderful habit. For example, if you see an object your don't remember placing where it is
- Regularly retrace your steps. Ask yourself how you got there. I personally list the last 3 things I did before getting where I am. In a dream, you'll most likely not remember how you got to a casino in Abu Dhabi, although it feels so real.
Here's an example of one of my 15-second reality checks. (stairs are a dreamsign for me)
"Wait, is this a dream?" I ask, pausing on the steps. I push my finger toward my palm and subsequently pinch my nose while biting my tongue, trying to breathe in. I look around at my surroundings , and here's the tricky part. Look at an object, and try and see the space between you and the object, as in the depth of your perception. That's my best attempt of describing my awareness. I do this with the space however, trying to focus on the space and look for oddities.
Hope this helps, here are a few notes that aren't as important.
- I had 2 lucid dreams within my first week of journaling and doing RCs.
- I have a past of deceptive false awakenings, so I take this very seriously.
- The golden answer to "How many RCs do I do a day?"
Laberge says 10-15 minimum, but I do one every 15 minutes.
Let me know if you'd like a 'How to Meaningfully Dream Journal' as well :)
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Poker in Houston/Dallas

Is there any? Bravo's suggesting Louisiana.
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[Official] CES MMA 46: Howard vs. Carroll - Live Discussion Thread

Welcome to mma's live discussion thread for CES MMA 46: Howard vs. Carroll, coming at you live from Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island!
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BW Gary Balletto Jr. vs. Sharif Jones
BW Rico DiSciullo vs. Justin King
Prelims: (Not televised)
Div. Fighters
MW Pat McCrohan vs. Buck Pineau
FW Hamzah Marquis Brewster vs. Raymond Yanez
WW Johnny Adams vs. John Gotti III
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Versailles Suites at Lauberge - YouTube

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