Maryland Casino Arundel Mills

LIVE! Casino in @ Arundel Mills, Maryland is going to be using plexiglass partitions on their poker tables when they Reopen post-Covid.

LIVE! Casino in @ Arundel Mills, Maryland is going to be using plexiglass partitions on their poker tables when they Reopen post-Covid. submitted by DoxProofBro to poker [link] [comments]

LIVE! Casino in @ Arundel Mills, Maryland is going to be using plexiglass partitions on their poker tables when they Reopen post-Covid.

LIVE! Casino in @ Arundel Mills, Maryland is going to be using plexiglass partitions on their poker tables when they Reopen post-Covid. submitted by DoxProofBro to interestingasfuck [link] [comments]

Saw this winner in Maryland

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Most underrated cities/towns in Maryland?

What cities and towns in Maryland do you think are underrated, and why? This is my list. By no means is this an all-inclusive list. I am sure there are many more towns and cities in Maryland that are underrated, it's just that I am only familiar with so many areas in Maryland that I may not have gotten everything. Besides, part of the reason I started this thread is because I wanted to hear about any towns I didn't mention in order to find more places to venture to :).
FREDERICK: Even though it is stereotyped to be hicky, redneck, and in the middle of nowhere, I don't find this to be the case. Downtown Frederick is a nice, diverse, and vibrant area. It is where the suburbs of DC and the Appalachia mountain region of Western Maryland meet, and the influences from both sides give Frederick a very interesting and unique vibe. There are lots of great restaurants, entertainment, and art scenes as well.
CROFTON/ODENTON/GAMBRILLS: This area is underrated. It is often seen as just an extension of Annapolis, and while they are suburban towns near Annapolis, there is a lot of new shopping and entertainment in this area. The public schools in the area are some of the best in the state, and with the opening of a brand new high school in Crofton soon, there are a lot of reasons for people to consider living there. In addition to being very close to Annapolis, this area also has very easy access to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore
ARNOLD/SEVERNA PARK: Beautiful suburbs of Annapolis with a lot of historic water and Chesapeake Bay sailing culture. Some of the best public schools in Maryland (Severna Park HS and Broadneck HS)
DAVIDSONVILLE: You wouldn't feel like you're only 25-30 minutes away from Washington, D.C. and only 10 minutes away from Annapolis when you're here. You see lots of mansions on plotted on large swaths of land and it feels rural and quiet. This area is very unique because it is rural, yet it defies all stereotypes of rural-ness. Majority of the residents hold white-collar jobs, the median income of Davidsonville is among the highest in all of Maryland, and the residents are very educated. It is a great place to live if you want to live near urban areas in a top notch school district yet want quiet and privacy. It is a remnant of AACos past heritage.
IJAMESVILE: This is a suburb of DC in Frederick County, near the MoCo border that many have never heard of. It has top-notch schools and good access to DC and Frederick. Similar to Davidsonville, it defies stereotypes of rural-ness because it is majority white collar and extremely wealthy.
HANOVER: A unique town that is split between two counties: Anne Arundel and Howard. It is just 10-15 minutes away from Baltimore City. Residents tend to be upper middle-class and wealthy, though there is good socio-economic diversity. It is also 25 minutes away from Annapolis, 5 minutes away from Ft. Meade, right near BWI, and about 40 minutes away from DC. Hanover is home to the Arundel Mills Mall which has many great stores, restaurants, and a casino. If you live on the Howard County side, you also get top-notch public school districts, but if you live on the Anne Arundel side, you are stuck with awful public schools.
TAKOMA PARK: A one-of-a-kind suburb just outside of Washington, D.C. It is extremely progressive and it is extremely common to see gay couples holding hands and churches and houses with pride flags/immigrant supporting signs. The schools in the area are good and there are many unique resturaunts in the area. It is also very socioeconomically and racially diverse and is one of the more affordable (good) suburbs of DC to live in.
CUMBERLAND: This city is very cool because it was once the most populous and industrialized city in all of Maryland, and as such, it has an abandoned large city vibe. It is very pretty and has a Western European/German vibe to it as well.
BOWIE: This town is ideally located 20 minutes away from Annapolis and Washington, D.C. There is a lot of good shopping and entertainment, and you're also very close to shopping/entertainment in Crofton. Six Flags is also here.
COLLEGE PARK: There is more to College Park than just the University of Maryland's flagship campus. There are lots of great resturaunts, entertainment, shopping, and dining as well. Being near a large top-ranked public research university is also a huge plus though. You are also just outside of Washington, D.C. However, it is only recommended to visit College Park, not live in it (unless you are a student at the University of Maryland, College Park and live on/near campus). There is some concerns with crime in College Park.
NORTH BEACH: A really good alternative to Ocean City if you live in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. metro area.
TOWSON: It is one of the best, if the not the best suburb of Baltimore. Great downtown, unique dining, and an amazing mall. Also has very amazing public schools.
LAUREL: A good, ethnically diverse suburb of D.C. and Baltimore with good shopping and dining.
PIKESVILLE: A cool area near Baltimore with strong Jewish culture and many kosher resturaunts/markets. You'll find some of the best Jewish food in the entire country there.
BEL AIR: A good mix of rural Northeastern Maryland and suburban Baltimore. Good schools, dining, and entertainment.
ELKRIDGE/SAVAGE: Although this area is often just considered to be an extension of Columbia and Ellicott City, Elkridge has some of the best shopping, dining, and entertainment in all of HoCo. Savage also has the historic Savage mill. Great public schools.
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Is there a lock-down at the Arundel Mills Mall? I heard from an inside source that there is a bomb threat?

poster: X1Cygnus, original conspiracy link
Arundel Mills Mall, Anne Arundel County, Maryland...
I know someone who works at the mall and she claims they are in lock-down. She begged me not to post anything on facebook, because they have been told not to communicate anything to the outside...
Anyone local see any activity?
I'm betting it's just a threat... I doubt a device will be found. I doubt there will be an actual explosion.
But, I'm keeping an eye out for these events that could cause the American people to beg for protection and have them writing a blank check to DHS...
Any info from on-site? I've only found one corroborating post on Anne Arundel County's facebook site from another facebooker asking what all the police activity is at the casino... (Maryland LIVE Casino is adjacent to the mall)
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[Table] I am a croupier (craps dealer) AMA

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Date: 2012-09-14
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Questions Answers
Proof? What are the odds where you are? How many tables? How often do people tip you? Is there any truth to dice technique from your perspective? How much does someone have to win before you guys start paying more attention/alert management? When I play craps and I'm doing well, I throw some money (1's & 5's) for the dealers on the line and hard ways with me. As a dealer, would you prefer something else? (6/8, do not pass, etc). We have full double odds where I work (for now) I always joke with players that it is the "only place in America that still has double odds and they can tell their grand children that they once played at a place with double odds." Craps tippers usually don't tip till the end unless they put us on hardways or the point, good karma to put the dealers on the point. A little soft hustle from the dealers is always helpful. I use to be a firm believer in dice controls and setting the dice. Not anymore, just pick them up and throw them. I've seen hour rolls where people shake them and throw them and I've seen people set the dice and point 7 all day long. Management wants to know about long rolls and when people start winning 2k plus As a dealer we love any tip. I prefer to play any tip under $20-25 and drop anything over. Some dealer want to drop every dollar.
Why is double odds good when most places I've been have 3,4,5x odds? Double odds is horrible. That's why we are the only place left in America that offers it. It's a lack of competition thing where I'm at.
Awesome, thanks! One last thing I just thought about: when you guys move stations, or come and go from a table period, why do you clap and show your hands? Did people used to hold dice up their sleeves or something? It shows the cameras that you are not stealing chips. We call it job security.
What is your opinion on players who bet against the table (don't come etc). I think it can add a bit of fun to table if the guy isn't a total ass and should happen more? What say you? When I play a lot of the time I play the don't. Anytime you can bet with the casino you should do it, they haven't gone out of business yet. That being said DO NOT celebrate when you win and the rest of the table looses, it's very fo pa.
*Faux pas. As a dice dealer spelling isn't my strong suit. Sorry.
Will people pay anything to roll the dice just one more time? Edit: do you deal with people who clearly have gambling problems? Maybe they waste a lot of their money? They would if they could. It doesn't matter if it was a 5 min roll or an hour roll, someone always says "I just needed one more number"
Do you tell people they need to stop, or is that a call you can't make? It's really not my call, you do see people that you know have a problem but really the best thing a casino can do is refer them to a help hotline. You can't help someone that doesn't want help or doesn't think they have a problem.
Pancakes or waffles? Waffles! Best question yet!
Here's a follow up: Darts or Billiards? Billiards, a good game of 9 ball, a gentalmans game.
How do you feel about the cookie monster becoming the veggie monster? As someone with kids, I'm pissed.
Gentleman's** Dice dealer = good at math, shitty with grammar.
I heard winning craps players mostly ride unicorns, is that true? Never heard that one but it made me laugh. I'm gonna have to use that line.
What is the most money you have ever seen someone lose on the field? $2000 on one roll. That is our table max.
Has the dice ever bounced out of the playing area? Yeah all the time. You have to make sure you get them back. A whole crew can get fired over a lost dice.
As a casino worker, how do you and your coworkers feel about the singular die vs. dice? I say die. Just an old habit of mine.
Who's the most famous person you've dealt for? I have delt to many professional football players. A few guys who are sportscasters on national TV.
One time while playing craps a guy rolled for over an hour and the craps table had to call for a fill, any such occurences for you? Yeah the longest roll I was apart of a guy shot for a little over an hour, there were a few of our regulars that were at the table that knew how to play and we ended up getting a fill as well as having people drop money every roll to convert them up to black or purple.
How the fuck do I play craps? Thanks. The best strategy that I give to people who want to get in the action that have no idea how to play is get on the pass line and place a number that you like. Go from there and if you want to learn more a good dealer will help you.
Thank you for actually answering my obviously smart-assed question. I like to go to casinos from time to time but am always intimidated by table games because of the other players, it's nice to know the dealers like you would be chill. That being said, what's the most amount of money you've ever paid out to a player? I really love my job and I like to have a good time. Most dealers are that way as long as you are nice to them.
What's the most amount of money you've won when a player has bet your toke for you? Had a guy bet $100 hard way for the dealers but it didn't hit. Most I've ever dropped on one roll was $600-700.
1) What strategy do you see employed most often? 2) When a player places a bet for you, as a tip, where would you prefer it? Most offen people bet the inside and don't press untill they have gotten their money back. It's a safe but not a very good strategy. I love when a player bets piggybacked hardways and we parlay them. I love going for the big kill.
How often do yall catch cheaters? is there any way to game the system other than somehow subbing in loaded dice? what percent of dealers are crooked, or is it more like everyone does something crooked sometimes? I've never had the dice switched on me. There are also people who don't hit the back wall on purpose. Sliding the dice is another was to cheat.
Do you deal in vegas? What's the largest buy-in you've seen, cash or marker? Ever accidentally catch the dice as someone threw them? I've seen stick-man do it once because he though it was chips for a hard-way bet. No I deal in a casino in the eastern united states. I would say where but our casino has a policy about social media. I've seen $10,000 buy in at one time, the same guy buy in for 10k 5 times in about 2 hours and lose it all. I've seen a $10,000 marker. And heard about a guy in high limit who gets 30-50k markers. I coughs the dice once off of a bounce on a no roll, the guy only threw one die.
How'd you get your job? Went to dealer school then when through an interview and an audition. When I started the casino was just getting table games so they were hiring 500 break in dealers.
Dollar craps please. I was terrified of craps but then my friend showed me the ropes. I am now hooked. It is so fucking fun. Must be cool to be a croupier. What is the most you have witnessed someone lose? What about the quickest you have seen someone lose it? Also, what is the most you have seen someone win? Edit: Words. I saw a guy lose $5,000 in 4 rolls.
What are some of the strangest superstitious routines (e.g. blowing on dice) have you seen done before a roll? Seen a guy hold the dice up like he was going to bowl them, then bring them down and make some sort of helicopter motion over his bet, then yell when he there them. Had a lady who would get the dice, close her eyes and throw. We asked her what she was doing and she said she was praying before she threw them.
Do you wash your hands after touching the craps? YES! Casino chips are the most disgusting things in the world. I wash my hands on every break, before and after I pee. I wash my hands every chance I get, as do most dealers.
What is your strategy when you play? I play the don't and I don't lay odds, if the point is a 6 or 8 I will hedge with a hardway. My other strategy is to bet the inside and power press until I can same bet to get my money back, then press, same bet, press, same bet...
Why don't you lay odds? Best bet in the casino. Even money. The lay gets true odds, so you are laying nore to win less. The flat bet gets paid even money.
While Dont has the best odds, how do you deal with the hate? What do you think of the Fire Bet? Maybe it doesn't exist anymore/ What sorts of cheating have you found at a craps table? Are craps dealers encouraged to be vocal and enthusiastic? How long did it take you to get all the odds down? You really become immune to the hate after a while. He don't offer the fire bet and I've never delt on a table that does. Most of the cheating that we see in the dice table is past posting. We are encouraged to be loud. Craps is known to be a loud game. As for the odds, it doesn't talk that long to get them when you do it for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Most of the bets are picture bets to me at this point.
I was at a casino where one of the dealer's would say these weird little phrases after every roll in a very mechanical, clearly-doing-this-way-too-long kinda voice, with things like "11 is crap, can't do crap with 11." Any idea what these phrases are called? Yeah stick calls. I try and make my topical. My favorite right now is "five fever, the Justin Beiber fever"
I like "1-5 Tim Tebow...1-5" 1-5 is "six easy six, 1-5 the real Dustin Pedroia"
Which strategy do u believe gives u the best odds of beating the casino: placing 2-3 bets (at what increase scale? Up a unit, pull press, half press etc), or playing the pass + 1-2 come bets backed w. odds (and adding another come bet when one comes off)?? Also, I once had someone tell me that die are changed once a day, and towards the end of their life the odds of tossing 5&9 are roughly the same as 6&8 (due to deformation of the soft die). Your opinion? That is a good strategy if you have a good bank roll. I wouldn't believe that about the dice getting worn having a better chance to throw a 5 or 9, the dice should wear evenly so there should be no difference on how the dice will land. Now if someone burns the corners on propose at can affect the dice.
Hey... so I used to be a dealer... does the phrase "one four, four o'clock" mean anything to you? Did you short stick the ladies in the low-cut shirts? Last one... did you have a bizzarre noise or sound to get the pit boss / or sup's attention? We yell "crap game!" And any good stick man short sticks.
I often see a large number of bets all over the table. Do people ever forget their bets? Has anyone ever argued that a bet someone else made was theirs? How do you feel about people tipping as a bet on the table? would you rather just get the tip? We know who's bet is who's because of the placement of the chips in the numbers box. Yes, we ca ll it "taking a shot" trying to claim you had a bet or claiming someone else's bet. I love when a player makes a bet for me, other dealers just like to drop the money.
Has anyone ever requested to take the dice home as a souvenier after a particularly big win? I know a lot of casinos sell "used" dice over in the gift shop, but will the pit boss ever retire a pair right there at the table? Not that I have ever seen. I once wanted the dice that had the number of my birthday on it, the shift manager said there was no way he could do it.
Where would someone learn to become a dealer for a casino? Also what games do you do the other 5% of the time? Hopefully Roulette. Also the novelty games (3 card poker, 4 card poker...) they are a boring day off paid.
A dealer school. A casino can usually recommend a respected one near them.
Do you ever get shit for your job? Like a paycheck?
How do you back up your play at the come line? I never understood what this was. The come is really for action junkies who want more points. But some people won't take odds for the first roll on the pass line and will make a come bet equil to their pass line bet. That way if the shooter 7's out on the first roll the pleyer won't lose anything.
Howdy, thanks for doing the IAMA. I play craps quite often and tend to try to play inside, 6/8 working with full extra odds on my pass line. I however am often remiss on how to toke the dealers as I play. Do the dealers prefer I place them on the line with me with some odds (the better of the bets) or something with a wilder house advantage and variance like a Horn high Yo? I am a huge fan for players betting the hardways for the dealers. If you want to give the dealers odds on your pass line that is awesome too. Any bet, or hand in is appreciated. Its how we make a living.
Thanks for the AMA. I love craps mostly because when I gamble I don't want to think strategy, I just like to drink and have fun with my peeps. I don't want to think about counting cards or bluffing/betting in Poker. Do you gamble? What games do you play? Are many of the dealers addicted to gambling? I play craps and roulette mostly. If I just want to kill some time I will play poker. A lot if dealers don't gamble anymore. You really see that the house has the advantage.
Thanks for doing this AMA. I love craps, it's my favorite casino game. First time I tried it, I won $1200! What's the longest heater you've ever seen somebody go on? What was the highest payout on the table afterward? A little over an hour roll. And I saw a guy win $38,000 in a little over 30 min.
How do you handle people that walk up and say, "I have never played this before." ? I explain the game piece by piece without the odds, if you throw a bunch of odds at people they just get confused.
Have you ever had Phil Ivey turn up with some honeyz and make or loss a few stacks? No, I know a dealer that has belt to Phil Ivey and his limits are higher than what my casino offers.
It bums me out that people are questioning your grammar, when you're nice enough to come on here and answer questions. Anywho. My question is, Have you had anyone get excessively violent at your table? Thanks for being so nice. Not at my table but I have seen the cops have to be called in and surround someone and take them out of the casino.
How do you tip when you play at another place's tables? If in playing inside I put the dealers up one my number once I got my money back. If I'm playing the don't I tip at the end.
Hi what do you think is the most efficient way of betting for craps? When I used to play I used to always bet max odds on the point and 6,8 and if the point was 6 or 8 i would use 9 instead. I have been doing this a few times with great success since there isnt much money on the table. I was recently thinking about starting the play the pass line and 2/3 come bets in a row. Which way of betting for craps do you thinkk is the most optimal and efficient? Thanks again for the ama. You can make more money making come bets if they have 3x-4x5x odd or better but it will take a bigger bank roll. If your bank roll isn't great then stick with your inside numbers. IMO.
Please answer this question for me. If I go into a game and say I dont know how to play would you be able to do a tutoring session? Yes, any decent/good dealer will teach you how to play the game.
What's the single craziest bet that you're seen someone bet/lose on? Why? $500 horn high yo, 500 horn high 12, hop the 10's $250 each.
How many people sing Luck Be a Lady and/or reference Guys and Dolls at the tables? I've never had it happen.
If people cheat, do they just get kicked out, or does some "Casino" type stuff happen? I've never heard of any "casino stuff" happening. The laws in the state I work we're written really well, cheating the casino out of $1 is a felony.
How often do you see players ditch tons of money on virgin rollers? Virgin men- no, virgin woman- all the time. Its really funny sometimes.
Do your tables have Big 6/8? I've dealt a few tables that have them and I miss when they don't. It's such an easier identifier than never-ending field bets for spotting people who aren't going to tip you well. No we don't have the big 6/8 they are illegal in the state that I deal.
Is it true the stick guy can't give you back the dice showing a craps? We're not supposed to send the dice out on 2,3,12, or 7.
$20 3 way craps, 12 rolls, what's it pay? (still up to win) No cheating. $186 still up to win.
TIL the dice used in craps are made out of cotton. This is true. The same this is used in cigarette butts and eye glasses.
Have people ever passed out on your table, or thrown up, i guess I am wondering who the most fucked up people would be, and if they won. There is a guy who comes in all the time that has epileptic seizers and one day he had one when I was on stick and he fell into me, half knocked me over. The casino tells you to keep dealing. So I am dealing with a guy having a seizer at my feet and a medic checking his vitals. We have had people have heart attacks at the table, people have peed in cups cause they didn't want to leave the table.
I love messing with the dealers when I've had a few drinks to try to throw them off their game. HI LO YO Can I get a 4 6 8 hard way 2-3 HOP BET. Thank you for feeding my 401k. Hop bets are the worst on the table.
1-5 is "six easy six, 1-5 the real Dustin Pedroia" 9 Nina, 4-5 the Pedro, greatest pitcher to ever live.
I was told by a friend who was in the process of getting hired at the new casino in Arundel Mill Maryland that he was told he couldn't gamble while employed there (even off duty). I'm not sure of how enforceable this is, but it seemed extreme, but understandable, to me. I can not play at my home casino but can play at any other casino in the company. Every company has different rules on this.
$18 3 way crap and $2 up for the crew on midnight that's a bet.. Pays you $168 and still up. $62 and down for the crew. Thank you for the bet sir ;) That is the best answer yet. I would have asked the player if they want to keep it up the same way. That way you can pay 166 and 62 and up for the boys and girls.
I thought this whole time you misspelled "crepes" They are just really thin pancakes.
I'm looking for a good hookup. What's the street price for an 8th of crap? I deal casino dice not street dice, sorry for the confusion, I will refer you to your local street corner for that one.
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Maryland (MD) LIVE! Casino Suite Hotel Review

Here is a small video from the beginning of the year of the Live property down in Maryland. With the new casino hotel in Philadelphia breaking ground and bei... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Watch LIVE: Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump day 8 - ABC News Live Coverage ABC News 11,425 watching Live now My favorite thing to do is visit other Casinos in different cities when I travel for work or pleasure. During my last trip I did the first walk through of ... Casino and the Arundel Mills Commercial District are already the #1 tourist destinations in Maryland, attracting more than 14 million visitors per year with 3 million square-feet of retail ... The Live! Hotel at the Arundel Mills has officially opened its doors. Subscribe to WBAL on YouTube now for more: Get more Baltimore ne... 🏆31 People $6,200 Slot Group Pull 🎰Zeus + DaVinci 🌐Live Casino + Hotel in Maryland BCSlots - Duration: 45:22. Brian Christopher Slots Recommended for you Workers at Maryland Live! Casino at Arundel Mills Mall start installing slot machines. The facility will open this summer. It will be the state's third slots parlor to open.