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Mediterranean Cruise (2018)

Mediterranean Cruise (2018)
Here is how to make the most of a one-week Mediterranean cruise and see as much of Europe that one can possibly manage in one week. I planned our cruise to minimize any unpleasant surprises and yet leave room to be spontaneous and adventurous.
This article is not about cruise ships and you do not have to be a fan of cruises as my trip was mostly on land other than the overnight cruising. I felt that at the age of 57, I had delayed Europe long enough and with my busy business schedule, the cruise was the only way to get a snapshot of three countries and six cities in 10 days total, plus two days for flying from and to Canada. My wife does not like cruises, and I was left to travel with Lucas, our seventeen-year-old!
In August 2018, Lucas and I flew to Barcelona, Spain, the embarking port for the Norwegian, Epic cruise ship. It was our very first time on a cruise and our very first time to Europe except for England. I do not recommend August or July for this trip as it is high season for local tourism, and it is too hot to walk the cities (well too hot for me). However, if you have kids in school, then you understand that it must be summer, unless you choose to go without them.
Our ship would mostly cruise at nighttime giving us a full day from 7 am to 6 pm in most cities. That was perfect for me because there is only so much staring at water I can enjoy, and spending time in a tiny casino or eating non-stop are not my kind of pastime. If you are a cruise fan, then Norwegian Epic is great. They have about 10 wonderful restaurants, a superbly well-organized huge buffet with great selection of international food, a nice water park on the upper deck, and even a youth club with games, music, and dance to keep your teens entertained.
Every evening after our long city walk, Lucas and I enjoyed a nice meal after our shower and then watched a show or a musical performance before we hit the sack in our comfortable balcony room. I do not like closed spaces and a balcony room was well worth the small difference in price, even though we did not have much time to be on the balcony. Epic was also completely renovated in 2015, which meant it was clean and up to date on amenities. Always check the year the ship was build or was renovated before committing to a cruise.
Our cruise had stops in these cities:
1- Barcelona, Spain - embarking
a. visit Gothic centre, La Rambla, La Sagrada Familia church, Park Güell,
2- Naples, Italy
a. Rented a car and drove to Sorrento (an hour drive)
3- Rome, Italy
a. Took the train to the city centre and then the city tour-bus to Vatican City, San Angelo Castle, Piazza di Spagna – drove past Colosseum
4- Florence and Pisa tower, Italy – walking tour, site seeing
5- Cannes and Nice, France – walking tour, site seeing
6- Mallorca (Majorca), Spain - took a taxi to Palma Nova beach, swam and chilled
What to pack? We traveled very light with one carryon and a backpack. The backpack was for our extra stuff and NOT for touring the city. I do not recommend walking with a backpack, even less in the summer. Other than the usual travel items, here are some essentials I had to buy.
1- Light and cool walking shoes that were comfortable for walking and cool for summer. I bought a pair of nice leather sandals with good support and solid straps for walking. Also packed a pair of dress shoes for evening dinner on the ship and exercise shoes that I never used!
2- Summer shirts. I ordered some European collared Linen shirts. They look nice, are cool, and comfortable. has a good selection of those if you live in Canada or USA. Pack lots of tees for less formal places.
3- A couple of dress pants (linen and or khaki) for the evening restaurant and shows and dress shorts for long walks.
4- Beach sandal and swimming trunk for the Beach in Mallorca which I ended up buying in Cannes
5- Your credit card, Euro currency, and travel documents of course. Leave them in the safety box in your room and only take what you need for the day.
Barcelona, Spain: We arrived Barcelona three days ahead of schedule to experience one city for more than just a day. We stayed at the Boutique Hotel Violeta ( in the centre of the city and only three blocks from the Plaza Catalunya. It was the best and most centric location in my opinion. I loved the hotel.
Violeta was a small hotel that reminded me of my apartment in Buenos Aires. The hotel is in a residential apartment building where they had turned two floors into hotel rooms. The Gothic architecture offered us a giant completely renovated room with a very high ceiling. We had two queen size beds in our room, a sitting area and plenty of open space. The reception was extremely helpful with information, and being small, made check-in a breeze.
Violeta Boutique also included a European coffee and pastry breakfast but if you wanted an American breakfast, there was a small cafe next door on the street level and plenty of other options within a three-block radius.
Our three days in Barcelona coincided with the Fiesta de Gracia (thanksgiving!) which was a 20-minute bus ride from Plaza Catalunya. I had bought a 10-ride Metro-Bus pass (Credit card size) from the Metro (subway, underground) station at Catalunya. Fiesta de Gracia was in the Garcia neighborhood where all the streets were colourfully decorated by the residents and live bands played all night on the streets and restaurants had set outdoor patios. The music was free, the food was reasonably priced, and people were jolly. It was my second favourite part of our time in Barcelona and we went there two evenings.
Barcelona Gothic city
From the airport, we took a bus straight to Plaza Catalunya (Plaça de Catalunya) in 20 minutes and then walked three blocks to our hotel. I had the hotel directions Googled (searched) in advance. I am fluent in Spanish (the Argentine version) so taking public transit was natural for me. Although Barcelona is a destination for international tourism and most people in the industry seem to speak English.
I bought a SIM card for my phone (which was unlocked in advance) at the airport for €30 from Vodafone ( that gave me 10 Gig of mobile data covering most of Europe for up to a month. It did not include coverage on the cruise ship.
La Rambla and the old Gothic city in Barcelona were 10 to 15-minute walk from our hotel or Plaza Catalunya. You want to spend half a day walking this area, watching the beautiful shops, the narrow streets of Gothic centre and try a street café or restaurant.
La Sagrada Familia is a must see for its architecture alone. We took a bus there, but you must purchase tickets in advance if you plan to go inside on a specific day and skip the long lineup. This is another half-day venture unless you want to tour the outside which is fascinating enough. I found it amazing to see how much craft and detail was offered to decorate the exterior of the building. It is no wonder that the new extension brings a modern and plain contrast that just does not quite match the elegance and masterful craftsmanship of the old.
Park Guell is another 20-minute bus ride to the higher altitudes of Barcelona. It is a beautiful park with some very interesting structures left behind. It was a good half-day break from the city to relax and enjoy the nature. You can also see the entire city from the top.
Restaurant can be pricey in the touristy Plaça de Catalunya area. I managed to venture a couple of blocks off the main streets and find some local small restaurants. We had a great satisfying meal at a fantastic price and mingled with the residents. I even found a little Italian owned pizza place! Of course, we also tried the more refined tapas restaurants. After all, we were tourists.
Naples, Italy: The longest leg of our cruise was from Barcelona to Naples which took a full day at sea. That was perfect because it provided us the opportunity to navigate the ship and the amenities, learn the evening programs, browse the list of restaurants, and to start our reservations. I did not think that Naples had enough to interest me for the whole day and I hungered to see the Amalfi coast. Amalfi coast was too far for a day trip, so I decided that Sorrento and maybe Positano would be close enough. I rented a car from Hertz in advance which was a five-minute walk from the port. The car cost me about $150 Canadian, tax included! Luckily, I still remembered how to drive standard transmission (stick-shift).
We made it to Sorrento on the scenic highway with no problem. Traffic did slow at some points giving the driver (me) an opportunity to enjoy the scenery. About 10 minutes before arriving, atop the hills on the narrow road that took us to Sorrento, I found a little space to park the car and breath-in the fresh view of Sorrento waterfront. We could see the sail boats floating on the Mediterranean blue water, and the colourful little houses built on the slope of the hill from the top all the way to the sea. The buildings were in so many colours as if the quaint Sorrento were architected by Michelangelo to be lived by DaVinci’s Mona Lisa.
Sorrento from the road top
Sorrento was so beautiful that we spent the entire day there. We parked the car in an underground parking across to Gran Hotel Europa Palace ( on the hilltop. We must have spend about 45 minutes roaming the exterior of the hotel, admiring the architecture and the impressive iron gate, and then spending time on the back patio taking a closer look at the colourful buildings on the hill rolling down to the water. There were stone walking paths from the houses to the water where a giant deck with seats and shades turned the sea into a giant public pool.
Sorrento Hotel
The ladies in reception were extremely helpful offering us information and allowing me to charge my mobile since I had forgotten my charger! According to one of them, the German war maps were still on the lobby walks behind the giant paintings at this fortress (now hotel). I wanted to go down to the waterfront for lunch. So, the nice lady called her friend, the owner of a restaurant on the waterfront, and they sent us a car at no charge and after lunch they drove us back. The ride to the water was through narrow winding streets of Sorrento. After lunch we took a walk along the harbour and watched the sail boats rock on calm waters. I would like to spend a week or more in Southern Italy some day.
I forgot to mention that my cousin lives in Naples working on his PhD. He was our translator for the day. This was our first encounter in forty years (that is a sad tale that should not ruin this travel story). On the way back, we sat in a very nice café in Naples and had an amazing coffee and pastry before heading back to our ship. Italian pastry is the best, with my apology to mom and all the Persians.
Sorrento harbour
Rome, Italy: The port for Rome is in Civitavecchia, an hour drive from Rome. A tour purchased from the cruise would have been around $300 CDN per person. I like to think that I am adventurous and enjoy experimenting the local ways as much as I can. However, I understand that you may think that I am just cheap. I am fine with that. My son (Lucas) and I took a five-minute bus ride to the train station and paid €10 each to take the fast train to Rome. I love trains a lot more than buses.
We could have ventured Rome with local transit; however, our time was limited and we could not afford any time asking for directions. If I recall accurately, the daily hop-on-hop-off city tour was about €20 per person. To visit Rome and only spend one day should be a crime but a snapshot to calm my itching curiosity was the deal I had taken. I would say that Rome and Vatican City would require at least a week. There are many ancient Basilicas other than St. Peter’s each offering a unique history and that alone is well worth a week for me.
The bus passed by the Colosseum, check mark. We were heading to the Vatican City knowing well that we may not make it inside. After all, Vatical city is a day by itself. The bus dropped us a few blocks away in front of San Angelo Castle also known as Mausoleum of Hadrian The castle was a tall cylinder-like giant stone building walled all around like a fortress. I thought we would take a quick tour of the place at €15 (it was free for minors “Lucas”). We ended up spending over two hours admiring the decorated walls and ceilings with painting that were full of stories, and the museum items there were placed in its numerous rooms. We climbed many rocky stairs all the way to the top of this tallest structure in Rome, ventured the narrow hallways and took some pictures on the roof.
San Angelo Castle
The entrance to Vatican City was a ten-minute walk. Before crossing the bridge over Tiber (Tevere) we sat on the patio of a river-side food booth to have a snack. We walked to Vatican City and spent an hour in St. Peter’s Square (Piazza San Pietro) observing the architecture, the elegantly attired Guards, the crowd lining up and the shops that lure the tourist.
We took the tour bus back to Piazza di Espagna. This was the cleanest, most modern, and prettiest part of the city that our eyes had seen in the past few hours. The bus left us on the upper escalation of the Piazza where I took some pictures before descending the steep long set of steps into the centre of the shops and restaurants. We walked for about an hour window shopping and then found a restaurant patio in a pedestrian intersection. It was a touristy area but still reasonably priced. We certainly could give ourselves this one treat before heading back to the train station for our hour and twenty-minute ride back.
Piazza di Espagna
Total cost of our Rome venture including transportation, admissions, and food (for two) was €150. Lunch was the biggest expense.
** Picture
Florence and Pisa, Italy: Another restaurant and show evening aboard the Norwegian Epic, and we arrived in Florence (port of Livorno) early morning. Getting to Florence by public transit was too complicated. A car ride from port of Livorno to Florence was about 90 minutes and to Pisa around 30 minutes. I was lucky to find a private mini-van taxi (a brand new eight-seater Mercedes) that needed two more passengers to get going. At €50 per person to take us to Florence and then Pisa and back, it was a great deal. This deal could have been booked online in advance for €40. A lesson learned here. The other people sharing our ride were a family of four from Montreal, and a mother-son pair from Los Angles.
Everyone was very reserved and quiet. Lucas and I sat in the front with the driver and I spend the entire trip learning from our friendly driver. Florence is beautiful and quaint. However, I thought I had enough architecture in Rome and did not feel like lining up for an hour to see another church. We took a walking tour of Florence and had a meal at small sandwich joint run by two very funny and entertaining ladies. They offered a great selection of artisanal sandwiches, but almost two years later now, I cannot remember what I ate.
Pisa was another little town walled all around. I can imagine the great length the leaders had to go to protect people from attacks and we so often take our freedom for granted. Of course, we must protect ourselves from partisan politics and corporate lawyers, but that is easily manageable. At this point of the trip, I had enough sight seeing. I would have been good with a video of Pisa on YouTube. Here is a picture of the magnificent but defected marble structure.
Residents sunbathing in Florence
Canes and Nice, France:
Canes, France was physically the most beautiful city on this trip, in my opinion. It was manicured clean and peaceful. Canes did not have a port for the cruise ships, hence we had to anchor in the sea and take the emergency boats to the shore. The emergency boats were giant, and each held about 200 people. We had a short time here and we were tired. I should have taken a tour bus, but my sense of adventure (or cheapness) had us walking up the steep and narrow winding street and then back down to the city centre for a bite.
I found a small sandwich shop to share a ham and cheese baguette and a couple of drinks with Lucas. In my broken French, I asked the young lady behind the counter if she could cut the baguette in half for us and she gave me a stern “Non”. I am not certain whether that was a lack of courtesy or I had crossed some religious or cultural boundaries. It was simple enough to split the baguette with me hand. We should have continued our tour of the city and stayed in Canes as I had advised our friends from Quebec. However, a sudden urge came over me to take the train to Nice. We did, and Nice’s downtown and beach area were beautiful to walk; however, the injustice I did to my own principals of travelling is unforgivable. The whole day was just too rushed and consuming.
Canes, City Market
Mallorca (Majorca) Spain:
The trip from Canes to Mallorca was the second longest leg of the cruise. We arrived Mallorca around 1 pm giving us roughly five hours on the Island. After seven days of walking the cities in the heat of August, even the young Lucas was exhausted. The port in Mallorca was not walking distance to any interesting place and Lucas wished to spend the day at a beach. Great idea, I thought.
I Googled the most scenic beaches nearby and Palma Nova was the second choice but the only feasible option due to our limited time. We had a brief line up for a taxi right at the port. There was a family of five from Peru from our cruise in front of us in the lineup and they could not all fit into one taxi. I invited the grandpa of the family to come with us since they were heading to the same beach. Grandpa was a good companion and an opportunity for me to learn about Peru. We agreed on a time for going back together and then split to our ventures.
Palma Nova was perfect to spend a day. The beach had the right amount of crowd and was decorated by some rocky hills on one side for us to take a walk in between swims. The water was perfectly tempered, calm, and clear blue. There were no high rises nor big tourist hotels on this beach and plenty of restaurants and shops. For lunch we crossed the street on the beach to a patio and I shared a nice pizza and drinks for €12. We paid €15 for the bamboo umbrella and two chairs to have our spot on the beach and about €35 total for the taxi ride back and forth. That brings our total to €62 for a beautiful relaxing day in Majorca.
Palma Nova beach, Mallorca
I would like to spend a week in Mallorca. There are many scenic quaint towns and beautiful beaches to enjoy. If you are interested to know more, you can search for Palma, Sóller, Valldemossa, and Pollença. All these are on the west side of the island and within an hour drive from Palma. I would stay in Palma and make day trips to each of these towns. If you are a tennis fan, then you will probably add Rafael Nadal’s academy ( to the list, which is about an hour drive east of Palma.
Palma Nova beach, Majorca
Our last night on the cruise was concluded by a beautiful three course meal and listening to a live band on the middle deck’s lobby. There was a talented singer among the passengers and a few great dancers on board who joined the performance. It was a great way to end the cruise. We arrived Barcelona early morning, well rested, with a fresh shower and a full tummy. We found a taxi and headed straight to the airport to catch our noon flight back to Toronto without rush. I suppose my project management trainings mixed with my entrepreneurial nature, made a perfect schedule for the trip. You can check out if you are interested in formalizing your skills for time and budget management.
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My first ever acid trip was at a Heavy Metal festival on a cruise ship

This is quite a long read, I am also not an english major or anything; so I apologize if my grammar is not 100% on point. I wrote down everything as I remembered it, most of it was written down right after my experience in early January. Hope you enjoy the read, there is a link to a spotify play list I made that displays the bands I was listening to on the boat, and some other honorable mentions who's music I feel fits the mood and attitude of what is going on.
Consuming Chaos
Before reading this, I have never once taken any psychedelics of any kind before. This day, my curiosity got the better of me, as I managed to lose my mind and regain it over the course of what felt like a million years. For those reading that do not know, this happened on 70,000 TONS OF METAL! The luxury mecca of heavy metal festivals; this is not some radio metal shit. This year contained amazing bands like Atheist, At the Gates, Candlemass, Devin Townsend, Emperor, Possessed, Wintersun among many other big hitters in the international metal scene. This particular experience happened on the last day of the boat. This day in particular on 70,000 tons of metal is an insane shit show of amazing bands, people dressing up in THE MOST RIDICULOUS costumes you can think of. Everyone is getting completely wasted, high, tripping balls, getting their hands on everything they can, and yet chaotically loving everything and everyone around them. For anyone who is interested I highly recommend going, this festival is an amazing big family of fun loving people.
(Side note: There is a playlist I made to follow the events and mood of my experience on the boat. I will post the setlist after the story, and where you can go listen to it.)
14:45 - Last day of 70k, Star Lounge
Wilderun has started playing "Far from Where Dreams Unfurl". After talking to my friend about acid, I finally give in to my own inhibitions. I start with one hit. Ask all the details, what to do, how to take it, what to expect, how long until it starts, and how long does it last. After Wilderun we head off to Soen for some Tool esque metal riffage. By the end of the set I start to feel light, almost like I'm floating. Meeting up with some friends I find myself starting to laugh uncontrollably at nothing. After eating some pizza, we head up to the pool deck for Finntroll.
16:30 - Pool Deck
I'm on the pool deck, Finntroll has started playing. The banners of the pool deck stage are down due to high winds, the sun is radiating down on the stage and crowd with a celestial warmth. They're dressed up like trolls??? With long ears, and crazy pagan style face paint. All the colors seem to be sticking out more than usual, I start to settle into my first trip, one that will be more ridiculous than I could have ever imagined. In the pit I can feel the ship moving down and dragging me with it, as the moshers jump, dance, and push each other around in joyous pandemonium. I think to myself "maybe they don't know that they will potentially push the ship right into the ocean" but my concerns are fleeting at this point, and I join in the chaos. Amongst the horde is a pink power ranger, thor, jesus with an infinity gauntlet, a Cutethulhu, (No I will not explain) Mugatu and many other ridiculous costumed metal heads. While committing myself to the heathen rituals, people's faces start to pop out more to me. Their features, eye colors, all of what seems to be their essence and auras reaching out to grab my eyes attention. At this point people start flying amongst the crowd to my amazement, I can do nothing but laugh at the madness. Halfway through the set my friends and I decided that we needed to catch November Doom's set, where I get into another laughing fit that lasts most of the way to the next concert.
17:00 - Studio B: Ice Rink
We reach the front stage, Novembers Doom starts off with this dark mix of death and doom metal that engulfs me in a sense of dread (but like fun dread). At first moving from the happy, joyful chaos of Finntrolls set, to this new black hole in the ship has me on edge; especially as this is when I find out Neil Peart is dead. But soon I find myself entranced by the melody's seeping forth from the stage. The music switches to a slow chorusy part with the dark clean vocals to match it. Accompanied by the strong waves of the ocean swaying the boat from side to side, and a beautiful woman who dressed up as some kind of spectre bounded by chains seems to be synchronized to the rhythm of this bleak dismal music. At this point I'm fully encapsulated in my trip, I find myself laughing and smiling at everything while also just swaying to the motion of this beautifully dark music. When the song ends, the singer states that he apologizes for playing "pussy shit, when this is a fucking metal cruise" another crowd member comments, and I losing all sense of keeping thoughts in my head decide that I am kind of offended that pussy isn't considered metal. So without missing a beat I yell out "I fucking love pussy". The singer taken aback by the statement responds with a " Wow man you can't say that out loud, there are women here". Offended again, though I decide to keep to myself, thinking over and over again "well duh there are women here, and they should know they are fucking metal and loved". But as I look back on it, I probably just come off as an intoxicated pervert. After another song we decide to leave so we can catch Toxik.
17:40 - Casino / Royal Theater
On our way to the next venue to see Toxik play all of "Think This" we walked through the casino and I was instantly mesmerized by the amazing colors reflecting off of every wall. Practically oozing out and reaching out to me like a visual sirens song. We keep going past it and end up watching Toxik. Though nothing special about, I heard the songs that I truly love off the album and I decided that I was too wet and filthy to be out and about. I leave the venue and walk back to my room, when I start another laughing fit that lasted the entire walk to the room. I ran into my good friend Matt and his entourage all dressed up as President Trump, Melania, and secret service escort; all of whom were definitely in character acting their part. Following up this hilarious ensemble was a group of very serious security guards looking for someone, and then and I leave this room I walk by a group of people sitting down listening to some man speaking. I was off put and confuzzled when I heard him say "sometimes partying is fun but the party has to end eventually". I thought I had just walked into an AA meeting, though I'm sure they we're just as insulted as I continually laugh my ass off at the insanity of this whole thing. I then get into an elevator where I stare at the wall mesmerized by the movement of this inanimate material. I get off on the wrong floor and walk two floors down when I go down a very dizzying hallway. End up in my room, shower, and now it is time for dinner.
18:45 - Fancy Dining Hall / Pool Deck
As I meet up with my friends, I am firmly believing I am not high enough (I was). So I take another hit of acid. At dinner we overpower the chefs with numbers. Food is taking forever to come out, and we start pounding on our tables creating a wave of people pounding on tables and slowly stopping, as it moves around the entire dining hall. My friend Nick and I get fed up waiting for food and decide to leave the dining hall after an hour ( I cannot believe these chefs put up with us). We end up on the pool deck as a nice warm wind is blowing, the moon is high in the sky, and Epica is playing their beautiful "Design your Universe" album. While never really being a fan of the band, I've been wanting to check them out. I definitely was not disappointed, as my next hit of acid started to sink in adding onto the effect of the previous one. I feel light, like I could fly. The guttural vocals set up the mood for some awesome heaviness, when out of nowhere I am brought down by this insanely beautiful voice of the female singer. I become completely enveloped by her very being. Her beauty is jaw dropping as her red hair is bleeding outwards in a sort of cloud. Her voice becomes all that I want to hear, and her dress seals the deal. Shining and reflecting light in a thousand directions, catching my eyes. I become obsessed trying to process every little atom of light beaming from her essence. Quickly though my squirrel like mind is distracted by the crazy keyboardist crowd surfing with his wacky portable keyboard. As I enjoy the music, I think to myself "I never brushed my teeth after I showered". I then run to my room, determined to clean my unholy mouth of its sins. I get there and my friends are there. I tell them "Epica is fucking killing it on the pool deck" they ask "why I am here?", I respond "to brush my teeth"... (and yet they think I'm the weird one). We then go back to Epica, where they are in fact, fucking killing it. After the show, I'm thirsty and must consume! At the bar I order a pina colada, and end up staring at the bar counter as the marble-like shapes start to morph into crazy geometric shapes. "I've entered a new world" I think to myself.
21:00 Wandering
I end up walking with friends, not really caring about conversation, or finding any of the amazing people I've been meeting on this cruise. Instead, I am looking for new shapes, new colors, new portals in which I can enter a world past the aether. We get to the shiny room (casino), a place of wonder and laughs a plenty. This is where I all of a sudden remember that my friend gave me my other friends acid. So I'm wandering with more fuel to enter the netherrealms, such endless potential being wasted in my pocket. I then carelessly give all the acid to two lovely girls I have just met. No idea why, I think I just didn't want drugs on me. I already have what I want in this world, endless laughter, and shiny things. Before Emperor goes on we decide to go back to my room for alcohol. Here we pack way too many lovely humans into the room, drinking, and enjoying each other's company. We decide to leave for the show, as my acid buddy decides to take the long way to the show by waving his hands, running, and screaming down the hallway. I was tragically left bending over against the wall, laughing my ass off to the ridiculousness.
22:00 - Pool Deck
Back on the pool deck the seductive, colorful music of Epica has long since faded. An eerie darkness has swallowed the night. Satanic magicks flow through the air, unleashing its blasphemous cacophony on the ears of feeble humans; the mighty Emperor is blasting away. The dim blue lights emanating from all around, as high winds are pushing the streams of a phantom's very being into reality, crisscrossing the crowd as the wind whips around every corner. I catch some of this ghost’s essence… oh wait this is just toilet paper. It's a toilet paper ghost. "Righteous" I think and laugh to myself. I run into the same two girls who I gave acid to in the depths of the shiny room, where I end up fiending for more. They so graciously provide me the last hit of acid, of which I quickly devour. May Satan bless these two awesome women.
23:30 - The Promenade / Studio B
I am walking to Sorrento's for endlessly alright pizza being served! I must consume before I search for alternate realities. Though I am sweating like a pig (just clammy from the acid) so I go back to my room to wash up again. Afterwards I teleport to the casino (no memory of how I got there), when one of my friends is saying that we all must see Havok and they are starting soon. Finally another quest to fulfill. I get there way before the show starts, I'm about to leave for a drink, when Havok starts playing Rush. I decide to stay, and all of a sudden President Trump and his entourage has arrived. This time taking up the center floor of the venue, not allowing anyone near him without a pat down and an ID check. The show has begun, and little did I know that reality was about to shift. A circle pit the likes of which I've never seen is forming around Donald Trump. I too join in this dance of death, not a path one walks, but a path one must stomp. After a healthy dose of killing, I stop while my friend Mugatu hands me his dog, sunglasses, and cigar. Takes an amazing picture of me and then joins in the dance. At this point I start to lose all sense of reality, my third hit is starting to take full effect. My eyes are barraged by the twisting and turning of 4th dimensional sacred geometry (or whatever you spiritual people), when a glitch in this realm forms out of the pit. The bass player is now both on the stage and in the crowd. A raver, cookie monster, Donald Trump, a clown, pink power Ranger, and more computer simulations keep forming from nowhere. I realize the fault in this simulation as it breaks down in my mind, and the crowd being visualized as other worldly fakes realizes I am aware of the break in their illusions. I then fill with anxiety realizing this was a game, I leave the venue, stuffing the fake dog in between two chairs.
00:10 Stuck between worlds
The walk back to my room is a complete blur, as I enter, my roommates are leaving. I then proceed to shower again, I get completely naked besides my shirt, and lay in bed. In total darkness, light appears from nowhere as I am being sucked into another dimension. I feel myself leave my body, unable to control the flow of shapes and colors assaulting my mind; I am gone. I start to focus and I reenter my body. Confused about what has happened, I realize I am stuck in this sick game. My fears come forth, manifested as a sick vision of colors, the sounds of deep reverberating throat singing; Ohm's of foreboding demise. I clench my fists, curl up, and feel as if my eyes are crawling into the back of my mind. Sight becomes a subconscious thought as a swirling discord of reflections within reflections twists and contorts my minds eye. I sweat profusely as the pain of existing in this unreality becomes overbearing. I lash out and scream for it to end, knowing full well that this nightmare is never ending, I look back on myself from up high and see the cosmos poor from my body as a slimy green ooze. I slowly drift down to this mortal coil and come back to this realm, never to re-enter that universe again.
00:20 till 05:00 Lost but Found
I lay melting once again, over the intercom "Alpha Alpha Alpha Deck 11, poolside". Someone must be hurt. I feel the urgent need to get up and help. But FIRST! I must shower. I get into the bathroom and decide there is no time for purifying my dreadful shell. I get dressed, and off I am to wander down this mind numbing hallway of geometric chaos, laughing at the thought of my friend Nick running and screaming down this hallway like a madman earlier. I find myself still laughing as I get off an elevator to find a man surrounded by medical personnel, he is bleeding, and all I can think is "these damn medics cannot even clean the air of his blood… Oh wait, I'm still high as fuck". I walk towards the pool deck to find Exodus is finalizing their "Bonded by Blood" set. When the almighty Andy "THA SKIPPA" (thinking in a boxing match announcers voice) comes out to greet the fans and update us on how awesome this year was, and what to expect next year. When he's done, he jumps into the crowd to surf the many waves of loyal boaters. Exodus then continues to do what they do best, thrash! They end their set with a wall of death, and the downright sinister commitment to do the TOXIC WALTZ! I skank this set away, and head down to the promenade for some late night pizza. I find my roommates and chat with them when I realize I need a god damn towel. I dry up, and continue wandering, enjoying the sites as the visions begin to fade. I am finally at the best place to end one's cruise. On the pool deck, enjoying karaoke, last minute partying and goodbyes with old and new friends. The night ends with me waiting for my brother to sing some muthatruckin Rammstein. I was supposed to film it, but as it is obvious by the lack of video online… I did not. I decide I am too tired, I must go back to my room and discover how such primitive non celestial magic wielding humans sleep again. I take a long walk back to my room, hoping to see some faces that I did not get a chance to say goodbye to. Maybe I'll see someone who gets to enjoy one of my overbearing hugs of death, but alas that was not the case. I head to bed, I lay my head and realize once again, that even though this whole reality is a sham, I fucking love all these people.

14:45 Star Lounge -
  1. Wilderun - Far from Where Dreams Unfurl
  2. Soen - Lascivious
16:30 Pool Deck -
  1. Finntroll - Trollhammeren
  2. Finntroll - Blodsvept
17:00 Studio B -
  1. Novembers Doom - Ghost
  2. Novembers Doom - Ever After
17:40 Casino / Royal Theater -
  1. Toxik - Think This
  2. Toxik - Greed
18:45 Fancy Dining Hall -
  1. Wintersun - Starchild
  2. Epica - Our Destiny
  3. Epica - Burn to a Cinder
21:00 Wandering -
  1. At the Gates - The Colours of the Beast
  2. At the Gates - World of Lies
  3. Devin Townsend - Love?
22:00 Pool Deck -
  1. Emperor - Into the Infinity of Thoughts
  2. Emperor - Curse You All Men!
23:30 The Promenade / Studio B
  1. Ihsahn - Celestial Violence
  2. Havok - F.P.C
  3. Havok - Hang Em’ High
  4. Havok - Ingsoc
00:10 Stuck Between Worlds
  1. Atheist - Piece of Time
  2. Vio-lence - Phobophobia
  3. Wintersun - Beautiful Death
  4. Wintersun - Death and the Healing
00:20 Lost but Found -
  1. Havok - Wake Up
  2. Exodus - Bonded by Blood
  3. Exodus - The Toxic Waltz
Sometime before 05:00 on the Pool Deck - Karaoke songs
  1. Molotov - Puto
  2. Queen - Don’t Stop Me Now!
  3. Rammstein - Mein Herz Brennt
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Just finished a cruise on Harmony of the Seas. Here are my thoughts.

I will preface my comments that the vacation was wonderful. We had a great time and any criticisms are simply open and honest feedback.
Overall a great vacation! I always like to reflect back on the pros and the cons. Feel free to ask me any questions.
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I will attempt to name every Ready Player One Easter Egg Reference Cameo and details. Will be updated and feel free to help out in the comments.

Disclaimer:I am getting these time stamps off ITunes -At 0:00:48-Van Halen’s 1984 song Jump begins to play in the introduction to The “Stacks”.
At 0:01:44 one of the residents of “The Stacks” is receiving a delivery from a Pizza Hut drone.
At 0:02:13-Mrs. Gilmore is wearing a shirt featuring The Police album Synchronicity
At 0:02:45 Two Garbage Pail Kids stickers are visible on the wall one I can make out one which is Bony Tony
Also 0:02:45-A Garfield sticker is also on the van’s wall
At 0:02:46-Hanging from the wall is a damaged IPod Classic
At 0:02:47-Wade retrieves his OASIS retinal scanner off a a Commodore 64 joystick.
Also at 0:02:46-A 1980’s Batman sticker is stuck to the wall where Wade’s retinal scanner is.
At 0:02:47-a Nintendo NES Zapper is taped to the wall of the van.
Also at 0:02:47- a 1972-Doritos packet is tucked behind a drawer in the van.
Also at 0:02:47-a sticker of the pyramid from Q*Bert is stuck to a shelf in Wade’s Van.
At 0:02:57-Wade sets his glasses on a 1982 Masters Of The Universe lunchbox. A Masters Of The Universe Thermos is further along the drawer.
Also at 0:02:57-A POP ROCKS! Blue Razz packet is also lying upon the MOTU lunchbox.
At 0:02:57-beside the lunchbox is a 1980’s Coke can
Also at 0:02:57 A Carl’s Jr. fries packet is lying beside the lunchbox
At 0:03:16-Wade pulls his OASIS visor out of a 1981 Defenders T-Shirt.
At 0:03:18-A 1982 JOUST sticker is placed on the visor
Also at 0:03:18-A Space Invaders logo decal is on the visor
Also at 0:03:18-A Mattel Scratch N’ Sniff sticker is next to the Space Invaders sticker
At 0:03:24-A 1980’s Batman Symbol sticker is visible on the visor
At 0:03:40-we enter the OASIS to visit Minecraft World nice attention to detail with the blocks forming and creeper-face logo.
At 0:03:42-In Minecraft World a village below features Steve Alex and Minecraft pigs and sheep avatars (maybe NPCs?)
At 0:03:47-on the sports world a golf player does the Gilmore swing from Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore.
At 0:03:55-In a Sports World mini-game named Hurricane Hang-Gliding a small house flies through the wreckage referencing the Gale House from The Wizard Of Oz (well in the 1939 movie it was a Tornado but still a reference)
At 0:04:04-a group of OASIS sector portals are seen-some of these include Minecraft World and LUDUS school districts from the book.
At 0:04:17-get ready for some Batman references While in the Vacation Planet Wade explains that you could do multiple activities including climbing MT. Everest with Batman
The variation of the Batman show here is Micheal Keaton’s portrayal from the 1989 Tim Burton film.
Batman climbing MT. Everest is a reference to him and Robin climbing tall buildings in the 1966 Adam West tv series.
Also at 0:04:17-what’s interesting here is the climber below Batman. He definitely looks like Link from Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series but I’ve heard Warner Bros. Couldn’t get the license so maybe a Robin Hood Avatar?
At 0:04:21-Wade says you can go to a planet-size space Casino this is taken directly from one of the episodes from the Anime Cowboy Bepbop.
At 0:04:30-we can hear a School bell ring as ships pass the planet Ludus which is of course the school Wade attends in the novel.
At 0:04:40-As Wade introduces the types of Avatars users can choose in the OASIS the Cyclops from the 1958 fantasy film The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad stomps out of the entry point.
At 0:04:41-Frankenstein (1931) and The Wolf-Man (1941) from their classic Universal horror movies emerge from the OASIS entry point as Thr Wolf-Man howls and Frankenstein’s Monster swings his arms around wrapped in chains.
0:04:42-A female Avatar switches her avatar to Injustice 2’s version of The Flash.
At 0:04:43-Zitz and Rash from the 1991 NES game Battletoads emerge from the entry point.
At 0:04:43-Alex Murphy A.K.A Robocop from Paul Verhoven’s 1987 original Robocop film emerges from the entry point.
At 0:04:46-Wade says your avatar can be a Cartoon character as Marvin the Martin from the Looney Tunes cartoon series runs out of the entry point (he looks so cute and cool)
At 0:04:47-a group of OASIS users using Orrendi from the 2016 video game BattleBorn emerge from the entry point.
At 0:04:48-behind Wade Shayne and Auroxx (might’ve misspelled the character’s name) from Battleborn emerge from the entry point.
At 0:04:49-An Orc from World of Warcraft walks besides Wade when Wade is introducing his Avatar Parzival.
At 0:04:56-above on a walkway a younger version of Beetlejuice from Tim Burton’s 1988 movie is visible.
Also at 0:4:56-it appears Raiden from the Mortal Kombat video game series is interacting with another player.
At 0:04:56-Tracer from the video game Overwatch cuts in line for an OASIS portal.
At 0:04:57-Sonic from Sega’s video game series Sonic The Hedgehog taps his foot impatiently waiting for a line.
Also at 0:04:57-Catwoman is also in the line (it appears it is Michelle Pfeiffer’s Batman Returns variation.
At 0:04:58-John Bender from John Hughe’s 1985 teen film The Breakfast Club is seen entering a portal.
At 0:04:58-Night-Wing is seen entering a portal alongside John Bender (it appears it is the Arkham variation.
At 0:04:58-now take this with a grain of salt but I think can make out Sektor and cyborg from Mortal Kombat in one of the portal lines.
At 0:05:00 (under the walkway Wade is one is Commander John Shepard from the EA video game Mass Effect.
At 0:05:02-on the walkway is Attikus from Battleborn stomping past Wade.
At 0:05:04-while Wade is explaining the possibilities of the OASIS Hello Kitty Badtz-Maru and Keroppi from Sanrio skips beside him.
At 0:05:05-A Protoss Zealot from Starcraft II is on the walkway behind Wade.
At 0:05:05-Wade’s avatar Parzival wears a belt and holster worn by Han Solo in Star Wars:Episode IV-A New Hope
Also at 0:05:05-The Buckle on Parzival’s belt is the Tiger emblem from Thundercats (1985 cartoon series)
Also at 0:05:05-Parzival wears Converse’s Chuck-Taylor All stars (golden-winged(
At 0:05:07-Wade pulls up a holographic OASIS sector map that is in the same shape as a Rubik’s Cube
At 0:05:11-Wade finds out Aech is currently participating in a PVP match on Planet Doom a location in the 1984 anime Voltron.
At 0:05:20-On Planet Doom Mechanised scorpions from the 1993 computer game Ultrabots swarm the battlefield.
Also at 0:05:20-The scorpions go up against Knights and Ostriches from the 1982 arcade game Joust (in a deleted scene in the SDCC trailer Napoleon rides on a scorpion as he kills ostriches which lay green eggs like in the game.
At 0:05:22-Aech kills a beserker from Gears of War.
At 0:05:28-Aech eliminates a PVP tournament player taking the form of Robert England’s Freddy Kruger
Also at 0:05:28-Aech uses an MA5B assault rifle from Halo 3 to eliminate players.
At 0:05:29-When Freddy gets killed Kreig’s Buzz-Axe from Borderlands comes bursting out of his inventory
At 0:05:31-Aech kills Kitana from Mortal Kombat as a fan comes out of her inventory
At 0:05:31-Man-Bat from Batman:Arkham Knight swoops down at Aech only to be eliminated
At 0:05:37-Despite being an Assault rifle from Halo the SFX of the rifle is the Pulse Rifle from Terminator 2:Judgement Day
At 0:05:41-Duke Nukem from the video game series of the same name fires multiple rockets at Aech only to be eliminated by him.
At 0:05:44-(this is the weirdest thing in the movie) A player taking the form of an Emoji person attempts to kill Aech.
At 0:05:46-A Zerg from Starcraft is shot by Aech.
At 0:05:47-Aech picks up a EM1-Railgun from the 1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger film Eraser.
At 0:05:53-Daito’s Avatar is actually based of legendary Japanese film actor Toshiro Mifune (specially from his 1953 film Throne of Blood)
At 0:05:56-Aech kills Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat.
At 0:05:57-Scorpion from Mortal Kombat is fighting Daito and Sho before being shot by Aech.
Also at 0:05:57-The weapon Scorpion is using is a buzz-Axe from Borderlands.
At 0:05:58-Aech shoots Deadshot (it is his Injustice 2 variation)
At 0:06:14-E. Honda from Street fighter is on the mountain pushing other people off with his belly.
At 0:06:18-Chun-Li from Street fighter can be seen dodging traps before being burned by a fire trap.
At 0:06:26-we all saw this cameo. Jim Raynor from Starcraft II and shooting every player in sight.
At 0:06:27-yet another 1972-packaged Doritos Tortilla Chips behind Rick on the coffee table (I believe you see it in the film four times)
0:06:36-When we cut to a mother playing the PVP tournament the Guitar from Guitar Hero is sitting On the armchair.
At 0:06:48-when Daito slays a PVP player and his loot bursts out an O.G 1986 W.O.W Laser Tag pistol can be seen in the pile.
At 0:06:50-we cut to a girl screaming since losing in the PVP match. A poster for The Bangle’s 1984 album All Over The Place is on the girl’s bedroom wall.
Also at 0:06:50 - A Bedtime Bear plush toy from Care Bears is on the girl’s bed.
At 0:06:51-A Donkey Kong Jr. poster is on the bedroom wall.
Also at 0:06:51-On a shelf in the girl’s bedroom Care Bear figurines are visible.
At 0:06:54-Daito and Sho fight and shortly kills Jason Vorhees from the Friday the 13th horror series.
Also at 0:06:54-When Jason is slain various things comes out of his inventory (lots of guns) I could only make out another 1986 W.O.W Laser Tag pistol.
At 0:07:06-Tear For Fear’s song Everybody Wants To Rule The World plays.
At 0:07:06-Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014 Michael Bay film) passes Wade when Wade is talking to Aech.
Also at 0:07:06-Blue Beetle from Injustice 2 passes Wade.
At 0:07:07-behind Wade you can see Benedict from Battleborn
At 0:07:08-Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (again 2014) passes wade while wade is talking to Aech.
At 0:07:12-Doc Brown from Back To The Future in his Part II outfit passes Wade on the walkway.
At 0:07:42-A framed poster of the video game Gradius appears on the wall in the Gregarious Games showcase room.
Also at 0:07:42-A Framed poster of Castlevaynia appears on the opposite wall in the GG showcase room.
At 0:08:01-Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor shortly plays over the start of Halliday’s last message video.
Also at 0:08:01-The quarters over Halliday’s eyes read:God We Trust 1972. 1972 was the year Ernest cline was born AND when Atari was founded.
At 0:08:05-At the funeral parlour there are various flower arrangements of the Starfleet logo and the U.S.S Enterprise ship along with a glass painting of the Starfleet logo from the sci-fi franchise Star Trek.
Also at 0:08:05-The coffin Halliday is lying in is Spock’s Mark VI torpedo in Star Trek II:The Wrath Of Khan.
At 0:08:10-Halliday rises out of the coffin of how Count Dracula would in various Dracula horror movies.
At 0:08:16-Halliday places a TOMY hand-held Pac-Man game on the coffin.
At 0:08:17-Halliday is wearing a Joust shirt.
At 0:08:21-On Halliday’s lapel he is wearing a SIMON pin.
Also at 0:08:21-A little harder to see but Halliday is also wearing a D20 pin from Dungeons and Dragons.
At 0:08:48-On the right side of the screen A High School student watching Halliday’s last message is wearing a Marvin The Martian shirt from The Looney Tunes.
At 0:08:51-Another High school student pulling out a screen is wearing a Pac-Man shirt.
At 0:10:04: Joan Jets and the Blackheart’s 1988 song I Hate myself For Loving you plays.
At 0:10:15-El Dragon from Battleborn passes Wade on the walkway.
At 0:10:27-On the copper key starting line Wade walks through aisles of IOI cars to pass The V8 Interceptor from Mad Max.
At 0:10:34-The Batmobile from the 1966 Adam West tv series Batman is visible throughout the race (love the safety siren flashing)
At 0:10:34-however the driver is not Adam West’s Batman and instead is the Batman from the Arkham games(you can see him moving around in the cockipit)
At 0:10:34:Ryu from Street Fighter is passing down the aisle of cars.
At 0:10:34-A modernised version of the Mach 5 from Speed Racer appears at the starting line next to Ryu.
At 0:10:59-Wade passes a red F1 racing car from the 1982 Atari game Pole Position.
Also at 0:10:59-Mr. T.’s GMC Van from the A-team appears at the starting line.
Also at 0:10:59-the 1968 possessed Plymouth Fury from Christine appears at the starting line of the copper key race.
Also at 0:10:59-Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider game series is having a conversation with Dizzy Wallin from Gears of War II before the race starts.
At 0:11:04-In the Oology department a Scholar is watching the Twin Pines Mall scene from Back to the future on a monitor.
At 0:11:06-A Halliday scholar is holding a sealed copy of DC Comics Presents:Superman and Superboy
At 0:11:09-A Halliday scholar is watching the Goodbye scene in E.T. The Extra Terrestrial on a monitor.
Also at 0:11:09-A Wonder Woman comic panel poster is being studied by scholars.
At 0:11:10-It looks as if on a whiteboard scholars are studying The Glaive from Krull.
At 0:11:13-A group of Ooligists are studying Fruit Loops on a IOI monitor.
Also at 0:11:13-A Cap N’ Crunch cereal box appears on a scholar’s monitor.
Also at 0:11:13-in the Oology department a liberty island version of the map from Escape From New York appears on the TV screen.
At 0:11:28-while walking up to Aech at the racetrack Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat walks past him.
At 0:11:29-Aech’s form of vehicle for the race is the Bigfoot Monster Truck which started the monster truck business and has appeared in multiple Hot Wheels sets.
At 0:11:48-Aech teases wade about not having enough money for fuel but can get a Something About Mary hairdo referencing the 1998 comedy There’s something about Mary.
At 0:12:09-Wade spawns in The DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the future.
Alright so Ernest Cline said during the New York race you can find Ghostbusters HQ and the apartment building from Batteries Not Included I haven’t found them yet.
At 0:12:29-When the horn for the start of the race blows out of Liberty’s torch the Domino Sugar factory appears behind the statue.
At 0:12:49-A blue F1 racing car from Pole Position gets rammed by an IOI vehicle.
At 0:12:52-Art3mis drives by on Shotaro Kaneda’s bike from Akira.
At 0:13:31-A sticker for the skateboarding brand Thraser appears on Artemis’s bike.
Also at 0:13:31-Two Scratch N’ Sniff stickers appear on Art3mis’s bike specifically a pear and Tomato great job stickers.
At 0:13:37- the K.I.T.T bar from Knight Rider is under the grill of Wade’s DeLorean.
At 0:13:45-When speaking about Art3mis to Aech Wade mentions he has seen all of her Twitch Streams.
At 0:13:53-when going over a ramp wade makes the DeLorean do the Corkscrew Junp from the 1967 James Bond movie The Man With The golden Gun.
At 0:14:03-The Pork Chop Express from the 1986 Kurt Russell film Big Trouble In Little China blocks the road for players.
At 0:14:05-Art3mis’s bike has an Atari decal on it.
At 0:14:08-on the street beside the pork chop express a diner appears named Ratners it was an old dinedeli that opened in New York in 1902.
At 0:14:14-Wade switches the DeLorean to Hover mode from Back To The Future:Part II when he gets a collision warning during the race.
0:14:16-when an IOI racer crashes and wade picks up has coins he’s using an Arcade coin slot machine to do so.
At 0:14:35-An IOI racer crashes in front of the national video centre (it is a place in New York basically a museum for technology like televisions and computers)
At 0:14:40-A Ms. Pac-Man decal appears on Art3mis’s bike.
Also at 0:14:40-The superhero logo from The Greatest American Hero appears on Art3mis’s bike.
At 0:14:41-very hard to see but at the bottom of Art3mis’s bike is a decal for skateboarding brand JFA.
Also at 0:14:41-Art3mis and an IOI racer pass a Movie theatre marquee that reads:Schwarzenegger Jack Slater III referencing the 1993 film-in a film Last Action Hero.
At 0:14:51 Rexy The T-Rex from the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World movies munches on vehicles in Chinatown (for those saying it’s just a random T-Rex it does the same roar as in the movies and has the same scars and marks on it’s face)
At 0:14:58-The final and hardest obstacle of all:King Kong. Like in all of the Kong movies he’s hanging off the Empire State Building circled by 1930’s bi-planes.
At 0:15:12-we get a shot of King Kong destroying rail roads in front of the Silvercups Studios building where the final battle in Highlander took place as well as an actual movie studio.
0:15:16-as Aech skids to a halt in Bigfoot the Batmobile gets knocked off the road right after skidding to the sound of the 1966 Batman tv series theme.
At 0:15:20-A 1975 Wonder Woman decal appears on Art3mis’s bike.
At 0:15:25-behind Aech in the scene where Art3mis jumps over the gap with her bike a Delta City billboard from Robocop appears.
At 0:16:29-When Art3mis brushes herself off from Wade’s rescue The Ace Chemical’s building from Batman appears behind her.
0:16:23-when Art3mis insepects her damaged bike an old advertising billboard called Come to the Caribbean appears behind her.
At 0:16:57-when Wade Aech and Art3mis enter Aech’s workshop Prince’s song I wanna be your lover plays.
Also at 0:16:57-leaning against the wall near the entry is Pee-wee Herman’s bike from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.
0:17:08-We all know this one:Aech is working on building an Iron Giant from the animated 1999 film of the same name.
At 0:17:13-A Cylon Raider ship from Battlestar Galactia is hanging on the wall.
At 0:17:22-Aech owns a Fraggle Rock-themed lunchbox to store all his miniature sci-fi ships.
0:17:23-When Wade opens the lunchbox we see various sci-fi ships these conclude of:The Galactia from Battlestar Galactia The Valley Forge From the 1972 sci-fi film Silent Running a colonial Viper from Battlestar Galactia and the Sulaco from Aliens.
At 0:17:24-a miniature model of the Swordfish II from Cowboy Bepbop is on the Aech’s worktable.
At 0:17:31-Wade mentions Aech owning a miniature Harkonnen Drop-ship from Dune and says it could get to Arrakis in seconds (while Arrakis was in the 1965 novel the drop-ship was created for the 1985 movie).
At 0:17:46-A faded mini-poster of Pole Position appears on the pole behind Aech.
At 0:17:47-on another pole below Aech is a poster for the Colecovision video game Gorf.
At 0:17:51-The TARDIS police box from Doctor Who appears behind Aech Wade and Art3mis when talking about repairing the Akira bike.
Also at 0:17:51-hanging from the roof is The Eagle 5 from the 1987 Star Wars parody film Spaceballs.
At 0:17:52-a life-size Swordfish II from Cowboy Bepbop appears in Aech’s workshop waiting for repair.
At 0:17:53-parked in Aech’s workshop is the 1969 250 GT California Ferrari from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
Also at 0:17:53-hanging off the roof of Aech’s workshop is The EVA Pod from the 1968 Kubrick sci-fi classic 2001:A Space Odyssey.
Also at 0:17:53-a life-size Colonial Viper from Battlestar Galactia is hanging off the roof of the workshop.
Also at 0:17:53-The Thunderfighter from Buck Rogers in the 25th century is hanging off the roof of the workshop.
Also at 0:17:53-in the corner of the workshop is the enforcement droid ED-209 from Robocop.
At 0:18:18-Art3mis asks Wade what was Halliday’s favourite first-person shooter game. Wade replies by saying 007 Goldeneye based of the James Bond movie of the same name. His favourite character was Oddjob the villain. And his favourite player mode was slappers only where players could only slap to kill.
At 0:18:30-Art3mis asks what Halliday’s favourite racer game which was the 1981 SEGA game Turbo.
O:18:32-Wade says Halliday’s favourite food was Hot Pockets a microwaveable pizza snack.
Also at 0:18:32-while Wade and Art3mis are talking playing softly in the background is Just my imagination (running away with me) by The Temptation.
At 0:13:33-Wade says Halliday’s favourite restaurant was Chuck E. Cheese which is an Arcade and pizza restaurant. The restaurant’s founder Nolan Bushnell also happened to founded Atari.
At 0:18:35-Wade says Halliday’s favourite song was Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles which happens to be the first song to air on MTV in 1980.
At 0:18:37–Wade says Halliday’s favourite music video was A-Ha’s 1985 hit song Take On Me.
At 0:18:42-Wade and Art3mis complete a quote together which was Halliday’s favourite of Gene Hackman’s portrayal of Lex Luthor in Superman:The Movie:Some people can read war and peace and come away thinking it’s a simple adventure story. Others can read the back of a chewing gum paper and unlock the secrets of the universe.
At 0:19:06-before Art3mis and Wade walk away a Castlevaynia poster is on the wall.
At 0:19:98- A Robotron 2084 poster appears on the wall of Aech’s workshop.
Also at 0:19:08-A Joust banner appears on the wall of Aech’s Workshop.
Also at 0:19:08-A GORF banner appears on the wall of Aech’s Workshop.
Also at 0:19:08-A poster for the 1985 Tengen arcade game Gauntlet appears on the wall of Aech’s workshop.
Also at 0:19:08-a poster for Galaga (1983 version) appears on the wall of Aech’s workshop.
At 0:19:54-The PO-024 repair E-Frame from the 90’s cartoon series Exosqaud appears in Aech’s workshop.
At 0:20:01:Art3mis nicknames Wade McFly referencing Marty McFly Back To The Future series.
At 0:20:39-You’ll need to turn the brightness up but when Rick holds up one of Wade’s gloves a Batman and SEGA sticker are on it.
At 0:21:54-Wade explains that his name Wade Watts was supposed to sound like a superhero’s alter-ego and examples Bruce Banner A.K.A The Hulk and Peter Parker A.K.A Spider-Man from Marvel Comics.
At 0:22:39-When Wade grabs out his OASIS visor a Street Fighter decal is on the side of it.
Also at 0:22:39A Midway games decal (a company who manufactured mainly all 80’s and 90’s arcade games) is on the top of Wade’s visor.
At 0:22:41-George Michael’s 1985 song Faith plays when Wade enters the Halliday Journals.
At 0:22:48-The interior design of the Halliday Journals is taking directly from the Shermer High library from The Breakfast Club.
At 0:22:50-Hello Kitty is sitting down at one of the journal’s tables interacting with another player.
At 0:22:52-A Ms. Pac-Man arcade cabinet is behind The Curator’s desk.
Also at 0:22:52:-A Dig Dug arcade cabinet is behind The Curator’s desk.
Also at 0:22:52-A Tempest arcade cabinet is behind The Curator’s desk.
At 0:22:56-The Curator’s design is based off Jeeves from the 1990 search engine Ask
At 0:23:06-an Asteroids arcade cabinet is behind The Curator’s desk.
At 0:23:06-A Pong arcade cabinet is behind The Curator’s desk.
At 0:23:06-A Pole Position arcade cabinet is behind The Curator’s desk.
At 0:23:19-In one of Halliday’s recreated memories Halliday is playing in an Arcade with games like Joust Asteroids and Tempest.
At 0:23:20-A Revenge Of The Nerds poster is up on the wall in the recreated memory Wade and The Curator walk by.
At 0:23:23-Alright buckle up becuase there are a lot of stuff to cover: In Halliday’s cluttered room there are things such as an Astro Boy mask a vintage packet of Lays Potato Chips a Ladyhawke poster a speak and spell some Madballs a copy of Schindler’s Ark and a Raiders Of The Lost Ark poster.
At 0:23:39-Wade and The Curator walk past a memory labelled:Halliday playing his Atari 2600 with a carving of an Atari 2600 at the bottom.
Also at 0:23:39-The game Halliday is playing on his Atari 2600 is Defender.
Also at 0:23:39-Various toys and collectibles are scattered throughout Halliday’s room concluding of:A Marvin The Martian toy A Gizmo plush from Gremlins a toy model of The A-Team Van A Batman statue posters for Wargames and Rush 2112 Connect Four A SIMON toy an Etch-E-Sketch and a Castle Greyskrull play-set from Masters Of The Universe with He-Man and Skeletor action figures
At 0:23:41-A Framed poster for Black Tiger appears on the wall of The Gregarious Games breakroom.
Also at 0:23:41:In The Gregarious Games breakroom a framed poster for Legend Of Zelda:A Link To The Past is on the wall.
Also at 0:23:41-Further down the hall of the breakroom is a framed poster for Mortal Kombat.
At 0:23:51-Halliday and Ogden Morrow have a conversation about living in an Asteroids Arcade cabinet.
At 0:23:56-Halliday in the memory is wearing a Space Invaders shirt.
At 0:24:16-A framed poster for Galaga (1986 version) appears behind Morrow in the breakroom.
At 0:25:25-Halliday references Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure when talking about going backwards.
At 0:26:01-A Hello Kitty decal appears on Art3mis’s bike.
At 0:26:22-While it’s never said in the movie the Suxors is graffitied on the pedestal of Liberty (it was a nickname for the Sixers in the novel)
At 0:26:59-When Wade gets to King Kong’s stage Max Steiner’s 1933 original theme for King Kong plays.
At 0:27:44-Anorak says to Wade nice racing Padawan referencing the Jedi Apprentices in the Star Wars franchise
At 0:29:12-Ripley’s cargo-Holder from Alien appears on Planet Doom in Nolan Sorrento’s presentation.
At 0:29:23-In Sorrento’s OASIS IOI ad presentation Man-Bat from Batman:Arkham Knight appears on planet doom getting shot at.
At 0:29:24-In Nolan Sorrento’s presentation a pop-up ad for the EM-1 railgun from Eraser appears.
At 0:29:38-Bruce Springsteen’s song Stand On It begins to play.
At 0:29:40-Wade and Aech go to a mall called Avatar Outfitters referencing the store Urban Outfitters.
Also at 0:29:40-The Logo for Avatar Outfitters has the same calligraphic A as in the title for James Cameron’s film Avatar.
At 0:29:43-A Street Fighter booth at Avatar outfitters are selling combat moves as a holographic RYU does an uppercut move.
At 0:29:54-Blue Beetle from Injustice 2 is walking around the store.
At 0:29:54-An Overwatch booth at Avatar Outfitters is selling Pulse Pistols as a holographic Tracer does her spin.
Also at 0:29:54-A Dungeons And Dragons booth is selling magic spells.
At 0:29:59- booth in Avatar outfitters is selling weapons with a holographic Claptrap (a character in the game)
A4 0:29:59-Halo booth is selling assault rifles with holographic images of Master Chief.
At 0:29:59-in the far back left of the booths A Looney Tunes booth with a holographic Marvin The Martian appears.
At 0:29:59-In the far back right an Injustice booth appears (I can’t identify the hologram though). (Zoom In required).
At 0:29:59-A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles booth appears in the far back with a hologram of Raphael (zoom-in required)
At 0:30:02-One of the items available for purchase in the iconic items booth is The Holy Hand Grenade from the 1975 Monty python film Monty Python and The Holy Grail.
At 0:30:07-while I can’t identify the actual item because it goes too fast but Wade runs past an item in the iconic item section with the Blizzard Entertainment logo printed underneath it.
At 0:30:07-Wade Runs past Dust-Brain from the Madballs toy line in the iconic items section.
At 0:30:08-Wade runs past The Peltzer Peeler Juicer from Gremlins in the iconic times section.
Also at 0:30:08-Wade runs by A Chucky doll from Child’s Play (which is where Aech presumably got the one used on Planet Doom) in the iconic times section.
At 0:30:09-Wade runs past a Plasma Pistol from Halo in the iconic items section.
At 0:30:11-Wade walks up and buys a magical item The Zemeckis Cube which is of course a Rubik’s Cube named after Back To The Future Director Robert Zemeckis that has the ability to slow and turn back time.
At 0:30:13-A hologram of The Wolf-Man appears next to The Zemeckis Cube booth.
At 0:31:05:When Nolan Sorrento enters the OASIS he is transported to the wreckage of a Tripod fighting machine from War Of The Worlds (1953 George Pal version)
At 0:31:29-Sorrento’s avatar Bossman59 features a Clark Kent hair curl from Superman.
At 0:31:52-I-ROK flicks away Perseus’s Shield from the 1981 version of Clash Of The Titans (sigh)(I-ROK has no respect for classics)
Also at 0:31:52-Indiana Jone’s whip from the Indiana Jones franchise is laying besides the shield.
At 0:31:58-I-ROK picks up the head of an eliminated player The Steampunk Pirate King and does a misquoted reference to William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. I-ROK says I knew him well Sorrento parodying the line to Yorick:Alas Yorrick!! I knew him Horatio.
At 0:32:18-In the pile of weapons are tow Boomshot guns from Gears of Wars.
Also at 0:32:18-The Colonial Blaster from Battlestar Galactia appears in the pile of weapons.
Also at 0:23:18-Two Batarangs from Batman are scatted around the weapons pile.
At 0:32:22-The M1911 Colt pistol from Duke Nukem is also in the weapons pile.
Also at 0:32:22-The box containing The Orb Of Osuvox is the Mogwai box that Gizmo was kept in at the start of Gremlins
At 0:32:29-The inside of the orb is a polyhedral D20 dice used in Dungeons and Dragons.
At 0:33:11-When talking about the price of Parzival’s elimination from The Scoreboard I-ROK references a Tootsie Pop commercial with Mr. Owl biting to the chocolaty centre.
At 0:33:51-The vehicle Daito uses to get to the finish line is The Mach 5 from Speed Racer.
At 0:33:54-Sho pulls up to the finish line in a Smokey (literally) 1977 Trans Am Pontiac used in Smokey and The Bandit.
At 0:34:22-When Wade is reciting the Jade Key clue excerpt in his notebook he has linked the last two words in the clue: At Last” could be a possible reference to the song of the same now (doesn’t specify which one though)
At 0:34:29- On a piece of paper taped to the wall Wade has written down locations you can visit in the OASIS these conclude off-
The Star Wars Galaxy The Star Trek Universe Middle-Earth from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings/Hobbit. Vulcan from Star Trek Pern from Dragonriders of Pern Arrakis from Dune Magrathea from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Discworld from the book series of the same name Ring-world from the book series of the same name River-world from the book series of the same name.
From 0:34:30 to 0:34:31-taped to the wall is a list of John Hughes movies these conclude of-
National Lampoon’s Vacation Sixteen Candles Weird Science Breakfast Club Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Pretty In Pink Some Kind Of Wonderful Planes Trains and Automobiles Uncle Buck Home Alone Home Alone 2:Lost In New York
At 0:34:32-Taped to the wall is Wade’s analysis of the funeral scene in Halliday’s Last Message video. It is a breakdown of all the Star Trek Easter eggs in the scene including the Starfleet logo U.S.S. Enterprise and the photo torpedo
At 0:34:33-At the bottom of a Newspaper article taped to the wall of Wade’s Van it reads:OASIS Coin the next Dollar? A sly reference to Bit-Coin video game currency.
At 0:34:40-On a piece of paper taped to the wall Wade has written down the rules of The OASIS just like the book and it mentions Everquest the MMORPG Game.
At 0:35:30-On the right besides Kira and Morrow’s picture is a list of movies labelled: Set In New York
These conclude of-Ghostbusters. Big (1988 Tom Hanks) has been crossed out on the list. Mad Max (it was in Australia though?) The cannonball Run. King Kong . Escape From New York is highlighted on the list. See No Evil (1971 horror movie). And another misplaced title Back To The Future despite being set in California
At 0:35:19-Wade has written down instructions of how to get to the secret room in Adventure foreshadowing the climax.
At 0:35:21-When Wade goes back to the Halliday Journals Blondie’s song One Way Or Another plays.
At 0:35:27-The Arkham Knight passes Wade when he is exiting The Halliday Journals (he later returns inside)
At 0:35:28-A younger version of Beetlejuice spots Wade when Wade enters The Journals.
At 0:35:29-Supergirl from Injustice 2 jumps out of her seat to greet Wade.
At 0:35:31-Raiden from Mortal Kombat is sitting down at one of the Journal’s tables.
At 0:35:34-Dizzy Wallin from Gears Of Wars 2 runs up to the crowd that mobs Wade.
At 0:35:37-Blue Beetle from Injustice 2 is one of the fans in the crowd.
Also at 0:35:37-Ambra from Battleborn is one of the fans in the crowd.
At 0:35:38-Batgirl from Batman is one of the fans in the crowd.
At 0:35:47-Goro from Mortal Kombat pulls Wade away from his fans.
At 0:35:48-Lara Croft from Tomb Raider is one of the fans in the crowd.
At 0:36:02-When being led into a secret room Wade gets pranked by a Chestburster from Alien popping out of Goro’s chest revealed to be a puppet by Art3mis.
At 0:36:36-Art3mis pulls out Clark Kent Glasses from Superman and puts them on Wade for a disguise while roaming The Journals.
At 0:35:46-While Wade with his Clark Kent disguise goes into the archives Miko from Battleborn is behind him.
At 0:36:49-Benedict from Battleborn is behind Wade when Wade enters The Archives.
At 0:36:51-When Wade and Art3mis are entering The Archives an avatar behind them is wearing a pink Michael Jackson jacket.
At 0:37:00-In the memory outside of Halliday and Morrow’s office is a framed Metroid Japanese printed poster (original 1986 game)
At 0:37:03-Behind Art3mis Wade and The Curator is another memory which is set in The Happytime pizzeria from the novel.
At 0:37:17-There are some action figures on Morrow’s desk. One I can make out his Triceraton from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990).
At 0:37:32-When Halliday is talking to Sorrento you can see he is designing the Room 237 Bathroom from The Shining on his computer.
Also at 0:37:32-The Billy Idol album Don’t Stop is on Halliday’s desk.
At 0:37:44-A copy of Dungeon Magazine is lying on Halliday’s desk (I could not identify which issue though)
At 0:37:49-In a blink and you miss it moment when The Curator is fast-forwarding the Memory a framed Pole Position poster is outside the office.
At 0:37:53-On the shelf behind the desk is Def Leppard’s 1983 album Pyromania (zoom-in required)
At 0:38:02-While having a conversation with Morrow about the date with Karen Halliday says she prefers to be called Kira after the character in Jim Henson’s 1982 film The Dark Crystal.
At 0:38:39-As mentioned above the memory behind the three is of Halliday hanging out at The Happytime Pizzeria but in this frame you can see he is playing Joust.
At 0:39:48-Wade figures out that Kira is the centre of the 2nd clue and calls her Halliday’s Rosebud referencing the lost sled Rosebud in Citizen Kane.
At 0:40:02-When Art3mis flips the quarter The Curator gives to Wade it makes the sound effect of a 1-up from the Super Mario Bros. Games.
At 0:40:17-Earth Wind and Fire’s 1975 song Can’t find love plays when Art3mis asks Wade on a date.
Alright in Aech’s 80’s basement recreation there is soo much Easter eggs and memorabilia so forgive me if I miss any.
At 0:40:46-posted on the wall is a Save Ferris poster from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off another Metroid poster and white Space Invader decals.
At 0:40:46-hanging from the wall is the neon sign for the dream bar Cocktails and Dreams in the 1988 Tom cruise film Cocktail.
At 0:40:46-below the sign is a Dark Crystal poster.
At 0:40:46-Ripping through the floor is the nuclear rocket from Weird Science.
At 0:40:46-A Pac-Man bin lies besides a Pac-Man arcade cocktail cabinet.
At 0:40:46-an Airplane! VHS tape is on top of boxes.
At 0:40:46-multiple VHS tapes for the 1986 Jim Henson film Labyrinth are scattered around the floor of the hangout.
At 0:40:06-Retro packets for Potato Chips brands Lays and Ruffles lay against the coffee table.
At 0:40:06-Incredibly hard to see but under a pile of VHS tapes is a VHS tape of Caddyshack (zoom-in required)
At 0:40:46-Marty Mcfly Jr.’s rainbow cap from Back To The Future:Part II lies besides an vinyl record player.
At 0:40:06-Lying against the wall is an Emulator II keyboard used in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
At 0:40:46-on the wall besides the couch are three mini-posters stuck on it:A Donkey Kong arcade poster A Pole Position II poster and a 1983 Galaga poster.
At 0:40:06-A Kermit The Frog plush from The Muppets is lying against a shelf besides a Hot Wheels play-set.
At 0:40:06-An ALF plush from the 1986 sitcom ALF is sitting on top of the television
At 0:40:06-A Speak &Spell used in E.T. The Extra Terrestrial is lying on the shelf.
At 0:40:50-A Beastmaster poster is next to the mirror.
At 0:40:50-A Star Trek:The Motion Picture poster is in the corner of the room above The Emulator II Keyboard (you need to turn brightness full up to see)
At 0:40:50-A copy Analog Computing magazine #10 is leaning against the crate below Wade’s feet.
At 0:40:50-above the mirror is a Mayor Goldie Wilson election poster from Back To The Future. A Wil Wheaton election poster is across from Wilson’s one (if you recall Wheaton was the Vice President of the OASIS in the novel)
At 0:40:50-In a blue crate below Wade’s feet is Run D.M.C’s 1986 album Tougher Than Lever.
At 0:40:50-A Wargames poster is on the wall besides the mirror.
At 0:40:50- the first issue for Nintendo Power featuring Super Mario Bros. is located on a stack of magazines in Aech’s hang-out
At 0:40:50-A Big Trouble In Little China poster is located behind a chair in Aech’s hang-out.
At 0:40:50-A cutout of Tom Selleck’s face from Magnum P.I. Is posted on the wall in Aech’s hang-out.
At 0:40:50-A Cookie Monster cookie jar from Sesame Street is on the the bench in the hang-out
At 0:40:50-A poster for Labyrinth is next to the Tom Selleck cutout
At 0:40:50-A Cap N’ Crunch cereal box is laying on the counter next to an overturned Fruit Loops cereal box.
At 0:40:50-at the very far back of the counter is The Peltzer Peeler Juicer from Gremlins
At 0:40:51-Wade selects Prince’s Purple Rain outfit for a possible outfit for his date.
At 0:40:54-In the reflection of the mirror a Breakfast Club poster is seen.
At 0:40:57-Wade switches his outfit to Michael Jackson’s Thriller costume and even does the dance (one of my favourite artists along Queen who are unfortunately not referenced in the film)
At 0:40:57-Next to the mirror is the original poster for Mad Max.
At 0:40:58 White decals for Space Invaders are scattered on the pillar next to Aech.
At 0:40:58 The Pink Mattel Hoverboard from Back To The Future Part II is leaning against the wall.
At 0:40:58-On the coffee table are retro cans for Coca-Cola Pepsi and Tab (along with some D20 from D&D)
At 0:40:58-Below the coffee table is a E.T. The Extra Terrestrial VHS tape
At 0:40:58-The sword of omens from Thundercats is leaning against the wall next to the couch.
At 0:40:58-on the table next to the hula-girl lamp is the Golden Idol from Raiders Of The Lost Ark.
At 0:41:00-A Mad Max 2 poster is behind Wade when trying out outfits.
At 0:41:00-A Legend Of Zelda:A Link To The Past mini-poster is behind Wade.
At 0:41:02-Hanging from the ceiling is a miniature Thunderfighter from Buck Rogers In The 25th Century.
At 0:41:02-A Banner for 1980 video game Missile Command is on the wall behind Aech.
At 0:41:04-On the back of Wade’s punk outfit is the logo for 80’s rock band The Dead Kennedy’s
At 0:41:05-Wade switches to a Nick Rhodes outfit from the band Duran Duran.
At 0:41:07-David’s computer speaker from WarGames is on top of the cocktail cabinet.
At 0:41:07-in a pile of VHS tapes is a VHS tape for Breakin’ (or Breakdance) is on the floor.
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I pellegrinaggi notturni e i blocchi stradali per motivi religiosi.

Vivo in un posto vicino a Pompei, dove sfortunatamente la gente va in pellegrinaggio di notte. Dovete sapere che mi trovo sulla strada principale, l'unica che da Sorrento va in direzione di Pompei. Ora, io sono ateo, ma anche se non lo fossi ci sono diverse cose che mi stanno davvero facendo girare le palle.
Ok, questo è più uno sfogo che una domanda... Probabilmente la mia unica domanda è: WTF? Perché per motivi religiosi possono urlare nei megafoni dopo mezzanotte e se io mi fermo a mangiare un gelato sotto un appartamento è disturbo della quiete pubblica e schiamazzi notturni? Perché loro hanno diritto a bloccare intere strade per praticare la loro religione? Perché io non devo dormire perché loro devono fare casino in mezzo alla strada?
Vaffanculo, la prossima volta mi metto con uno stand a fare i bucatini all'amatriciana in mezzo alla strada, bloccando completamente il traffico, e se mi dicono qualcosa rispondo dicendo che è una manifestazione religiosa perché sono pastafariano.
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All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 1995 (out of the 3,319 films released worldwide that year.)

  1. A Goofy Movie (Director: Kevin Lima)
  2. A Little Princess (Director: Alfonso Cuarón)
  3. Aaron’s Magic Village (Director: Albert Hanan Kaminski)
  4. Across The Sea Of Time (Director: Stephen Low)
  5. Babe (Director: Chris Noonan)
  6. Balto (Director: Simon Wells)
  7. Dark Passage To Wan (Director: Terry O’Keefe)
  8. Gordy (Director: Mark Lewis)
  9. Gumby: The Movie (Director: Art Clokey)
  10. Napoleon (Director: Mario Andreacchio)
  11. Pocahontas (Directors: Mike Gabriel + Eric Goldberg)
  12. The Gnomes Great Adventure (Director: unspecified)
  13. The Pebble + The Penguin (Directors: Don Bluth + Gary Goldman)
  14. Toy Story (Director: John Lasseter)
  15. Whisper Of The Heart (Director: Yoshifumi Kondô)
  16. Wings Of Courage (Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud)
  1. A Kid In King Arthur’s Court (Director: Michael Gottlieb)
  2. A Matter Of Honor (Director: Fred P. Watkins)
  3. A Month By The Lake (Director: John Irvin)
  4. A Pyromaniac’s Love Story (Director: Joshua Brand)
  5. Apollo 13 (Director: Ron Howard)
  6. Born To Be Wild (Director: John Gray)
  7. Breaking Free (Director: David Mackay)
  8. Canadian Bacon (Director: Michael Moore)
  9. Captain Nuke + The Bomber Boys (Director: Charles Gale)
  10. Captiva Island (Director: John Biffar)
  11. Casper (Director: Brad Silberling)
  12. Charlie’s Ghost Story (Director: Anthony Edwards)
  13. Don’t Die Without Telling Me Where You’re Going (Director: Eliseo Subiela)
  14. Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn (Director: Shigeyasu Yamauchi)
  15. Far From Home: The Adventures Of Yellow Dog (Director: Phillip Borsos)
  16. Father Of The Bride, Part II (Director: Charles Shyer)
  17. Fluke (Director: Carlo Carlei)
  18. Free Willy II (Director: Dwight H. Little)
  19. Gold Diggers: The Secret Of Bear Mountain (Director: Kevin James Dobson)
  20. Heavyweights (Director: Steven Brill)
  21. Houseguest (Director: Randall Miller)
  22. It Takes Two (Director: Andy Tennant)
  23. Jack + Sarah (Director: Tim Sullivan)
  24. Jumanji (Director: Joe Johnston)
  25. Last Of The Dragons (Director: Tab Murphy)
  26. Leapin’ Leprechauns! (Director: Ted Nicolaou)
  27. Love Letter (Director: Shunji Iwai)
  28. Magic In The Water (Director: Rick Stevenson)
  29. Man Of The House (Director: James Orr)
  30. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (Director: Bryan Spicer)
  31. Monster Mash: The Movie (Directors: Joel Cohen + Alec Sokolow)
  32. Mr. Holland’s Opus (Director: Stephen Herek)
  33. Once Upon A Time...When We Were Colored (Director: Tim Reid)
  34. Once In A Blue Moon (Director: Philip Spink)
  35. Operation: Dumbo Drop (Director: Simon Wincer)
  36. Roommates (Director: Peter Yates)
  37. Running Wild (Director: Dee McLachlan)
  38. Sabrina (Director: Sydney Pollack)
  39. Sense + Sensibility (Director: Ang Lee)
  40. Tall Tale (Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik)
  41. The Amazing Panda Adventure (Director: Christopher Cain)
  42. The Baby-Sitters Club (Director: Melanie Mayron)
  43. The Big Green (Director: Holly Goldberg Sloan)
  44. The Convent (Director: Manoel de Oliveira)
  45. The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain (Director: Christopher Monger)
  46. The Fantasticks (Director: Michael Ritchie)
  47. The Final Days (Director: unspecified)
  48. The Grass Harp (Director: Charles Matthau)
  49. The Indian In The Cupboard (Director: Frank Oz)
  50. The Little Patriot (Director: J. Christian Ingvordsen)
  51. The Phoenix + The Magic Carpet (Director: Zoran Perisic)
  52. The Skateboard Kid II (Director: Andrew Stevens)
  53. The Stars Fell On Henrietta (Director: James Keach)
  54. Theodore Rex (Director: Jonathan R. Betuel)
  55. Three Wishes (Director: Martha Coolidge)
  56. Tom + Huck (Director: Peter Hewitt)
  57. Trinità + Bambino... e adesso tocca a noi! (Director: Enzo Barboni)
  58. Two-Bits + Pepper (Director: Corey Michael Eubanks)
  59. Unstrung Heroes (Director: Diane Keaton)
  60. While You Were Sleeping (Director: Jon Turteltaub)
  61. White Wolves II: Legend Of The Wild (Director: Terence H. Winkless)
  1. 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up (Director: Sang-Ok Shin)
  2. A Walk In The Clouds (Director: Alfonso Arau)
  3. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (Director: Steve Oedekerk)
  4. Angus (Director: Patrick Read Johnson)
  5. Backfire! (Director: A. Dean Bell)
  6. Batman Forever (Director: Joel Schumacher)
  7. Billy Madison (Director: Tamra Davis)
  8. Blood Of The Hunter (Director: Gilles Carle)
  9. Bushwhacked (Director: Greg Beeman)
  10. Bye Bye Love (Director: Sam Weisman)
  11. Circle Of Friends (Director: Pat O’Connor)
  12. Clueless (Director: Amy Heckerling)
  13. Congo (Director: Frank Marshall)
  14. Cry, The Beloved Country (Director: Darrell Roodt)
  15. Cutthroat Island (Director: Renny Harlin)
  16. Decision (Director: Talley Griffith)
  17. Denise Calls Up (Director: Hal Salwen)
  18. Downhill Willie (Director: David Mitchell)
  19. Dr. Jekyll + Ms. Hyde (Director: David Price)
  20. Dracula: Dead + Loving It (Director: Mel Brooks)
  21. Empire Records (Director: Allan Moyle)
  22. First Knight (Director: Jerry Zucker)
  23. For Better Or Worse (Director: Jason Alexander)
  24. Forget Paris (Director: Billy Crystal)
  25. French Kiss (Director: Lawrence Kasdan)
  26. GoldenEye (Director: Martin Campbell)
  27. Gospa (Director: Jakov Sedlar)
  28. Grumpier Old Men (Director: Howard Deutch)
  29. Gunfighter’s Moon (Director: Larry Ferguson)
  30. Hackers (Director: Iain Softley)
  31. Home For The Holidays (Director: Jodie Foster)
  32. How To Make An American Quilt (Director: Jocelyn Moorhouse)
  33. Iron Eagle IV (Director: Sidney J. Furie)
  34. Jefferson In Paris (Director: James Ivory)
  35. Jekyll + Hyde (Director: unspecified)
  36. Jury Duty (Director: John Fortenberry)
  37. Kuang ye sheng si lian (Director: Tony Au)
  38. Let It Be Me (Director: Eleanor Bergstein)
  39. Long Justice II (Director: Jack Bender)
  40. Mad Love (Director: Antonia Bird)
  41. Major Payne (Director: Nick Castle)
  42. Memories (Directors: Kôji Morimoto, Tensai Okamura, Katsuhiro Ôtomo)
  43. Miami Rhapsody (Director: David Frankel)
  44. Mortal Kombat (Director: Paul W.S. Anderson)
  45. Nine Months (Director: Chris Columbus)
  46. Now + Then (Director: Lesli Linka Glatter)
  47. Open Arms (Director: Roderick E. Stevens)
  48. Pharaoh’s Army (Director: Robby Henson)
  49. Playing Dangerous (Director: Lawrence Lanoff)
  50. Powder (Director: Victor Salva)
  51. Prima Donnas (Director: Lawrence David Foldes)
  52. Reckless (Director: Norman René)
  53. Rough Magic (Director: Clare Peploe)
  54. Sentinel 2099 (Director: Michael McGee)
  55. Steal Big, Steal Little (Director: Andrew Davis)
  56. Stuart Saves His Family (Director: Harold Ramis)
  57. Superfights (Director: Siu-Hung Leung)
  58. Taken Alive (Director: Philip Marcus)
  59. The American President (Director: Rob Reiner)
  60. The Brady Bunch Movie (Director: Betty Thomas)
  61. The Break (Director: Lee H. Katzin)
  62. The Bridges Of Madison County (Director: Clint Eastwood)
  63. The Cure (Director: Peter Horton)
  64. The Darkening (Director: William Mesa)
  65. The Journey Of August King (Director: John Duigan)
  66. The Net (Director: Irwin Winkler)
  67. The October Brigade (Director: unspecified)
  68. The Point Of Betrayal (Director: Richard Martini)
  69. The Wrong Woman (Director: Douglas Jackson)
  70. Timemaster (Director: James Glickenhaus)
  71. To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar (Director: Beeban Kidron)
  72. Tommy Boy (Director: Peter Segal)
  73. Top Dog (Director: Aaron Norris)
  74. Two Bits (Director: James Foley)
  75. Waterworld (Directors: Kevin Reynolds + Kevin Costner)
  1. A Boy Called Hate (Director: Mitch Marcus)
  2. A Midwinter’s Tale (Director: Kenneth Branagh)
  3. A Modern Affair (Director: Vern Oakley)
  4. A Reason To Believe (Director: Douglas Tirola)
  5. Abducted II: The Reunion (Director: Boon Collins)
  6. Above Suspicion (Director: Steven Schacter)
  7. Across The Moon (Director: Lisa Gottlieb)
  8. Alien Terminator (Director: Dave Payne)
  9. An Awfully Big Adventure (Director: Mike Newell)
  10. Angel Baby (Director: Michael Rymer)
  11. Angel Of Passion (Director: Jason Holt)
  12. Angels + Insects (Director: Philip Haas)
  13. Animal Room (Director: Craig Singer)
  14. Antonia’s Line (Director: Marleen Gorris)
  15. Assassins (Director: Richard Donner)
  16. Attack Of The 60 Foot Centerfold (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  17. Aurora: Operation Intercept (Director: Paul Levine)
  18. Automatic (Director: John Murlowski)
  19. Back Of Beyond (Director: Michael Robertson)
  20. Bad Boys (Director: Michael Bay)
  21. Bad Company (Director: Damian Harris)
  22. Ballistic (Director: Kim Bass)
  23. Beach Babes II: Cave Girl Island (Director: David DeCoteau)
  24. Before Sunrise (Director: Richard Linklater)
  25. Best Of The Best III: No Turning Back (Director: Phillip Rhee)
  26. Beyond Desire (Director: Dominique Othenin-Girard)
  27. Beyond Rangoon (Director: John Boorman)
  28. Bikini Bistro (Director: Ernest G. Sauer)
  29. Bikini Drive-In (Directors: Fred Olen Ray + Steve Latshaw)
  30. Billy’s Holiday (Director: Richard Wherrett)
  31. Birds Of Prey (Director: Temístocles López)
  32. Black Day Blue Night (Director: J.S. Cardone)
  33. Black Scorpion (Director: Jonathan Winfrey)
  34. Blackwater Trail (Director: Ian Barry)
  35. Blonde Heaven (Director: David DeCoteau)
  36. Blood Of The Innocent (Director: Bob Misiorowski)
  37. Blue Juice (Director: Carl Prechezer)
  38. Blue In The Face (Directors: Paul Auster, Wayne Wang + Harvey Wang)
  39. Bodily Harm (Director: James Lemmo)
  40. Body Count (Director: Talun Hsu)
  41. Boston Kickout (Director: Paul Hills)
  42. Boys On The Side (Director: Herbert Ross)
  43. Braveheart (Director: Mel Gibson)
  44. Breach Of Trust (Director: Charles Wilkinson)
  45. Broadcast Bombshells (Director: Ernest G. Sauer)
  46. Brother Of Sleep (Director: Joseph Vilsmaier)
  47. Café Society (Director: Raymond De Felitta)
  48. Call Girl (Director: Rob Spera)
  49. Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh (Director: Bill Condon)
  50. Carnosaur II (Director: Louis Morneau)
  51. Carrington (Director: Christopher Hampton)
  52. Casino (Director: Martin Scorsese)
  53. Cellblock Sisters: Banished Behind Bars (Director: Henri Charr)
  54. Chameleon (Director: Michael Pavone)
  55. Children Of The Corn III: Urban Harvest (Director: James D.R. Hickox)
  56. Clockers (Director: Spike Lee)
  57. Coldblooded (Director: Wallace Wolodarsky)
  58. Condition Red (Director: Mika Kaurismäki)
  59. Copycat (Director: Jon Amiel)
  60. Cover Me (Director: Michael Schroeder)
  61. Crimson Tide (Director: Tony Scott)
  62. Cyber Bandits (Director: Erik Fleming)
  63. Cyberjack (Director: Robert Lee)
  64. Cyborg Cop III (Director: Yossi Wein)
  65. Dangerous Indiscretion (Director: Richard Kletter)
  66. Dangerous Minds (Director: John N. Smith)
  67. Dangerous Prey (Director: Lloyd A. Simandl)
  68. Das Versprechen (Director: Margarethe von Trotta)
  69. Dead Man (Director: Jim Jarmusch)
  70. Dead Man Walking (Director: Tim Robbins)
  71. Dead Presidents (Director: Albert Hughes + Allen Hughes)
  72. Deadly Exposure (Director: Roderick E. Stevens)
  73. Deadly Law (Director: César Alejandro)
  74. Deadly Past (Director: Tibor Takács)
  75. Deadly Sins (Director: Michael Robison)
  76. Decoy (Director: Vittorio Rambaldi)
  77. Delta Of Venus (Director: Zalman King)
  78. Desert Blues (Director: John J. Kelly)
  79. Desperado (Director: Robert Rodriguez)
  80. Destination Vegas (Director: Paul Wynne)
  81. Destiny Turns On The Radio (Director: Jack Baran)
  82. Devil In A Blue Dress (Director: Carl Franklin)
  83. Devotion (Director: Mindy Kaplan)
  84. Die Hard With A Vengeance (Director: John McTiernan)
  85. Digital Man (Director: Phillip J. Roth)
  86. Dolores Claiborne (Director: Taylor Hackford)
  87. Dominion (Director: Michael G. Kehoe)
  88. Droid Gunner (Cyberzone) (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  89. Drunks (Director: Peter Cohn)
  90. Embrace Of The Vampire (Director: Anne Goursaud)
  91. Evil Ed (Director: Anders Jacobsson)
  92. Evolver (Director: Mark Rosman)
  93. Excessive Force II: Force On Force (Director: Jonathan Winfrey)
  94. Expect No Mercy (Director: Zale Dalen)
  95. Fair Game (Director: Andrew Sipes)
  96. Fall Time (Director: Paul Warner)
  97. Fallen Angels (Director: Kar-Wai Wong)
  98. Fatal Passion (Director: T.L. Lankford)
  99. Fatal Pursuit (Director: Eric Louzil)
  100. Feast Of July (Director: Christopher Menaul)
  101. Fist Of The North Star (Director: Tony Randel)
  102. Fists Of Iron (Director: Richard W. Munchkin)
  103. Flirt (Director: Hal Hartley)
  104. For A Few Lousy Dollars (Director: Michael Bafaro)
  105. Forbidden Games (Director: Edward Holzman)
  106. Four Rooms (Directors: Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez _Quentin Tarantino)
  107. Frankie Starlight (Director: Michael Lindsay-Hogg)
  108. Freakshow (Directors: William Cooke + Paul Talbot)
  109. French Exit (Director: Daphna Kastner)
  110. French Twist (Director: Josiane Balasko)
  111. Friday (Director: F. Gary Gray)
  112. Friend Of The Family (Director: Edward Holzman)
  113. Funny Bones (Director: Peter Chelsom)
  114. Galaxis (Director: William Mesa)
  115. Gentleman’s Bet (Director: Carlo Gustaff)
  116. Gentlemen Don’t Eat Poets (Director: John Paul Davidson)
  117. Georgia (Director: Ulu Grosbard)
  118. Get Shorty (Director: Barry Sonnenfeld)
  119. Girl In The Cadillac (Director: Lucas Platt)
  120. Gladiator Cop (Director: Nick Rotundo)
  121. Glory Daze (Director: Rich Wilkes)
  122. Go Now (Director: Michel Winterbottom)
  123. Grim (Director: Paul Matthews)
  124. Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers (Director: Joe Chappelle)
  125. Hard Bounty (Director: Jim Wynorski)
  126. Hard Evidence (Director: Michael Kennedy)
  127. Haunted (Director: Lewis Gilbert)
  128. Hearts + Minds (Director: Ralph Ziman)
  129. Heat (Director: Michael Mann)
  130. Heatseeker (Director: Albert Pyun)
  131. Heavy (Director: James Mangold)
  132. Hidden Assassin (Director: Ted Kotcheff)
  133. Hideaway (Director: Brett Leonard)
  134. High Risk (Directors: Jing Wong + Wai-Lun Lam)
  135. Higher Learning (Director: John Singleton)
  136. Hollywood Dreams (Director: Rafe M. Portilo)
  137. Homage (Director: Ross Kagan Marks)
  138. Hotel Sorrento (Director: Richard Franklin)
  139. Huntress: Spirit Of The Night (Director: Mark S. Manos)
  140. I Like To Play Games (Director: Moctezuma Lobato)
  141. I Shot A Man In Vegas (Director: Keoni Waxman)
  142. Ice Cream Man (Director: Paul Norman)
  143. In the Kingdom of the Blind, the Man with One Eye Is King (Director: Nick Vallelonga)
  144. Indecent Behavior III (Director: Kelley Cauthen)
  145. Inferno (Director: Peter Keglevic)
  146. Jack-O (Director: Steve Latshaw)
  147. Jade (Director: William Friedkin)
  148. Jeffrey (Director: Christopher Ashley)
  149. Joe’s Rotten World (Director: Richard LaBrie)
  150. Johnny Mnemonic (Director: Robert Longo)
  151. Judge Dredd (Director: Danny Cannon)
  152. Jungleground (Director: Don Allan)
  153. Just Cause (Director: Arne Glimcher)
  154. Just Looking (Director: Tyler Bensinger)
  155. Kicking + Screaming (Director: Noah Baumbach)
  156. Killer: A Journal Of Murder (Director: Tim Metcalfe)
  157. Killing For Love (Director: Mike Kesey)
  158. Kiss Of Death (Director: Barbet Schroeder)
  159. Klash (Director: Bill Parker)
  160. Kleptomania (Director: Don Boyd)
  161. Lady Chatterley's Passions 2: Julie's Secret (Director: Pasquale Fanetti)
  162. Lap Dancer (Director: Arthur Egeli)
  163. Lap Dancing (Director: Mike Sedan)
  164. Last Fair Deal (Director: Charles Solomon, Jr.)
  165. Last Gasp (Director: Scott McGinnis)
  166. Last Summer In The Hamptons (Director: Henry Jaglom)
  167. Leaving Las Vegas (Director: Mike Figgis)
  168. Les Misérables (Director: Claude Lelouch)
  169. Lie Down With Dogs (Director: Wally White)
  170. Live Nude Girls (Director: Julianna Lavin)
  171. Living In Oblivion (Director: Tom DiCillo)
  172. Lord Of Illusions (Director: Clive Barker)
  173. Losing Isaiah (Director: Stephen Gyllenhaal)
  174. Lost At Sea (Director: Steve Sayre)
  175. Lover’s Knot (Director: Peter Shaner)
  176. Lover’s Leap (Director: Paul Thomas)
  177. Lunarcop (Director: Boaz Davidson)
  178. Mad Dogs + Englishmen (Director: Henry Cole)
  179. Magnetic Rose (Director: Kôji Morimoto)
  180. Malicious (Director: Ian Corson)
  181. Mallrats (Director: Kevin Smith)
  182. Man With A Gun (Director: David Wyles)
  183. Manhattan Merengue! (Director: Joseph B. Vasquez)
  184. Margaret’s Museum (Director: Mort Ransen)
  185. Married People, Single Sex II: For Better or Worse (Director: Mike Sedan)
  186. Mercy (Director: Richard Shepard)
  187. Midnight Heat (Director: Harvey Frost)
  188. Midnight Man (Director: John Weidner)
  189. Midnight Tease II (Director: Richard Styles)
  190. Midnight Temptations (Director: Rafe M. Portilo)
  191. Mighty Aphrodite (Director: Woody Allen)
  192. Mind Ripper (Director: Joe Gayton)
  193. Mirage (Director: Paul Williams)
  194. Money Train (Director: Joseph Ruben)
  195. Moonlight + Valentino (Director: David Anspaugh)
  196. Morirás en Chafarinas (Director: Pedro Olea)
  197. Mouth To Mouth (Director: Manuel Gómez Pereira)
  198. Mrs. Munck (Director: Diane Ladd)
  199. Murder In The First (Director: Marc Rocco)
  200. Mute Witness (Director: Anthony Waller)
  201. My Family (Mi Familia) (Director: Gregory Nava)
  202. My Father Is A Hero (Director: Corey Yuen)
  203. Never Talk To Strangers (Director: Peter Hall)
  204. New Jersey Drive (Director: Nick Gomez)
  205. Nick Of Time (Director: John Badham)
  206. Night Of The Running Man (Director: Mark L. Lester)
  207. Night Of The Scarecrow (Director: Jeff Burr)
  208. Nixon (Director: Oliver Stone)
  209. No Contest (Director: Paul Lynch)
  210. No Way Back (Director: Frank A. Cappello)
  211. NoHo (Director: David Schrader)
  212. Not Like Us (Director: Dave Payne)
  213. Not Of This Earth (Director: Terence H. Winkless)
  214. Nothing Personal (Director: Thaddeus O’Sullivan)
  215. Number One Fan (Director: Jane Simpson)
  216. One Night Stand (Director: Talia Shire)
  217. Open Season (Director: Robert Wuhl)
  218. Operation: Cobra (Director: Lasse Spang Olsen)
  219. Othello (Director: Oliver Parker)
  220. Out-Of-Sync (Director: Debbie Allen)
  221. Outbreak (Director: Wolfgang Petersen)
  222. Palookaville (Director: Alan Taylor)
  223. Panther (Director: Mario Van Peebles)
  224. Party Girl (Director: Daisy von Scherler Mayer)
  225. Payback (Director: Anthony Hickox)
  226. Pictures Of Baby Jane Doe (Director: Paul Peditto)
  227. Piranha (Director: Scott P. Levy)
  228. Play Time (Director: Dale Trevillion)
  229. Point Dume (Director: Mark J. Gordon)
  230. Powderburn (Director: Serge Rodnusky)
  231. Prelude To Love (Director: Rafe M. Portilo)
  232. Prisoner Maria: The Movie (Director: Shûji Kataoka)
  233. Project: Metalbeast (Director: Alessandro De Gaetano)
  234. Proteus (Director: Bob Keen)
  235. Prowokator (Director: Krzystof Lang)
  236. Pure Race (Director: Rocco Devilliers)
  237. Rage (Director: Joseph Merhi)
  238. Raging Angels (Director: Alan Smithee)
  239. Raw Target (Director: Tim Spring)
  240. Restoration (Director: Michael Hoffman)
  241. Return To Two Moon Junction (Director: Farhad Mann)
  242. Richard III (Director: Richard Loncraine)
  243. Ripper Man (Director: Phil Sears)
  244. Rob Roy (Director: Michael Caton-Jones)
  245. Romancing Sara (Director: Lawrence Lanoff)
  246. Rude (Director: Clement Virgo)
  247. Rumble In The Bronx (Director: Stanley Tong)
  248. Rumpelstiltskin (Director: Mark Jones)
  249. Safe (Director: Todd Haynes)
  250. Scenes For The Soul (Director: George Tillman, Jr.)
  251. Scorpion Spring (Director: Brian Cox)
  252. Screamers (Director: Christian Duguay)
  253. Se7en (Director: David Fincher)
  254. Search + Destroy (Director: David Salle)
  255. Seduction Of Innocence (Director: Alin Bijan)
  256. Senior Trip (National Lampoon’s) (Director: Kelly Makin)
  257. Separate Lives (Director: David Madden)
  258. Serpent’s Lair (Director: Jeffrey Reiner)
  259. Sex + The Other Man (Director: Karl Slovin)
  260. Shadow Creature (Director: James P. Gribbins)
  261. Shadow Dancer (Director: Michael Paul Girard)
  262. Shadow Warriors (Director: Lamar Card)
  263. Shanghai Triad (Director: Yimou Zhang)
  264. Silent Hunter (Director: Fred Williamson)
  265. Sinful Intrigue (Director: Edward Holzman)
  266. Siren’s Kiss (Director: Edward Holzman)
  267. Smoke (Directors: Wayne Wang + Paul Auster)
  268. Smooth Operator (Director: Kelley Cauthen)
  269. Soldier Boyz (Director: Louis Morneau)
  270. Solitaire For 2 (Director: Gary Sinyor)
  271. Someone Else’s America (Director: Goran Paskaljefic)
  272. Someone To Die For (Director: Clay Borris)
  273. Something To Talk About (Director: Lasse Hallström)
  274. Sorceress (Director: Jim Wynorski)
  275. Species (Director: Roger Donaldson)
  276. Spitfire (Director: Albert Pyun)
  277. Stonewall (Director: Nigel Finch)
  278. Stormswept (Director: David I. Frazer)
  279. Strange Days (Director: Kathryn Bigelow)
  280. Street Law (Director: Damian Lee)
  281. Stripteaser (Director: Dan Golden)
  282. Sudden Death (Director: Peter Hyams)
  283. Suspicious Agendas (Director: Clay Borris)
  284. Sweet Nothing (Director: Gary Winick)
  285. Tales From The Crypt presents: Demon Knight (Director: Ernest R. Dickerson)
  286. Tales From The Hood (Director: Rusty Cundieff)
  287. Tank Girl (Director: Rachel Talalay)
  288. Target For Seduction (Director Rafe M. Portilo)
  289. Temptress (Director: Lawrence Lanoff)
  290. Ten Benny (Director: Eric Bross)
  291. Terrified (Director: James Merendino)
  292. Texas Payback (Director: Richard W. Munchkin)
  293. The Addiction (Director: Abel Ferrara)
  294. The Affair (Director: Danny Taylor)
  295. The Babysitter (Director: Guy Ferland)
  296. The Basketball Diaries (Director: Scott Kalvert)
  297. The Brothers McMullen (Director: Edward Burns)
  298. The City Of Lost Children (Directors: Marc Caro + Jean-Pierre Jeunet)
  299. The Crier (Director: Glynn Beard)
  300. The Crossing Guard (Director: Sean Penn)
  301. The Crude Oasis (Director: Alex Graves)
  302. The Dark Dancer (Director: Robert Burge)
  303. The Day Of The Beast (Director: Álex de la Iglesia)
  304. The Demolitionist (Director: Robert Kurtzman)
  305. The Donor (Director: Damian Lee)
  306. The Doom Generation (Director: Gregg Araki)
  307. The Expert (Directors: Rick Avery + William Lustig)
  308. The Fear (Director: Vincent Robert)
  309. The Final Goal (Director: Jon Cassar)
  310. The Flower Of My Secret (Director: Pedro Almodóvar)
  311. The Girl With The Hungry Eyes (Director: Jon Jacobs)
  312. The Horseman On The Roof (Director: Jean-Paul Rappeneau)
  313. The Hunted (Director: J.F. Lawton)
  314. The Immortals (Director: Brian Grant)
  315. The Incredibly True Adventure Of Two Girls In Love (Director: Maria Maggenti)
  316. The Jerky Boys (Director: James Melkonian)
  317. The Last Supper (Director: Stacy Title)
  318. The Last Word (Director: Tony Spiridakis)
  319. The Low Life (Director: George Hickenlooper)
  320. The Maddening (Director: Danny Huston)
  321. The Mangler (Director: Tobe Hooper)
  322. The Nature Of The Beast (Director: Victor Salva)
  323. The Perez Family (Director: Mira Nair)
  324. The Pompatus Of Love (Director: Richard Schenkman)
  325. The Prophecy (Director: Gregory Widen)
  326. The Quick + The Dead (Director: Sam Raimi)
  327. The Run Of The Country (Director: Peter Yates)
  328. The Scarlett Letter (Director: Roland Joffé)
  329. The Set Up (Director: Strathford Hamilton)
  330. The Spy Within (Director: Steve Railsback)
  331. The Star Maker (Director: Giuseppe Torntore)
  332. The Stranger (Director: Fritz Kiersch)
  333. The Surgeon (Director: Carl Schenkel)
  334. The Tie That Binds (Director: Wesley Strick)
  335. The Underneath (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  336. The Usual Suspects (Director: Bryan Singer)
  337. The Viking Sagas (Director: Michael Chapman)
  338. The Walking Dead (Director: Preston A. Whitmore II)
  339. The Whispering (Director: Gregory Gieras)
  340. The Wife (Director: Tom Noonan)
  341. The Young Poisoner’s Handbook (Director: Benjamin Ross)
  342. The Zone (Director: Barry Zetlin)
  343. Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead (Director: Gary Fleder)
  344. Thunderbolt (Director: Gordon Chan)
  345. Till The End Of the Night (Director: Larry Brand)
  346. Tilt-A-Whirl (Director: Tom Sullivan)
  347. To Die For (Director: Gus Van Sant)
  348. To The Limit (Director: Raymond Martino)
  349. Total Eclipse (Director: Agnieszka Holland)
  350. Tunnel Vision (Director: Clive Fleury)
  351. Twelve (12) Monkeys (Director: Terry Gilliam)
  352. Twisted Love (Director: Eb Lottimer)
  353. Two Deaths (Director: Nicolas Roeg)
  354. Under Lock + Key (Director: Henri Charr)
  355. Under Siege II: Dark Territory (Director: Geoff Murphy)
  356. Under The Gun (Director: Matthew George)
  357. Under The Hula Moon (Director: Jeff Celentano)
  358. Vampire Vixens From Venus (Director: Ted A. Bohus)
  359. Vampire In Brooklyn (Director: Wes Craven)
  360. Vicious Kiss (Director: Donald Farmer)
  361. Victim Of Desire (Director: Jim Wynorski)
  362. Village Of The Damned (Director: John Carpenter)
  363. Virtuosity (Director: Brett Leonard)
  364. Voices (Director: Malcolm Clarke)
  365. Voodoo (Director: René Eram)
  366. Waiting To Exhale (Director: Forest Whitaker)
  367. Warrior Of Justice (Directors Jorgo Ognenovski + Mike Tristrano)
  368. Watch Me (Director: Lipo Ching)
  369. Welcome II The Terrordome (Director: Ngozi Onwurah)
  370. Welcome To The Dollhouse (Director: Todd Solondz)
  371. Wendigo (Director: Tom Chaney)
  372. When Night Is Falling (Director: Patricia Rozema)
  373. White Man’s Burden (Director: Desmond Makano)
  374. Who Killed Buddy Blue? (Director: Jennifer Marchese)
  375. Wild Blue (Director: Walter Hill)
  376. Wild Malibu Weekend (Director: Jason Williams)
  377. Wild Side (Director: Donald Cammell)
  378. Witchboard III: The Possession (Director: Peter Svatek)
  379. Without Limit (Director: César Alejandro)
  380. Without Mercy (Director: Robert Chappell)
  381. XTRO III: Watch The Skies (Director: Harry Bromley Davenport)
  382. Zero Woman (Director: Daisuke Gotô)
  1. Comfortably Numb (Director: Gavin O’Connor)
  2. Hell’s Belles (Director: Ed Hansen)
  3. Showgirls (Director: Paul Verhoeven)
  4. The Hottest Bid (Director: Deborah Shames)
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