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The Bollywood film ‘Dhoom’ (2004), misinterpreted as an action thriller, is in fact a rigorous allegorical analysis of economic policies, particularly in the Indian context in the early ‘00s.

Spoilers ahead.
Connoisseurs of film are undoubtedly well-aware of La Nouvelle Vague, aka, the ‘New Wave’—an experimental movement in filmmaking with its origins in the French cinema of the 1950s, with an emphasis on exploration of personal themes such as existentialism, iconoclasm and absurdism. Although the ‘New Wave’ is considered to have met its chronological end in the late 1960s, to be followed by successive movements like ‘New Hollywood’, ‘Cinema Novo’ and ‘Dogme 95’, the influence of la nouvelle vague continues to be keenly felt in the artistic masterpieces of Bollywood production house YRF. Under the skillful hand of renowned auteur Aditya Chopra, the studio has produced a lineup of commercially successful arthouse flicks that continue the French filmmaking renaissance of the ‘50s, successfully infusing avant-garde storytelling techniques with high production values and modern Indian themes. Nowhere is this revolutionary vision more evident than in films like DDLJ (a masterpiece in abstract, absurdist storytelling), Mohabbatein (a sensitive examination of the taboo topic of attitudes towards adolescent self-gratification), Kal Ho Naa Ho (an ambitious adaptation of historian David McCullough’s book 1776), Jab Tak Hai Jaan (a religio-philosophical drama that engages in debate upon the tenets of Christianity, Shaivism, and the cultural taboo of Kala Pani) and, of course, the Dhoom franchise.
As YRF’s most popular franchise, the Dhoom series has, with each installment, made great independent strides in cinematic theory and practice. Although—as read above—YRF films explore a wide, varying range of topics as a whole, the Dhoom franchise focuses exclusively on the examination and discussion of economic and socio-economic matters of policy and practice in the Indian context. Over the course of 3 films, the discourse acquires a rich depth, with the analysis of issues including the economic costs and benefits of national highway construction, the clash between entrepreneurial aspirations and the security of bureaucratic employment, the 2008 economic recession in the BRICS context, and the causes and consequences of non-performing bank loans and a profiling of defaulters of on said loans. Indeed, a first course on Indian economics at any prestigious institution may well be framed around careful viewing and discussion of the Dhoom films. In the careful hands of Aditya Chopra and Vijay Krishna Acharya (Dhoom 1/2/3, Tashan, Thugs of Hindostan), each Dhoom film achieves a delicate balance between the overt cops-and-robbers heist story and the covert exploration of complex economic schools of thought.
As the 1st film in the franchise, Dhoom (2004) establishes the storytelling framework for the films to come, and by itself explores the challenges and opportunities presented by Indian economic policymaking in the early ‘00s. The film features an all-round star-studded cast, with support from Honorary Roadie & Stardust Awards nominee Esha Deol, Star’s Sabsey Award winner Rimi Sen, and Indian Telly Award nominee Arav Chowdharry. At the film’s helm are Lions Club Award winner John Abraham, Sansui Award winner Abhishek Bachchan, and Emmy nominee Uday Chopra. Series regulars Bachchan and Chopra play Jai and Ali respectively, Jai being a policeman and Ali a small-time mechanic with a penchant for fast bikes and disinterested women. Abraham essays the villainous role of Kabir, part-time restaurant waiter and part-time leader of a gang of biker thieves.
The film begins with a series of daring heists pulled off by Kabir’s gang, relying on their high-speed bikes to orchestrate sudden thefts and promptly escape the scene soon after. Their exploits catch the eye of Jai, a lifetime appointee to the post of Assistant Commissioner of Police. Jai, however, finds himself out of his depth and through a series of accidents, makes the acquaintance of Ali, a mildly-seedy mechanic and bike racer. Initially reluctant to be associated with law enforcement, Ali is eventually induced to join Jai’s cause and attempt to chase down Kabir and his merry band of men. Dhoom is slow and deliberate in its setup, and the film’s early minutes are heavy on subtext and detail, therefore, it is essential to take in the plot in small increments, so as to be thorough with one’s analysis.
In an allegorical sense, Jai, as a police officer, represents bureaucratic authority and the security, comforts and powers of government employment. Abraham’s Kabir, as a thief, is a laissez-faire capitalist, relying on his material advantage in the form of fast bikes and his manpower advantage in the form of skilled bikers to partake in a series of one-sided transactions with economic entities such as banks and government funds. In this sense, the act of robbery in Dhoom is merely a transaction between two private parties wherein one side gains an unfair amount at the other’s expense, absent external interventionism. In addition to being a free-market advocate, Kabir is also an employee at a pizza parlour, which seems to be the film’s attempt at exploring both the growing role of the service economy as a share of India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and the amorphous nature of employment within the modern ‘gig’ economy. Caught between the competing ideas of state-control and free capitalism, Chopra’s Ali is a stand-in for the directionless youth, lured by the safety and dignity of a government job, whilst simultaneously seduced by the potential for greater wealth presented by free-market capitalism. The film’s plot is overt in this depiction, with Ali simultaneously fearful of Jai’s authority, yet desirous of wielding said authority as an employed policeman. Furthermore, in an action sequence set in Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar—a flea market specializing in illegally-hawked goods—Jai and Ali get into a fight with goons in the market, and are forced to make a hasty escape after being outnumbered. Ali bringing Jai to the market illustrates his ties to the informal, underground economy—a large, undocumented component of the Indian economy—and Jai’s subsequent fleeing the scene highlights the failed outcome of government attempts to regulate this grey economy by force and bluster.
Initially at a loss for clues, Jai is eventually able to deduce that Kabir’s bikers arrange their heists in close proximity to highways, providing as the highways do quick getaways after. This is no doubt an allusion to the economic importance of the National Highways Authority of India’s flagship ‘Golden Quadrilateral’ national highway construction project. Kabir, the raw capitalist, is empowered in his capitalistic pursuits by the government’s infrastructure investments, and John Abraham’s moody expression throughout the film is in no small part perhaps due to the discontentment within Kabir’s mind about his enterprise’s dependence on resources provided by the state. Having deduced Kabir’s MO, Jai and Ali attempt to catch him in the act. However, Kabir and his gang appear to have substantially faster bikes than Jai and Ali, which is undoubtedly an allusion to the government’s perceived ineptitude and inability to generally compete with private enterprise. Left chafing and chasing the dust, Jai catches a lucky break when an overconfident Kabir offers him a clue about his upcoming crime, with the catch being that if Jai fails to avert it, he must recuse himself from the case and leave Kabir to his entrepreneurial pursuits. Kabir, the staunch capitalist, is here hinting at the idea of termination clauses in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), agreements between enterprises and governments for mutual benefit. Whilst the government naturally retains the right to sever the partnership at any point, Kabir clearly believes that he, as the private party, is also entitled to terminate the contract should the government, aka Jai, default on the agreed-upon terms. Formally known as the ‘Authority Default’ concept, Dhoom represents this idea in the form of a simple, easy to understand challenge between Jai and Kabir.
Even as this layered conflict plays out between Jai and Kabir, Ali is enamoured by the mysterious ‘Dilbara’ (Esha Deol). Little is known about Dilbara, however, like other characters in the film, it may be reasonably assumed than she is also an allegorical depiction of an economic concept. Ali’s infatuation with her suggests that she is perhaps intended to be portrayed as a vague, undefined avenue of aspirational employment. Furthermore, the fact that she (as is later revealed) is in fact a part of Kabir’s gang, yet also harbours feelings for Ali, leads one to conclude that Dilbara represents a form of compromise between dirigisme, aka restrictive state-controlled economy, and laissez-faire anarcho-capitalism. The filmmakers leave the specifics of this compromise vague, however, Dilbara’s skimpy outfits perhaps represent the scantiness of opportunities presented by this nebulous alternative.
Returning to the main plot, Jai, despite being forewarned, fails to foil Kabir’s next robbery, despite being able to take down one of his gang in the process. Left short of a gang member, Kabir attempts to recruit Ali, left sidelined by Jai following their failure to catch Kabir. The jilted Ali readily embraces Kabir’s neoliberal worldview and the duo jet off to Goa, where Kabir has his eyes set on one final score from a casino. Subtextually, the casino and gambling in general represent what is in Kabir’s eyes an essential component of his brand of capitalism—rampant speculation and volatility that may be manipulated to one’s benefit. There may also be an addition reference to British academic Susan Strange’s seminal 1986 work Casino Capitalism, a critique of unregulated banking and financial systems. However, Kabir is more likely than not to be derisive of such thoughts, and therefore, if this reference was intended, it may merely be made to indicate the filmmakers’ complete mastery over both Keynesian and Austrian schools of economic thought.
The importance of dance numbers in YRF films cannot be overstated. Even as Bollywood music gravitates towards being little more than catchy jingles designed to elicit maximum publicity, the music and dance numbers in YRF films complement the plot perfectly, serving to both entertain and narrate. Dhoom is no exception to this tradition of excellence. On the eve of Kabir’s final heist, an inebriated Jai shows up at the casino, claiming to have left police employment and moved on. Kabir, however, is rightly suspicious, given as Jai is still a cop, and is merely attempting to lure Kabir into a false sense of comfort as a prelude to catching him in the act. This Jai accomplishes by putting on a song-and-dance in front of Kabir to convince him of his abandonment of state-sponsored socialism and his embrace of Kabir’s unrestrained capitalism. The song is entitled ‘Salamee’, a clever homophone of ‘salami’, a sausage that consists primary of beef. The consumption of beef was, in a landmark 2005 Supreme Court judgement, forbidden on grounds on anti cow-slaughter laws. Kabir, as an opponent of government intervention, would likely have been opposed to the idea of such a restriction being imposed upon him. Therefore, to show his solidarity to the cause, Jai takes to the stage in front of Kabir and sways to the refrain of “Naye kal ko aao kare, hum karein, karein/Salami, salami, salami/Kar le salami…”.
The subterfuge is apparently successful, and a placated Kabir is lulled into a false sense of security by Jai’s reinforcement of his worldview. However, as mentioned, Jai’s conversion is little more than a ruse, and a hoodwinked Kabir is successfully caught in the act by Jai and Ali, who is revealed to have been Jai’s mole all along. The ever-slippery Kabir, however, weasels his way out of Jai’s clutches, and flees with his loot. Although Dhoom 3 would better address the phenomenon of loan defaulters taking flight from the verge of captivity, Dhoom too takes a cursory look at the occurrence, although Kabir does not quite embody a loan defaulter. He is merely the free-market capitalist, the robber baron caught flouting regulations and fleeing from the consequences of government intervention. A long chase sequence ensues, with Kabir fleeing but ultimately cornered by Jai and Ali at the precipice of a sea-facing cliff. Facing a choice between certain captivity and death, Kabir chooses to fly off the cliff with the last of his loot. In a literal sense, Kabir merely dies by falling off the cliff into the sea. In a figurative sense, faced with the prospect of his enterprise being forced to comply with ungainly regulations, Kabir chooses instead to offshore his business, and make for better waters, thus bringing his character arc to a natural and satisfying conclusion. A frustrated Jai bemoans his end, representing the government’s exasperation at ultimately failing to bring a rogue enterprise to heel. Ali, having seen his capitalistic expectations dive off a cliff with Kabir, chooses in the film’s final shot, to finally pursue the path to safe, steady, state-sponsored employment after all, asking Jai if he finally is a bona-fide police officer, as the film fades to black.
The topical nature of Dhoom is a cause for admiration, even a decade and a half after its release. The film successfully ties together strands of economic and socio-economic thought from its time—the ‘Golden Quadrilateral’ project received a major fillip in the first years of the new millennium, the service sector encountered a boom around the same time, as did the contribution of outsourcing to employment and economic growth. The rise of men like Kabir is perfectly timed in the post-License Raj years, as the country embraced capitalism over state socialism. Yet, the lure of stable, ‘safe’ government employment holds true, and powers men like Jai and seduces men like Ali. Dilbara’s unknown fate at the end of the film—left waiting for Ali by the side of a road—is representative of the uncertain outcomes of economic models with time. On a meta note, the Dhoom franchise’s casting of Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra in every film is a nod to the ‘Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act’ of 2005, a flagship government initiative that guarantees employment for a certain number of days out of the year, in the form of unskilled labour.
In summation, Dhoom rightly deserves its place as a seminal film in the annals of both YRF and Indian cinema. In its own right, it is a bold, experimental film that marries erudition to entertainment. It is also the progenitor of its celebrated franchise, providing the springboard from which future films would explore similar issues in an equally deft and precise fashion. To YRF, the Dhoom franchise, and Indian cinema, the film Dhoom is nothing short of a bottle of nitrous oxide, that when attached to a bike, propels it into the stratosphere.
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[S] King's Survivor: David Vs Goliath

After 26 seasons, we are reintroducing a twist used in the early days of King's Survivor: the Champions Vs Contenders twist. This time, it will be referred to as the David Vs Goliath twist, and it will feature 20 new contestants: 10 people who are underdogs, and 10 who are overachievers. We will soon find out whether overachievers or underdogs do better under the circumstances in King's Survivor.
Vuku (Davids) Tribe:
Celine Mayer, 26, Receptionist, u/ClayTAnderson
Even though Celine is your typical quiet girl, she welcomes everybody that she meets with a great smile. Everyone has skills and is good in doing something - and with Celine, by being a good listener. They enjoy talking to her and she can immediately identify their needs and help to satisfy them. But behind this angelic façade, is a girl who's already two steps ahead, planning her next move.
Christa Mason, 34, Unemployed
Douglas Chance, 29, ER Nurse, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Ever since he was born, Douglas' family taught him how to be a ''gentleman''. Be the kind of person that people are proud to call their friend. Always help others when they need your help, always be there for people. He decided to become a nurse, wanting to help in the medical field as he always had a knack for it. Douglas has dedicated his life to helping others, and hopes to come on SURVIVOR and use this platform in order to shine a light on big and important matters. He doesn't necessarily care about winning, but he'll give it his all. Douglas has overcome a lot of challenges in his life, and he's ready to face this one head on.
Eric Carter, 23, Professional Rock Climber, u/UltDragon
Eric has always enjoyed traveling and the outdoors even more. The first chance he was allowed to he moved out of his town in Ohio to see the world. He manages to scrap buy as a professional rock climber thanks to gas stations and the bed in the back of his van. Eric tried out for the show for the same reason he choose to do most things in life, because it sounded like fun.
Jennifer "Jenn" Greene, 46, Fast Food Employee
Ji-Hyun "Jean" Choi, 23, Analytical Student, u/FabColette
Jean does not want to become that typical Asian girl, who's dubbed as just smart and hardworking. She wants to live up to that unfair standards and prove everyone wrong about their race.
Michael Krumptone, 47, Band Director, u/swoldow
Michael had dreams of being a musician since he was a kid, and had the drive to learn his craft to the best of his ability.... however the eighties weren't really the most popular time period for French horn players, so he could never get that big break he always thought he'd have, despite getting a music degree. As a result, he grew old and bitter, resenting modern genres of music like rock and rap, as they are what took his career away from him. He does marching band at a few high schools and basically treats it like it's prison camp due to how bitter he is, and he eventually grew to love his job; torturing kids like him into giving up on their dreams. However, he still hates his life, as he recently had to pick up another school to teach to pay for his ungrateful wife's Netflix, so he needs money somehow.
Michael "Mike" Phillips, 26, Unemployed, u/acegamer1337
Michael was always a David he was always on the bottom he had lost his job and his girlfriend left him he was at the lowest part of his life and decided to go on this show to show that anything is possible.
Michelle Carters, 29, Rocket Scientist, u/AngolanDesert
Michelle is a woman who has built herself up from the ground. She comes from a family where nobody even finished high school, so she has had to make sure to work extremely hard from day 1. She is here to win to provide for her family.
Zen Atame, 24, Unemployed, u/asiansurvivorfan
Zen is an odd dude. Not much is known about him and it seems like it will probably stay that way. He never really talks and he likes to keep to himself most of the time. Despite seeming pretty useless, he is fairly smart so that may be his saving grace.
Jabeni (Goliath) Tribe:
Brett Herman, 28, Professional Poker Player, u/Twig7665
Brett was born into wealth on a mansion in Texas, and lived through most of his childhood in that wealth, until his father was caught up in a huge scandal that left him without money, so at age seventeen Brett ran away to Las Vegas where he could begin a new life. He started playing poker in the streets, and when he was old enough to gamble, he went to a casino, and stunned his opponents by winning the first time he played for money. Soon, people began to realize his talent, and he played in his first professional poker game at the age of 22. Once again, he won, and he became one of the most successful professional poker players in history. This fame caused him to grow arrogant and become a huge jerk, even to his manager. Now rich again, he isn't playing the game for money, he's playing the game to try something new and to gain another title.
Cattleya Peralta, 29, Fashion Agent, u/FabColette
As a fashion agent, Cattleya has mastered the art of persuasion and that helped her a lot during showrooms and fashion weeks. She is socially aware and use her charm to sway people on her side. She may not be the most physically active person, but she's got a badass persona.
Georgia "Gigi" Seedrow, 21, Unemployed, u/AngolanDesert
There’s always that one girl in high school who was the most popular but was also the most mean. This was Gigi in high school. Her parents are millionaires and made sure that she was set for life. Her only worry is what shoes to pick out the next day. She wanted to play survivor because she loves to manipulate people. Maybe her insecurities will be shown this season.
Jeremiah Barak, 38, Drummer, u/zohnster
Barak is a very confident man in his strategy and in his power of persuasion. In addition to training physically every day, he works hard on his brain to be the best version of himself every day. Arrogant sometimes? YES, but you have a good heart of loyalty and trust.
Lukasz "Luk" Zabolcki, 50, Professional Triathlete, u/zohnster
Lukasz is a Polish man who came to the United States in the 1980s looking for a better life for his newly created family. With a wife and a newborn baby, he finds happiness in the adrenaline of the sport. A great triathlete, he gained notoriety about 5 years ago, when he competed in the Ironman Triathlon. Soon after, he opened a gym where he trained young people for marathons in all sports.
Even at the age of 50, Lukasz has the strength and determination of a young man and sees Survivor as another challenge that he will do with all his strength.
Neveah Nwosu, 50, CEO, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Ever since a young age, Nevaeh always knew how to get what she wanted. And not with the help of others, no no. She always managed to get what she wanted and get it herself. Nevaeh HATES counting on other people to do what she can do, after all.
Becoming a CEO at a rather young age, Nevaeh is very proud of herself and her career. Although, admittedly, she was quite busy her entire life and never really found time for her family. That's why, at age 50, Nevaeh is still single and she doesn't plan on getting married anytime soon. It's sad, but it's true.
Nevaeh doesn't care about the prize. She cares about the competition and about going down as one of the greats. So you all better mark it down in your diaries boys, because NEVAEH NWOSU is going to be the winner of Survivor: David Vs Goliath.
Rita Maureira, 43, Data Analyst, u/ghetra
Rita is a very successful data analyst. She has always been very smart and analytical, so she worked very hard to become as successful as she is now. At 43, she has reached a point in her life where she is very happy where she is at, and rather well off. Because of this, she doesn't bother biting her tongue much anymore and is very blunt with people. She has a great sense of humor which attracts many people to her, but she can be quite polarizing due to her bluntness and tendency to provoke people for no reason. She is not very open about her personal life and is able to deceive others quite well.
River Goulding, 47, Family Physician, u/FabColette
Even if River grew up in an elite neighborhood, he didn't let the money get into his head. He worked hard to achieve where he is right now and he's ready to take on a new challenge in his life. Despite his age, he plans to be everyone's friend with the help of his good sense of humor.
Siddhi Sanjay, 28, Bollywood Actress, u/Thisaccountishaunted
Siddhi was born in Mumbai, India but moved to the States as a child. She has dual Indian and American citizenship. She moved back to India in her early twenties to take care of her grandparents, and acted in Bollywood films to help earn them money. She has two homes in each of her countries and is used to traveling. She has a busy life and chooses not to marry, despite the traditions of arranged marriage, and turns down any insistence from her parents to get married. She wants to get on Survivor because she wants more outdoor adventure in her life and wants to join this season because she wants to find herself and who she can really be as a Goliath in tough situations.
Vaughn Barton, 22, College Athlete, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Vaughn never had it easy. His parents died in a fire when he were young, and he spent the majority of his childhood in an orphanage. But at age 11, he was adopted by a successful lawyer who tried giving the poor boy the best life she could. In the next 11 years, Vaughn managed to make a name for himself, now playing football at his university as a quarterback. Why? Because someone gave him a chance. And now, Vaughn pleads you, the production team, to give him a chance. He'll prove he's got what it takes to win.
Link to Season
Episode 1: Two boats, containing the two tribes, dock at a larger ship where the host awaits them. The two tribes size each other up, and then the host announces the twist. The Goliath tribe would pick who they thought was the strongest members of their tribe, and the weakest of the other tribe. The Goliaths pick Brett and Neveah to represent them, and Douglas and Michelle to represent the David tribe. The David representatives get to pick the obstacles they have to go through. In the end, the Goliath tribe narrowly beats out the Davids. The two tribes go to their camps, and at the David camp, Christa and Celine, and Douglas and Michael get into a disagreement about the former two being lazy. Christa then forms an all female alliance with Celine, Michelle, and Jenn. At the Goliath camp, Barak and Neveah bond, and Cattleya and Luk bond a lot. Siddhi, pitching in on the shelter a little too much, causes everyone to see her as a threat. Two overlapping alliances form on the Goliath beach. One with Brett, Cattleya, Luk, Nevaeh, and Rita, and one with Brett, Cattleya, Gigi, Barak, Nevaeh, Rita, River, and Vaughn, leaving Siddhi as the only outsider. Siddhi does not have to worry, as the Goliath tribe wins immunity. Figuring out that there is a female alliance happening right under his nose, Douglas tries to round up the guys to oust Jenn, who he believes is the head of the female alliance and the most dangerous of them. He relays the information to Mike, Zen, Michael, Eric, and Jean, who was on the outer of the female alliance, and they decide to join his side. At tribal council, the women vote for Zen, thinking the others will vote him too due to how introverted he is, and in the end, Jenn becomes the first blindside in a 6-4 vote.
Episode 2: After being blindsided at the first vote, Celine decides to flip from her side over to the majority, much to Michael and Douglas's glee. Mike starts to flirt with Michelle, and that causes Eric to pull him aside and let him know that flipping is a bad idea. This causes them to get in a bit of an argument, leading to a bit of a schism in the majority alliance. Zen sneaks off and finds the immunity idol on his tribe beach, and keeps it to himself. At the Goliath tribe, Brett and Barak start to bond, and Vaughn gets into an argument with Nevaeh. The Goliaths win immunity again, and Christa starts to get on everyone's nerves at the David tribe for telling everyone that they need to be more physical, while not pulling her weight in challenges, and in the end, it was her who got voted out in a 7-2 vote over Douglas.
Episode 3: Wanting to have a sub alliance within the alliance in case they lose again, Michael forms an alliance with Jean, Mike, and Zen, and he plans for it to be the final four. Eric has a bit of a fight with Jean, and Michael and Zen grow very close. At the Goliath tribe, Cattleya and Luk bond a bit, but not much else worthy of mention happens. After losing three challenges, it is the David tribe's turn to win immunity, and they are thrilled at the prospect of winning a challenge. Vaughn starts to insist that Siddhi needs to be the first to go from their tribe, and most of his alliance agrees with that, and they decide to split the vote between Luk and Siddhi in case one of them has an idol. Siddhi herself targets River, seeing him as slimy. Brett, Rita, River, and Vaughn pin votes on Luk, and the rest of the tribe votes out Siddhi, and she goes out without an idol in a 5-4-1 vote.
Episode 4: At the Goliath camp, Barak and Vaughn get into a large argument over something small, and Luk is able to get them to stop fighting, causing the others to respect him a lot more. Barak and River bond and form an alliance after Barak's fight with Vaughn in hopes of getting him out. At the David camp, Eric continues to be a nuisance around camp, as he has a fight with Jean for no reason. Michael finds Zen's idol, and he is furious about how he kept it a secret from him all this time. This causes Zen to be kicked out of the alliance, so he decides to flip from his side to Douglas's side. The Goliath tribe wins immunity yet again, and the David tribe is very demoralized after suffering four losses to one win. Michael, Mike, and Jean decide to target Eric for being too much of a loose cannon, while Douglas's majority targets Jean for being a liability in challenges, since both Michael and Mike were great providers, and Jean was doing nothing. At tribal council, Jean is blindsided in a 5-3 vote.
Episode 5: A tribe swap is announced, and the two tribes become three. Zen is exiled and will join the losing tribe after tribal council. The Vuku tribe consists of Douglas, Barak, Luk, Rita, and River, while on the Jabeni tribe is Eric, Gigi, Mike, Michelle, and Nevaeh. Finally the brand new Tiva tribe has Brett, Cattleya, Celine, Michael, and Vaughn. At Vuku, not much happens when they build their shelter, and at Jabeni, Nevaeh tries to form a bond with Gigi, which works. The Vuku and Jabeni tribes both win immunity, and at Tiva tribe, Brett tries to vote out Celine for being the least close to him, and for being less of a provider than Michael. Brett gets Cattleya and Vaughn on board, and unsuccessfully talks to Michael, who decides to put aside his differences with Celine and works with her to try and eliminate Cattleya, and at tribal council, Celine becomes the fifth person voted out in a 3-2 vote. Zen then joins Tiva.
Episode 6: Brett, Cattleya, Michael, and Vaughn welcome Zen to their camp, but see him as the biggest threat on their tribe, thinking that Zen got an advantage at Exile, which he did not. Brett looks for and finds the idol, so Zen wouldn't have it, and for future safekeeping. Brett decides to go rogue from his five person alliance and forms a bond with Michael, promising to keep him safe in subsequent tribal councils. At the second reward challenge of the season, Vuku and Jabeni win reward, increasing Tiva's losing streak. At Vuku, Barak's strength in challenges impresses the rest of his tribe, and also makes them see him as a threat. Barak also leaves the alliance he's in. Mike impresses his tribe on Jabeni, making Nevaeh want to blindside him next. Gigi and Michelle bond, and Nevaeh pulls them into an alliance with Eric to vote off Mike if they lose, and the Jabeni tribe indeed loses the immunity challenge. Unfortunately, Nevaeh has to be evacuated due to a medical emergency in her family, and she emotionally leaves the game, leaving her four tribemates to fend for themselves.
Episode 7: The day after Nevaeh leaves the game, the remaining contestants compete in a reward challenge, and Vuku loses their first challenge as a new tribe. After losing the reward, Douglas blames the loss on Rita, and asks the others on his tribe to vote her off. This outburst causes him to be seen as threatening to the other tribe members. Rita leaves her alliance of six, not wanting to be associated with them anymore. Not much happens on the Tiva and Jabeni beach, but the Jabenis lose immunity yet again, and back at camp, Eric and Mike get into a huge fight, and the two begin to target one another. Eric wins the support of Gigi and Michelle, and Mike gets voted out 3-1, becoming the first man to be voted out of this season.
Episode 8: The tribes merge into the Kalokalo tribe, with buffs of light blue. Still in the game is Brett, Cattleya, Douglas, Eric, Gigi, Barak, Luk, Michael, Michelle, Rita, River, Vaughn, and Zen. Michael is angered to see Mike be voted out over Eric, and he makes his thoughts very clear to the other tribe members. Luk, knowing that he'll be targeted for his physical strength, sneaks off and finds the idol. River, knowing that Barak is a sinking ship, flips on him and starts to target him. Barak himself targets Vaughn, who sees the young man as troubled, after Vaughn had an outburst earlier that day. River bonds with Zen and convinces him to join his side. Luk wins immunity, cementing his status as a physical threat, and making the other tribemates want to go after him even more. At tribal council, Eric, Barak, Michelle, and Zen vote off Vaughn, while the rest vote for Barak, and Barak becomes the first juror in a 9-4 vote.
Episode 9: The final 12 compete in the first post merge immunity challenge of the season, which is won by a group consisting of Cattleya, Douglas, Michael, Michelle, Rita, and Zen. Michael and Zen reconcile, as Michael, being on the bottom, needs as many allies as he can get. Michael goes on to win the immunity challenge. Back at camp, Rita leaves her alliance with Cattleya and Luk, and they decide to target her. They get Douglas on board, and Brett calls him out for it, calling him a traitor. In the end, they decide to stick with the original plan to vote out Luk, and Luk plays his idol, sending Rita home in a 3-0 vote.
Episode 10: After the biggest blindside of the season so far, the remaining contestants compete in another reward challenge, minus Luk, who sits out for rice. The group of Cattleya, Gigi, Michelle, Vaughn, and Zen win the reward, and they get to enjoy a burger bar and get their minds out of the game for a bit. When they get back to camp, Gigi and Douglas get into an argument, as Douglas feels like Gigi had never had to work for anything in her life. Brett forms a deal with Michael, and Luk tries to get Michelle to work with him, which fails. Eric wins immunity, and the majority decides that Luk is their best bet to vote out. Douglas and Cattleya vote alongside Luk, but it is not enough, and Luk goes in a 8-3 vote.
Episode 11: After Luk's vote off, Cattleya and Douglas are on the bottom, with really nowhere to go. Brett forms a new alliance, with Gigi, Cattleya, and Vaughn, and soon enough, Michael figures out that alliance. He talks to the outsiders, which all turn against Brett, and their first target is the one who they think is the most likely to go on an immunity streak- Vaughn. When Brett, Douglas, Eric, Michelle, and Zen win reward, Brett tries to get Eric and Michelle to join his alliance, and it fails, since both of them were pro-Michael. Brett saves himself from being tenth by winning immunity, and the majority of the tribe is ready to vote Vaughn out. Thinking he has the majority to take out Douglas, he chooses not to play his idol on Vaughn, and Vaughn becomes the fourth member of the jury in a 6-4 vote. Back at camp, Cattleya confronts her tribe about who flipped, and takes out her anger on Eric, but forms a bond with Michelle, for some odd reason. Michelle looks for and finds the idol that Luk used a couple episodes before, and keeps it to herself. Cattleya wins immunity, and Michael decides to cut the head off the snake, so Brett becomes the next big target. Luckily for him, he has the idol, so at tribal council, he plays said idol, and takes out Eric in a 3-0 vote.
Episode 12: Brett goes off and looks for an idol, unable to trust his tribemates, but is unsuccessful. The remaining contestants get a visit from their loved ones, and the group of River and Zen win reward, and they bring Gigi and Michelle along. Michelle bonds with River, and Cattleya and Zen also bond, but nobody decides to flip. The majority decide to target Brett again, but Douglas goes rogue and tries to vote for Cattleya, seeing her as more physical than Brett. Michael wins immunity, and at tribal council, Gigi plays her idol for Brett, and Douglas gets voted out 3-1 and becomes the sixth jury member.
Episode 13: During the last reward challenge of the season, Gigi pulls out a tremendous effort and wins the reward, and brings her close allies Cattleya and Brett along. They plot to get rid of Zen, due to how closed off he is, but the majority four, still in power, target Brett for being an all-around threat, and after Michael wins immunity, the final nail in Brett's coffin has been hammered in. He makes a desperate plea to stay in the game at tribal council, but it is to no avail, and he gets voted out in a 4-3 vote and becomes the seventh member of the jury.
Finale: Six players remain: Cattleya, Gigi, Michael, Michelle, River, and Zen. Michelle impresses the rest of the team, but some also start to see her as a goat, since she played a very safe game. Gigi wins immunity and shares the reward with Cattleya and Michael, thinking the latter would flip. He doesn't. Gigi and Cattleya target Zen again, while Michael targets Cattleya as the only person in the minority that he still hasn't vote off. At tribal council, Cattleya is voted off in a 4-2 vote. Michael wins his fourth immunity of the game, if he were to win one more, he would tie the record for most immunity wins with Jerry and Deef. Everyone in the majority, knowing what to do, all vote off Gigi, but Michelle and Zen both play their idols to be safe, and in total negate only one vote, and Gigi becomes the ninth jury member. After almost three hours, Zen beats out comp beast Michael in the final immunity challenge, but feeling indebted towards him, and the fact that River and Michelle hadn't done much to prove themselves, he puts Michelle and River in the fire making challenge, and River is able to win, making Michelle the ninth and final jury member. In the first all male final tribal council since Arabia, the final three consists of Michael, River, and Zen. River is called out for making big moves over good moves, Zen got flack for having no social game while having decent everything else, and Michael is considered the best all-arounder, even though he relied on challenges, he never got a single vote throughout the game, and the jury decides that it's good enough, and so Michael wins in a 6-4-0 vote, losing Erik, Gigi, Barak, and Luk's votes, as they vote Zen instead of him. Barak is announced as the fan favorite for being the most relatable person on the Goliath tribe, and for getting voted out in a way that did him dirty.
Winner: Michael Krumptone, u/swoldow
Fan Favorite: Jeremiah Barak, u/zohnster
Next season, we will see the introduction of a new twist called the Edge of Extinction, and four returnees will come back to the game to face off against the 14 newbies. Will a new player win, or will a returning favorite claim the prize? Find out in King's Survivor: Edge of Extinction!
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Need More Details About Indian Gambling Sites

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My Memorable Trip to Goa and My Goa Travel Guide

In the city full of chaos, I was thinking to take a break from work for long enough. So, one day out of the blue, me & my 5 other friends decided to plan a trip to Goa. Goa is a premier holiday destination for travelers to explore and as we haven’t been to Goa before and heard a lot good about Goa like its exotic beaches, resorts for leisurely accommodations, clubs for dazzling nightlife, aesthetically beautiful incredible forts and churches, romantic views, fabulous weather, amazing ambiance and especially my so favorite Goan food restaurants. What else you want for a vacation! There are lots of things to do in Goa. For romantic couples to fun freak people, Goa has something for everyone whether a person is looking for a honeymoon, solo trip, a family vacation, or trip with a group of friends.
The first and the foremost thing I wanted to do is to book Mumbai to Goa cruise. So, I checked it out and found two cruises that were available, Jalesh Cruise and Angriya Cruise. I chose Angriya Cruise as it was perfectly matching my budget and it is more of a passenger ship.
Angriya Cruise
Talking about Jalesh Cruise, it was a bit expensive for me but it offers more private sea views, better ride quality, better cleanliness and hygiene as compared to Angriya Cruise. Jalesh Cruise have international staff as it is a Mauritius based company while Angriya Cruise is Indian based. Both the cruises are good at their own places compared to the price and suitability.
Jalesh Cruise
Whether you are looking to relax and unwind, especially holidays in Goa with friends or family, what’s most important is your stay. There are plenty of excellent accommodation options like Airbnb Goa including AirBnB Goa Villas, as well as beach resorts closest to famous restaurants and bars you can go to within North Goa.
Airbnb Goa
One of my favorites is Grand Hyatt Goa where I stayed. Other options we took into consideration are Cidade De Goa, Holiday Inn Goa and Taj Exotica Goa which we’ll definitely try the next time we visit. The hotel property was so beautiful and huge. These are amongst the best hotels and resorts in Goa with world-class hospitality and services, bay view rooms with club access, closest to the sea, best pool areas, best casino and spa, suitable for kids, and most importantly the prices will not dent your pocket.
Grand Hyatt Goa

Cidade De Goa
A small state on the western coast of India, Goa is an amazing and magical city, best known for its scenic beaches or a paradise for beach lovers in India ranging from popular Baga Beach, Palolem Beach, Anjuna Beach, Calangue beach, Candolim Beach, Vagator Beach and more. These are some wide sandy & breezy palms and beautiful beaches in the world, popular among the tourists. With plenty of adventurous activities and water sports like water-skiing, parasailing, bump rides, jet-skiing, catamaran sailing, banana rides and windsurfing, these beaches are full of energy and life. You’ll enjoy every bit of it. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes on the beachside where you can have a variety of delicious food options while having the aesthetic and spectacular views of the sea & sunset, looking at the waves crashing on the shore. These beach shacks are all lit up in sparkling lights at night giving you the best nightlife experience.
Thalassa Goa

Martins Corner Goa
Now coming to the food which has always been my first priority while I’m traveling. I personally am a goan and seafood lover but some of my friends were vegetarian. So, we took both points into consideration and found the best suited and famous food options in Goa. They were Thalassa Goa, Curlies Goa, Martins Corner Goa, and Barbeque Nation Goa. So, we chose Thalassa Goa for the food as they are famous for their Greek, Mediterranean & Seafood cuisine and its picturesque seaside & sunset views, with five-star ratings. The most important thing I read about Thalassa is that it remains crowded so make a reservation before visiting. We pre-booked our sea-side table a night before. We went the other day and we so loved the restaurant. They have outdoor seating, beachside bar, live music, lip-smacking food, it was surely worth every penny. One must try their Prawns Pastitsada, Souvlaki, and Goan fish curry. It was so yummy that I could have that daily.
Curlies Goa
The next day we thought of trying another restaurant, then we decided to go to Curlies because we were told that if you haven’t been to Curlies Goa, your trip to Goa is incomplete. Curlies is a small beach shack located on Anjuna beach. It is definitely the perfect place for a foodie and party lovers, famous for Continental, Italian, Israeli, Indian & Goan cuisine. One of Curlies' specialties is Kings Crab. We wanted to try that so we ordered King Crab, Pizza, Beef Steak, and trust me, it’s so delicious that I have that taste still in my mouth. After enjoying the sunset, we danced to loud electronic music. Curlies have a private dancefloor that was super crowded and it’s the most fun thing I have ever seen. From the coolest pub to the shack, you’ll experience everything at Curlies. A night full of trance music, neon lights, delectable food, and amazing drinks. I only had heard about the nightlife in Goa, and now that I’ve experienced every bit of it. If I had the option, I could have just stayed there for ages. One must have rightly said that the trip to Goa is incomplete without being at Curlies. I really want to try Martin’s Corner the next time I visit Goa.
This was one of our memorable trips. The hustle at night that you’ll find in Goa will exceed your expectations. Cherish the legendary nightlife or some calm moments or might just lay on the beach watching life and people pass by. If you are a party animal and love grooving to your favorite beats while enjoying exotic drinks, then Goa is the perfect place for you. For more information, visit goa travel guide.
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Every Hitman Level Rated on Replayability

I love Hitman. It’s the only video game franchise that I’ve played in its entirety, and it’s a series I will keep playing for years to come, regardless of whether or not they ever release Hitman 3.
The key to Hitman’s greatness is its replayability. Every level has more than one solution, and the best have seemingly countless. I love sitting down with pretty much any Hitman game, loading up a favourite level, and executing a perfect hit in a way I’ve never done before. Don’t ask me about the overarching story, because I’ve only played most of these games linearly once, but ask me the best way to assassinate both targets at the fashion show and boy do I have tales to tell.
So without further ado, here’s my rundown of every level in every main Hitman game with a brief write up and an overall replayability score. It may be a little obsessive, but hey, that’s part of the fun of being a Hitman fan.
(If you’re wondering, the best way to kill both targets in at the fashion show is to push Dalia off a balcony onto Victor below. Seriously, it’s the greatest feeling in the world)
Hitman: Codename 47
This is where it all began, and it’s absolutely a game Hitman fans should play once. I don’t think it holds up all that well but it’s fascinating to see where a lot of the series’ trademarks came from. As you probably know, the majority of the levels in the game were remade in Hitman: Contracts; I think Contracts improves on them significantly, so I will be leaving them out of my Codename 47 ratings, and discussing them when we get to Hitman: Contracts.
1 - Training - Ort-Meyer’s Asylum, Romania
Here we go - our intro to Agent 47 (well, “47” here). As far as training levels go, it’s pretty decent, doing a good job of explaining gameplay mechanics, without overstaying its welcome. I’ve only ever played it once, however, and feel like I got everything I need out of it.
Replayability: ⅕
2 - Kowloon Triads in Gang War - Chiu Dai Park, Kowloon, Hong Kong
See Slaying a Dragon in Hitman: Contracts
3 - Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant - Wang Fou Restaurant, Kowloon, Hong Kong
See The Wang Fou Incident in Hitman: Contracts
4 - The Massacre at Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant - Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant, Kowloon, Hong Kong
See The Seafood Massacre in Hitman: Contracts
5 - The Lee Hong Assassination - Wang Fou Restaurant, Kowloon, Hong Kong
See The Lee Hong Assassination in Hitman: Contracts
6 - Find the U'wa Tribe - Colombian Jungle
The three missions in Columbia are some of my least favourite in all of Hitman-dom, simply because you have to play all three as third person shooters. Stealth is almost never an option, and it drives me INSANE.
Replayability: ⅕
7 - The Jungle God - Colombian Jungle
More of the above, and I feel worse for that little pig than any target in Hitman history.
Replayability: ⅕
8 - Say Hello to My Little Friend - Pablo Ochoa’s Camp, Colombian Jungle
Look, I don’t hate Codename 47. It’s just that the levels that weren’t remade mostly aren’t very good. Sorry, Codename 47 - this one’s gonna be a no from me.
Replayability: ⅕
9 - Traditions of the Trade - Hotel Gallàrd, Budapest
See Traditions of the Trade in Hitman: Contracts
10 - Gunrunner’s Paradise - Harbor, Rotterdam
See Deadly Cargo in Hitman: Contracts
11 - Plutonium Runs Loose - Harbor, Rotterdam
See Deadly Cargo in Hitman: Contracts
12 - The Setup - Ort-Meyer’s Asylum, Romania
I actually like this one! It can, and should, be done stealthily, and even though I don’t care very much about the overall story of Hitman, these last two levels are pretty interesting. I also like bringing patients the items they want. It’s not that replayable, but it’s definitely a cut above the Colombia ones.
Replayability: ⅖
13 - Meet Your Brother - Ort-Meyer’s Asylum, Romania
After the stealthy fun of The Setup it’s a little disappointing that the game ends with a shooting gallery. That said, killing clones of 47 is fun to do once.
Replayability: ⅕
Hitman: Codename 47 Average Replayability: ⅕
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
This was the first game in the series I played, and my god did I love it. It improves on everything that worked about Codename 47, and ditches pretty much everything that didn’t. It doesn’t all work quite as well as I remembered, but it’s still a good game.
1 - The Gontranno Sanctuary - Vittorio’s Church, Sicily
We begin in a cute little Sicilian church, and while there isn’t anyone to kill here, I like revisiting this level from time to time because it’s very zen and 47 seems to genuinely enjoy not killing people for a change.
Replayability: ⅖
2 - Anathema - Villa Borghese, Sicily
Before we know it 47 is back to his old tricks and Diana sends him to assassinate a mafia don. The setting is certainly limited by the graphics, and there isn’t a ton to do once you get into the compound, but this has the honour of being the first proper Hitman level I ever played, and will always have a special place in my heart.
Replayability: ⅗
3 - St. Petersburg Stakeout - St. Petersburg, Russia
This is a great one. The location, the music, the time limit, and the process of elimination game you have to play to identify the general all works together to create a mission that I still enjoy going back to.
Replayability: ⅗
4 - Kirov Park Meeting - St. Petersburg, Russia
While not as good as St. Petersburg Stakeout, there’s plenty of fun to be had either sniping or bombing the targets. And that Jesper Kyd score - my god.
Replayability: ⅖
5 - Tubeway Torpedo - St. Petersburg, Russia
This one feels a bit like filler, but it’s always nice when Agent Smith pops up.
Replayability: ⅕
6 - Invitation to a Party - St. Petersburg, Russia
I love just about any Hitman mission with civilians hanging out at what would otherwise be a fairly ordinary location. Invitation to a Party fits the bill, and I think it’s a wonderful conclusion to the Russia chapter of this game.
Replayability: ⅗
7 - Tracking Hayamoto - Hayamoto’s Mansion, Honshu, Japan
Hitman in Japan is fun because Agent 47 is basically a ninja. This level isn’t amazing, but poisoning sushi while dressed up as a chef is extremely satisfying.
Replayability: ⅖
8 - Hidden Valley - Honshu, Japan
Definitely filler.
Replayability: ⅕
9 - At the Gates - Honshu, Japan
Wait, we still can’t kill Hayamoto?! If I was giving out zero scores, this would be the number one candidate.
Replayability: ⅕
10 - Shogun Showdown - Katsuyama Mansion, Honsu, Japan
It isn’t totally worth the two levels of tedium it took to get here, but Shogun Showdown is a cool level. Dressing up as a ninja and sneaking around lasers just feels so right.
Replayability: ⅖
11 - Basement Killing - Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This level is fairly easy, but I absolutely love it. It can be done so smoothly with practice, and I find either of the three basic solutions to be a blast. I’ve completed this level waaay too many times.
Replayability: ⅘
12 - Graveyard Shift - Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This level would feel right at home in a Splinter Cell, which is never a bad thing.
Replayability: ⅖
13 - The Jacuzzi Job - Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Everything about The Jacuzzi Job is goofy fun, from the all-female guards to the rubber duck to the fact that Charlie is totally nude. I most definitely want to make boom boom with Charlie.
Replayability: ⅗
14 - Murder at the Bazaar - Nuristan, Afghanistan
The most memorable thing about this section of the game is that 47 looks like Professor Quirrell from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
Replayability: ⅕
15 - The Motorcade Interception - Nuristan, Afghanistan
Not only is this as dull as Hidden Valley it’s incredibly frustrating too. Hard pass.
Replayability: ⅕
16 - Tunnel Rat - Nuristan, Afghanistan
Well, at least this is the last mission in Afghanistan.
Replayability: ⅕
17 - Temple City Ambush - Temple City, Punjab, India
The layout of this level isn’t anything to write home about, but the surprise of the third assassin appearing never ceases to bring a smile to my face.
Replayability: ⅖
18 - The Death of Hannelore - Temple City Palace, Punjab, India
The location is nice, but this mission’s just never done it for me.
Replayability: ⅕
19 - Terminal Hospitality - Hospital Island, Punjab, India
Like the previous mission, there’s something about this one that just doesn’t click. The clone showing up at the end is kind of neat though.
Replayability: ⅕
20 - St. Petersburg Revisited - St. Petersburg, Russia
I had forgotten how much this game sags at the end. We go BACK to St. Petersburg?!
Replayability: ⅕
21 - Redemption at Gontranno - Vittorio’s Church, Sicily
Like Codename 47, we end where we began, and like Codename 47, we unfortunately end with a shooting gallery. It’s not a bad mission, just not a very replayable one.
Replayability: ⅕
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Average Replayability: ⅖
Hitman 2 Christmas Game
Yes I’ve played this - no, you should not.
Hitman: Contracts
Like 2018’s Hitman 2, Contracts doesn’t set out to reinvent the wheel. What it does is focus on what made Silent Assassin great and do more of that. There are a few gameplay tweaks, but as far as mechanics go, Contracts mostly stays the course. What’s so special about it is the atmosphere; it’s by far the darkest Hitman game, and every level feels wonderfully seedy and grim.
1 - Asylum Aftermath - Ort-Meyer’s Asylum, Romania
We start with the aftermath of 47 killing Ort-Meyer, and it’s a nice introduction to the basic concept of the game - revisiting the past.
Replayability: ⅖
2 - The Meat King’s Party - Slaughterhouse, Romania
Everything about this mission is completely disgusting - I love it!
Replayability: ⅘
3 - The Bjarkhov Bomb - Remote Base, Siberia, Russia
This mission feels very been-there-done-that, especially after the giddy grotesquery of The Meat King’s Party.
Replayability: ⅕
4 - Beldingford Manor - Beldingford Manor, England
Oh HELL yes. One of the best Hitman missions ever, Beldingford Manor is the perfect illustration of what this series can offer. Interesting, but believable location - check. Endless ways to complete the mission - check. Wonderfully evil targets - check. Great score - check. So. Much. Atmosphere - check, check, check. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play Beldingford Manor for the 100th time.
Replayability: 5/5
5 - Rendezvous in Rotterdam - Flaming Rotterdam’s Compound, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Bikers are kind of the worst. I don’t like their shitty attitudes, shitty music, or shitty decorating choices. I don’t like this level.
Replayability: ⅕
6 - Deadly Cargo
This is the first full-on Codename 47 remake in the game, combining Gunrunner’s Paradise with Plutonium Runs Loose. The location isn’t the most exciting, but with a nuclear bomb to diffuse and a treasure trove of different ways to complete the mission, I’m not complaining.
Replayability: ⅘
7 - Traditions of the Trade - Hotel Galar, Budapest, Hungary
Another home run, this level is dripping with atmosphere AND features a ghost. Yes please.
Replayability: ⅘
8 - Slaying a Dragon - Chiu Dai Park, Hong Kong
This level can be completed so hilariously quickly that I never really feel like putting in the effort to try other solutions.
Replayability: ⅕
9 - The Wang Fou Incident - Wang Fou Restaurant, Hong Kong
It wouldn’t work that well story-wise, but these Hong Kong missions should probably have been combined Deadly Cargo-style. They’re just too simple on their own.
Replayability: ⅕
10 - The Seafood Massacre - Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant, Hong Kong
This one is quite fun, and framing someone else for murder is always a good time.
Replayability: ⅖
11 - The Lee Hong Assassination - Wang Fou Restaurant, Hong Kong
It’s not a bad end to the Lee Hong series of levels, but it’s a bit anticlimactic. Agent Smith raises its pedigree slightly.
Replayability: ⅖
12 - Hunter and Hunted - Hotel, Paris, France
47 goes full Leon: The Professional and it’s glorious. Playing Contracts for the first time, a part of me knew this mission must be coming, but actually playing 47s impossible escape blew my expectations away. A superb end to a very underrated game.
Replayability: 5/5
Hitman: Contracts Average Replayability: ⅗
Hitman: Blood Money
What more can be said about Blood Money? It’s the game where everything just fell into place.
1 - Death of a Showman - Southland Amusement Park, Baltimore, USA
It’s a testament to the greatness of Blood Money that even the training mission is excellent. It’s not as replayable as some of the truly legendary levels this game has to offer, but Death of a Showman is the perfect introduction to everyone’s favourite Hitman game.
Replayability: ⅗
2 - A Vintage Year - Colchagua Valley Vineyard, Chile
This is a very good Hitman level, but it hasn’t stuck with me the way some of Blood Money has.
Replayability: ⅗
3 - Curtains Down - Garnier Opera House, Paris, France
This is one of those levels that you can point to and say, “THAT’S what Hitman is.” It’s Hitchcockian in its construction, gorgeous, and may feature the most satisfying kill in any Hitman game. And can I mention how fantastic the mission titles are in Blood Money?
Replayability: 5/5
4 - Flatline - Pine Cone Rehabilitation Centre, California, USA
Three targets AND you get to rescue Agent Smith. Hitman had done medical centres before, but this was the best yet by far. 47 in a robe makes me chuckle every time.
Replayability: ⅘
5 - A New Life - Suburbs, San Diego, USA
Dear god this game just keeps knocking it out of the park. This may be my favourite Hitman level of all time, and it all comes down to the simple location. There’s something so twisted about watching 47 stalk his prey in the suburbs; it’s like Michael Myers in Halloween. It’s an inversion of everyday life, and a brilliant examination of the darkness that can lurk just below the surface.
Replayability: 5/5
6 - The Murder of Crows - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
The (ahem) hits keep coming. I sometimes forget just how many great levels Blood Money contains. This is the first Hitman level to feature a colossal amount of NPCs and IO Interactive really uses them to their full advantage. Pushing through a raucous crowd while wearing a bird costume - perfection.
Replayability: ⅘
7 - You Better Watch Out… - Rocky Mountains, USA
Perhaps it’s due to the quadruple whammy preceding it, but this level doesn’t totally work for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but not quite Blood Money good.
Replayability: ⅖
8 - Death on the Mississippi - Emily, Mississippi, USA
This is a damn good mission, and I love how many targets there are.
Replayability: ⅗
9 - Till Death Do Us Part - Mississippi, USA
I’m truly torn over whether to give this a 4 or a 5. It’s wonderful, but maybe not quiiiite top tier. Maybe. I dunno - it’s amazing. This is really a 4.5
Replayability: ⅘
10 - A House of Cards - Shamal Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, USA
They really nail the feel of Vegas here, but something about this mission has never totally drawn me in.
Replayability: ⅖
11 - A Dance with the Devil - The Shark Club, Las Vegas, USA
The concept for this level alone is mindblowing, but the (ahem) execution is just as flawless. This game is so good it makes me cry.
Replayability: 5/5
12 - Amendment XXV - White House, Washington, USA
Blood Money takes place mostly in America, so where better to have the final full level than the White House? It doesn’t quite reach the dizzying highs of some of Blood Money’s missions, but this is a supremely satisfying almost-finale.
Replayability: ⅘
13 - Requiem - Unknown, USA
Ok, remember when I said I don’t really care about Hitman’s story? Or when I said I don’t like shooting galleries? Somehow all of that melts away in Requiem, and I’m left absolutely floored by this ending. As a mission it’s quick, but as a conclusion to the best Hitman game - flawless.
Replayability: 5/5
Hitman: Blood Money Average Replayability: ⅘
Hitman: Vegas
Well I thought I played all the Hitman games. There’s a great video review of this here: and it does kind of make me want to give it a shot.
Hitman: Sniper Challenge
The first of three sniper games, Sniper Challenge is fun. I’m not going to include it in my rankings because it’s so different in concept, but it’s definitely worth checking out.
Hitman: Absolution
Ok, let’s talk about Hitman: Absolution. It’s...a really good game, and if it wasn’t called Hitman I don’t think many people would complain. Compared to Blood Money, Absolution is indeed a bit of a misstep for the series. There’s less freedom or need to experiment, and those are two of Hitman’s greatest strengths. Here’s the thing though - I will never hold it against an artist for trying something new. That’s what art is all about. Did the changes totally work? No. So they course-corrected, and four years later gave us exactly what we asked for. This game also looks and sounds great. Textures, lighting effects, and NPC dialogue are polished until they gleam. The gameplay is by far the smoothest the series had ever seen, and they even came up with a solid story, told through well produced cut scenes. I’m just gonna say it - I’m a fan of Absolution. Please don’t hate me.
1 - A Personal Contract - Outskirts of Chicago, USA
The target’s Diana?! Right off the bat Absolution takes a hard left turn, and I’d put this training mission up right up there with Death of a Showman. It does a fantastic job of explaining how the game works (including the much-maligned but actually really fun point shooting feature), and looks absolutely stunning.
Replayability: ⅗
2 - The King of Chinatown - Chinatown, Chicago, USA
I think even Absolution haters would have to admit this level is awesome. There are endless way to kill the King, and having them all be in such a contained space is really impressive.
Replayability: ⅘
3 - Terminus - Terminus Hotel, Chicago, USA
This mission is...kind of dull. If all of Absolution were like this I’d definitely be in the “not a fan” camp. I’m giving it an extra point for the scary bear and the really cool way it ends.
Replayability: ⅖
4 - Run for Your Life - Chicago, USA
Here is where this game very much announces how different it is from other Hitman games. This feels like a mission from a completely different series and I enjoy it a lot.
Replayability: ⅗
5 - Hunter and Hunted - The Vixen Club, Chicago, USA
This mission is great! Going from the stripclub to Chinatown feels like something from 2016’s Hitman, and a quick glance at all the challenges available demonstrates just how much this level has to offer.
Replayability: ⅘
6 - Rosewood - Rosewood Orphanage, Chicago, USA
This one’s OK. Starting with carrying Victoria is very tense and atmospheric, but once that part’s over the rest of the mission isn’t that memorable.
Replayability: ⅖
7 - Welcome to Hope - Hope, South Dakota, USA
This mission is mostly cutscenes AND features bikers. No thank-you.
Replayability: ⅕
8 - Birdie’s Gift - Hope, South Dakota, USA
Even though the mission is very easy to complete, I love this location. They totally nailed the look and feel of this particular kind of place and sneaking through a shooting range is terrifying in all the best ways. This is also a fun location for target practice.
Replayability: ⅗
9 - Shaving Lenny - Hope, South Dakota, USA
Having the Hope Cougars be a 1950’s style greaser gang makes me so very happy. Another gorgeous location, with plenty of targets and lots of ways to get the job done.
Replayability: ⅗
10 - End of the Road - Desert, USA
This level is a work of genius. It’s a brilliant subversion of everything we expect from a Hitman game, and once you start experimenting there are practically endless ways to complete a level that can technically be beaten in three seconds.
Replayability: 5/5
11 - Dexter Industries - Hope, South Dakota, USA
This mission has a great opening cutscene, but for the most part it’s pretty bland.
Replayability: ⅕
12 - Death Factory - Hope, South Dakota, USA
There’s sooo many ways to complete this mission, but for whatever reason the layout of the level just doesn’t appeal to me so I rarely come back to it.
Replayability: ⅖
13 - Fight Night - Dexter Industries, Hope, USA
Dressing up as a luchador and killing Sanchez in the ring is really fun, but there’s not a ton else to do here.
Replayability: ⅖
14 - Attack of the Saints - Waikiki Inn, Hope, USA
This is another great location, but let’s face it, there’s only one correct way to do this, and it’s dressed as a scarecrow. But I will happily dress as a scarecrow over and over again.
Replayability: ⅗
15 - Skurky’s Law - Hope, South Dakota, USA
Another very solid level, with some fun disguises, and a cameo from Kane!
Replayability: ⅗
16 - Operation Sledgehammer - Hope, South Dakota, USA
Operation Sledgehammer is OK, but the best part by far is just walking towards the church at the end; it’s epic.
Replayability: ⅖
17 - One of a Kind - Chicago, USA
There’s not much to do here, save for some cool Hitman easter eggs.
Replayability: ⅕
18 - Blackwater Park - Blackwater Park, Chicago, USA
The game is definitely dragging at this point and the part with Layla trying to seduce 47 only to have him murder her is really mean-spirited.
Replayability: ⅕
19 - Countdown - Chicago, USA
The fog is awesome, the countdown adds a great level of tension, and pushing people off the roof is a blast.
Replayability: ⅘
20 - Absolution - Cornwall, England
This mission feels pretty tacked on, especially after Countdown, but 47 saying “You’ll never know” makes the whole thing worth it.
Replayability: ⅖
Hitman: Absolution Average Replayability: ⅗
Hitman Go
Hitman chilled out for a bit and released a couple more mobile games. I’m not going to include either in my level rankings because they aren’t typical Hitman levels at all, but Hitman Go is a must-play for any Hitman fan. It’s equal parts delightful and challenging, and every level is a minimalist work of art.
Hitman: Sniper
Hitman: Sniper is also worth checking out. It’s bogged down by the usual mobile game unlockable nonsense, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had here, and it’s ridiculously cheap if you don’t fall for any of the microtransactions.
I’m a little bit torn on Hitman. Let’s start with the good: Sapienza and Hokkaido are fantastic locations that I can literally play endlessly. IO has fully embraced the sandbox nature of these games and when it all works it’s as good as Hitman has ever been. But...I really miss the personality of Contracts, Blood Money, and Absolution. It’s easier to create atmosphere when levels are smaller and more contained - that’s why a lot of open world games aren’t very distinctive. The massive levels in Hitman just haven’t stuck with me the way some of the best missions in other Hitman have. That said, all I need to do is load up Sapienza, Hokkaido, or Paris and I’m pretty much guaranteed a great time. This game is a little tough to break into missions since there so many are twists on the six main locations so I’m only going to focus on the story ones. I debated doing a write up for Patient Zero but considering it’s also in existing locations I’ll just say that it’s totally worth playing at least once, especially the final level, which is bananas. And I also want to give IO a shout out for their commitment to players. They were releasing content for Hitman pretty much up until the release of Hitman 2, and they really, really seem to care about everyone who plays this game having something new to do whenever they boot it up.
1 - Freeform Training - ICA Training Facility, Greenland
I love the idea of having training be in a simulated ICA environment - it’s a great tongue in cheek nod to the artifice of games themselves, especially training levels. Knowing that everyone in the level is just acting gives every playthrough an added level of enjoyment and the general shittiness of the fake boat is perfect.
Replayability: ⅘
2 - The Final Test - ICA Training Facility, Greenland
I could have stood to have only one simulated environment - two seems like overkill.
Replayability: ⅖
3 - The Showstopper - Palais de Walewska, Paris, France
This level really feels like IO announcing that they listened to fans’ reaction to Absolution. It has more ways to complete it than any previous Hitman level and really rewards multiple playthroughs. The targets aren’t all that memorable, but this is a welcome return to Agent 47’s roots.
Replayability: ⅘
4 - World of Tomorrow - Sapienza, Italy
Sapienza takes everything that makes The Showstopper work and cranks it up to 11. The location is maybe the prettiest in any Hitman game, the layout is perfect, and it’s a blast to walk around in 47’s casual clothes and just hang out in this perfect little Italian town.
Replayability: 5/5
5 - A Gilded Cage - Marrakesh, Morocco
This one’s a bit of a bummer. It’s competent but just isn’t all that fun.
Replayability: ⅖
6 - Club 27 - Bangkok, Thailand
Definitely an improvement over Marrakesh, but not as good as Paris or Sapienza.
Replayability: ⅗
7 - Freedom Fighters - Colorado, USA
Oh man - I really dislike this mission. It’s bland and easy and just feels like something from a much worse stealth game.
Replayability: ⅕
8 - Situs Inversus - Hokkaido, Japan
Luckily, Hitman totally sticks the landing. Situs Inversus is even better than Flatline. It’s equal parts tranquille and creepily sterile, plus 47 gets to dress up as a ninja and run across rooftops with a samurai sword. It’s a perfect ending.
Replayability: 5/5
Hitman Average Replayability: ⅗
Hitman 2
Hitman 2 is to Hitman what Contracts was to Silent Assassin; It’s so similar that you can even play all of Hitman 1 within it, utilizing all of the updated gameplay features. But, like Contracts, Hitman 2 takes everything that worked in Hitman and doubles down on it, creating a truly immersive experience. Each location has a distinct atmosphere and there’s a running theme of how unsustainable wealth and power is. This is the best Hitman game since Blood Money - it might be the best Hitman game ever made. IO, now an independent studio, includes another fun sniper mode called Sniper Assassin, and there’s even multiplayer for the first time. Ghost Mode basically pits you against Agent 47 from an alternate universe and you compete with another player to try and get the best score on a level - it’s fantastic. There’s also plenty of single-player DLC yet to be released. It saddens me that the game isn’t doing super well commercially, and I really, really hope there will someday be a Hitman 3. I’m on board for life, IO, and I know a lot of other people are too.
1 - Nightcall - Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand
Nightcall features a nice location and there are quite a few ways to get the job done, but I definitely prefer the training level in Hitman.
Replayability: ⅖
2 - The Finish Line - Miami, USA
Oh man - this is one for the ages. There’s so much to do, and it feels like four levels all in one. Every mission story is worth playing, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll be playing this one for years to come.
Replayability: 5/5
3 - Three-Headed Serpent - Santa Fortuna, Colombia
The only Codename 47 location that had never been revisited was Colombia and Three-Headed Serpent makes the return trip worth the wait. It’s nothing like the Colombia missions in Codename 47, but it’s a great level. I’ve barely scratched the surface of all the things to do, and the three distinct elements - the military, the wealth, and the drugs - all play beautifully off one another.
Replayability: ⅘
4 - Chasing a Ghost - Mumbai, India
This level really shows off how much better the voice acting is in Hitman 2 compared to Hitman. Mumbai feels truly alive, and the level’s tight, labyrinthian structure is so packed with authentic details I would often stop just to marvel at the sun blazing from behind a skyscraper or to appreciate the all the little elements that were combined to create the laundry foreman’s office building. Trying to find the Maelstrom isn’t quite as fun as I hoped it would be, however, and I think the mission could have done without him.
Replayability: ⅘
5 - Another Life - Whittleton Creek, Vermont, USA
As a huge fan of A New Life, this feels like a level created just for me (though I’m sure there are many, many other New Life fans out there). The scale of this compared to the original absolutely blows me away, and like the original, discovering all the darkness hiding beneath the veneer of small-town Americana makes for a wonderful juxtaposition. Whether it’s a creepy basement full of poison and baking or a politician with some truly reprehensible ideas, it’s eminently clear that 47 isn’t the only boogeyman in town.
Replayability: 5/5
6 - The Ark Society - Isle of Sgàil, North Atlantic Ocean
All the themes of class structure and wealth disparity come to a head in a perfect final mission. This article by Cameron Kunzelman beautifully articulates what makes this level, and Hitman as a whole, so special:
I’ll end by saying that I encountered a bug during my first playthrough of this mission and was unable to load any of my saves, forcing me to restart. With most games this would be a chore, but with Hitman I eagerly dove back in, and immediately discovered a completely new way to take out a target. That’s why I love Hitman so much.
Replayability: 5/5
Hitman 2 Average Replayability: 4/5
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5 best party destinations in India for nightlife freaks

5 best party destinations in India for nightlife freaks
India mere this word creates pictures of historical buildings, rich culture, piping-hot cuisines, cheerful and welcoming people, temples, shacks on beaches, rich wildlife and high-spirited festivals. If your thoughts are limited only to such images, then you need to know much more about this vast country. All these attractions can satiate the Indian lover inside you only during the daytime. But what if you are a nightlife lover and want to enjoy the rocking and lively nights in India? Don’t raise your eyebrows with confusion, as we have prepared a list of 5 best party destinations in India for nightlife freaks. helps you to find hassle free Indian E Visa.
So, let your inner party animal come out and prepare for your India holiday with heart and soul. Just keep scrolling and reading the best party places in India.

Top 5 party destinations in India or unforgettable nightlife experiences:

1. Havelock Island
The best thing about Havelock Island is that it provides a tremendous amount of peace and solace to every visitor coming to Andaman and Nicobar for tranquillity and turns into an ideal party destination for fun and high-spirited atmosphere lovers at night.
If you are with your friends and in a mood of shaking legs with them, then Havelock Island is the best part hub in India. The boisterous crowd, disco songs, dancing people, drinks served, delicious foods and the like can take you to a world whose enjoyment and fun will be beyond description for you.

2. Goa

Goa is best known as the party capital of India all over the world. Apart from being famous for its enchanting beaches, the small state boasts innumerable clubs, discos, jazz concerts, rave parties, full moon trance parties and the list goes on. You can have a glass of drink in your hand and start chatting with your friends, and soon you will find your legs shaking and your heartbeat increasing on their own; it’s the power of miraculously rocking atmosphere of Goa.
Its evening is sparkling due to entertaining casinos where you can test your fate. So, keeping Goa in our list of top Indian party destinations was due to such thrilling reasons.

3. Mumbai

If you know Mumbai only for Bollywood and the Gateway of India, then you need to know a lot. Its nightlife activities attract the eyeballs of foreigners and domestic visitors like a magnet. From Indian, regional like Punjabi, Haryanvi, to international rocking and jazz music are available in its discos, which will raise your heartbeat.
Often called ‘The City of Dreams’, Mumbai is at peak when it comes to fun and enjoyment, especially during the weekend when people want to escape from hustle and bustle of working days. From children to the young, everybody lives a new life in every breath they take in the energetic atmosphere coming from Mumbai nightlife entertaining activities.

4. Delhi

Delhi nightlife has always given a heavenly experience to those who are in quest of variety in their nightlife. It has a tremendous number of things to hold the attention of party lovers from cozy pubs to sleek bars, from mouth-watering foods to drinks and from small budget pubs to exclusive hotels. If you want easily Urgent Indian Visa and Indian E Visa then you have to apply through
Connaught place has always been famous for its innumerable discotheques having fun cocktails and casual settings. But, if you are thirsty for a grand party, then go to Vasant Kunj in Kylin Sky Bar to satiate your party freak living inside you. Such high-spirited pubs and bars operate till late-night.

5. Chandigarh

Chandigarh is one of the most thrilling nightlife hubs in India whose Punjabi songs always give goosebumps to everybody coming here. its nightlife is at the zenith, especially during weekends. The city has innumerable late-night restaurants, pubs, bars, open-sky restaurants, live music venues and luxurious hotels that make it extremely happening.
After the sunset, people come to such entertaining destinations leaving their worries and tension at home and indulge in dance, party, drink and so on.
Its people are very welcoming, colourful hangout places are very hospitable and piping-hot delicacies show the heaven on Earth. And, nothing beats the enthusiasm that spreads in the air of the city when the sun sets.

Let’s sum up

In this blog, we told you about top 5 party destinations in India for nightlife freaks. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh and the like become more colourful in the dark where silence fades away due to rocking and heart-thrilling music played in discos and pubs.
If you, as a foreigner, are on the lookout for enjoying the nightlife in India, then you’d better apply for an Indian e-tourist visa, which is an Indian visa for those coming to India for tourism purposes.
You can apply for the visa online and receive its electronic form on your email address. If you have anything to ask and know better regarding an Urgent Indian e-tourist visa, then contact us.
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Play Online Satta Matka at

Satta is totally Gambling and in our country, it is heavily confined except for selective categories including lotteries, cricket and horse racing. In the current century, more people have started cash bets upon prohibited betting and gambling games in India. Critics of betting either online or offline claim that it leads to crime, corruption and money laundering, while proponents of regulated gambling stated that it can be a huge source of revenue for the state. Popular casinos in Goa like Deltin contributed Rs. 134 crores to the state revenue in 2013.
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Indian Matka Offering Winning Numbers for Mumbai Matka and Satta Matka

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印网民评论:为什么印度人在美国公司获得的高层职位比中国人多 ZT by 学姐的头 on 2014-04-06

印度网友热议:为什么印度人在美国公司获得的高层职位比中国人多。三泰虎4月5日译文,为何百事公司的诺伊(Indra Nooyi)、德意志银行的简恩(Anshu Jain)和万事达卡的彭安杰(Ajay Banga)这些印度(裔)CEO能在西方大企业里取得成功?他们对英语的熟练掌握以及对西方文化的熟悉是显而易见的原因。但猎头公司还指出:印度人远比 中国人更愿意到别处去工作,而中国人在国内有更多的机会和不错的薪水。龙腾网
译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com龙腾网 外文标题:Why do Indians get more top US jobs than the Chinese? 外文地址:*河蟹*s
百事公司董事长兼首席执行官英德拉·诺伊(Indra Nooyi)
WASHINGTON: Language, familiarity with western culture and a willingness to move are the key reasons Indians are getting more top jobs in the US than the Chinese, who see more opportunity and good pay at home. So suggests a Wall Street Journal report citing the success of chief executives such as PepsiCo's Indra Nooyi, Deutsche Bank's Anshu Jain and MasterCard's Ajay Banga and the recent appointment of India-born Satya Nadella as Microsoft CEO. While "language and familiarity with Western culture are the obvious reasons" for their successes in the US, the Indians are also "more willing to move than Chinese", it says citing headhunters. 印度人对英语的熟练掌握,对西方文化的熟悉,以及比中国人更愿意到别处去工作,是印度人比中国人在美国获得更多高层工作的关键原因,而中国人在国内有更多的机会和不错的薪水。 《华尔街日报》在报道中引述了百事公司的诺伊(Indra Nooyi)、德意志银行的简恩(Anshu Jain)和万事达卡的彭安杰(Ajay Banga)这些印度(裔)CEO的成功。 猎头公司指出,对英语的熟练掌握以及对西方文化的熟悉是他们在美国获得成功的显而易见的原因。此外印度人远比中国人更愿意到别处去工作。 "Salaries for management positions at the director level in China are already $131,000 a year, almost the same as in Japan, and four times as much as in India, where executives at that level earn $35,000 on average," the journal says analysing "Why China Doesn't Export World-Class CEOs". Chinese pay is just one-fifth lower than the average level in the US, according to a survey of technology companies by Aon Hewitt, a human resource consulting company cited by the newspaper. "While India remains a tough place to live, China has become more comfortable in recent years, ranking as the No. 1 country for expatriates in an HSBC survey," it says. 《华尔街日报》这篇题为《中国为何输出不了世界级CEO》的报道指出,中国主管职位(director)的年薪已经达到13.1万美元,几乎与日本并肩,比印度更是高出三倍。印度这种层次高管的平均年薪只有3.5万美元。 根据人力资源咨询公司怡安翰威特(Aon Hewitt)的一份调查,中国高管薪资水平仅比美国低五分之一。 在印度生活还是挺艰苦的,而近年来中国的生活条件已变得相当舒适。在汇丰的一项对驻外人员的调查中,中国俨然成为外派人员的首选目的地。 Even those Chinese executives who move away to escape pollution and a slowing economy are more likely to land in Hong Kong or Singapore than get real international experience in markets such as Southeast Asia or Latin America, the Journal said. "Fewer than 10 per cent of Chinese job candidates on average would be suitable for work in a foreign company because of their poor command of English and an education system that focuses on theory rather than practical skills," it said citing a report by consulting firm McKinsey & Co. But as China suffers from a shortage of top talent, despite its enormous pool of university graduates, with 7.3 million more expected in 2014, the Journal said state-owned enterprises and private companies are bidding for home-grown talent. Thus "western companies aren't always the employer of choice in China anymore", it says. "With so much attention lavished on the most promising executives in China, many feel their opportunities are greater at home than abroad." 即便有些中国主管为了躲避空气污染和放缓的经济而逃离大陆,他们也更可能选择落脚香港或新加坡,而不是去东南亚或拉丁美洲等新兴市场去获得真正的国际经验。 咨询公司麦肯锡指出,由于中国学生英语能力不够,教育体系又偏重理论而非实践技能,因此中国求职者中适合在外国公司工作的不到10%。 尽管中国有数量庞大的大学毕业生(预计2014年将有730万毕业生),但十分缺乏高端人才。国有企业和私营企业竞相争夺本土人才。 在中国,西方公司已不再是求职者的上选。由于中国最有前途的高管被各路企业争夺,所以很多人感觉他们在中国的机会比国外多。
Truin (Calcutta) Indians are doing well at the individual level. Chinese are doing well at the collective level. 印度人在个人层面表现不错,中国人在集体层面表现出色。
Sijin (Gurgaon) Its v simple. Coz they are Made in China 简单啊,因为他们是中国造。
SnCh (Canada) Indians are brainy people and capable of managing the show. But Chines are very hard working people .Indians can not compete with Chines in manual labour . 印度人是聪明的人,管理能力出色。中国人吃苦耐劳。在体力劳动方面,印度人没法与中国人比。
ash (Location) why would one travel abroad if you can earn similar money at home ? -f condition in india were not too far diffrent from uk , i would close down here and do business in india but chances of that are ZERO - ZILCH -- NADA . Agree (2)Disagree (0)Recommend (0) 如果在国内赚的钱差不多,为什么要跑到国外去?如果印度国内的条件不会比英国差太多,我会关门大吉,回国做生意,但国内的机会几乎为零。
American desi (NYC) Their chinky eyes can't see far enough or around for opportunities! Agree (0)Disagree (1)Recommend (0) 他们的眯眯眼看不远,看不到周边的机会!
HARJOT SINGH (Unknown) Plain and Simple - Language, familiarity with western culture and a willingness to move are the key reasons Indians are getting more top jobs in the US than the Chinese Agree (1)Disagree (0)Recommend (0) 简单。熟练掌握英语、对西方文化的熟悉以及愿意到别处工作,是印度人在美国获得比中国人更多高层工作的关键原因。
Pawan Khajuria (Jammu City, Jammu And Ka) Agreed ! But above all it is the commitment and passion which make them cut above the rest ! Chinese as their products are not reliable ! Agree (2)Disagree (0)Recommend (0) 同意!最重要的是使其凌驾于一切之上的奉献和激情!中国人跟他们的产品一样不可靠!
Alpesh (Pune) Because copy paste will not work at all places.. US select people based on there mind and Chinese don't have much... 复制粘贴不是在任何地方都能起作用的。美国挑选人的依据是头脑,这点是中国人不怎么具备的。
Mohan (NY ) No this is not true. Many Orientals have been here for several generations, and have entered I the mainstream of all level of govt, business, etc.... 许多东方人在美国已经好几代了,已经进入主流社会,跻身政府和企业的各层面...
vthommandra Kumar (Location) Good analysis. Also Indians work far better outside than in India. Agree (3)Disagree (0)Recommend (0) 出色的分析。印度人在国外的工作表现比在国内出色多了。
ssk (Bangkok) Because Chinese lack the command over English language. The day they master it, they will rule the world. By the way there are over 50% Chinese students in UK universities. Beware... Agree (1)Disagree (1)Recommend (0) 因为中国人缺乏对英语的驾驭能力。他们掌握英语的那一天,就是他们统治世界的那一天。顺便说下,英国大学的学生有超过一半是中国学生,小心...
bonnymoraes (goa) replies to ssk English is no longer necessary to master the world economically. Agree (1)Disagree (0)Recommend (1)
Pamela (USA) replies to bonnymoraes But it is still necessary to be a CEO in an American company, right?
Suresh Datta (California) replies to ssk its not the language..they lack basic intelligence and commonsense. I work with them on a daily basis in China. Agree (0)Disagree (1)Recommend (0)
Pradeep Rai (India) It is a myth. Chinese folks are fast catching us. Agree (0)Disagree (1)Recommend (0) 这是一个神话。中国人正在迅速追赶我们。
VIKASH (earth) They get more top jobs because they think and speak more like the US and they look more like and live more like Americans, as well have a past that was more sympathetic to the US and aren't a country the US is worrying about going to war with!...a smart mix for both countries! Agree (1)Disagree (1)Recommend (1) 他们之所以获得更多高层工作,是因为他们思考说话的方式更美国,外表看起来更美国,生活方式也更美国,且他们的过去更能够引起共鸣,并非来自美国担心会与其交战的国家!
Ghanshyam Raj (Orlando,United states.) Indians also get the most lowest profile job in Usa. Agree (1)Disagree (0)Recommend (1) 美国最低级的工作也是印度人做的多。
dimukh Mukherji () India should be thankful to Britain for giving its greatest gift, that is its English language which is most popular and useful in all walks of life all over the world. Chinese didn't have such opportunity. Agree (1)Disagree (0)Recommend (1) 印度应该感谢英国送了一个伟大的礼物,即英语。英语是世界上各行各业最流行和最有用处的语言。中国人不具备这样的机会。
Sanjay (Pune) Language is one problem and the second one is the western mindset which wants to keep distance from china. Agree (1)Disagree (0)Recommend (0) 语言是一个问题,另一个问题是西方欲保持与中国距离的思维。
Manoj Kumar (Location) but even these rich CEOs do nothing for India Agree (1)Disagree (0)Recommend (0) 这些富裕的CEO对印度无任何贡献。
Anand Rai (Moscow) because Chinese are not durable.. 因为中国人不耐用
Gurinder Singh MP (Ludhiana(Punjab)) Good... This all is due to Indians hard work & loyalty towards their company ..where they work . 好样的,一切都是因为印度人辛勤工作,且忠诚于所在公司
vinayakapran () Nothing is guarantee as they are 'MADE IN CHINA' 他们是“中国造”,一切无保障。
Ravi Menon (Canada) I think it is the language pronunciation that makes a difference, Indian pronunciation is not the greatest but 10000 times better to Chinese Agree (2)Disagree (0)Recommend (1) 我认为是语言发音造成了区别。印度人的发音是世界最动听的,比中国人的发音好一万倍。
km_bridge (Location) replies to Ravi Menon Agree
Ravi Menon replies to km_bridge I have worked with a Chinese Girl who was Masters in Electronics Engineering from China and she asked me the following question "DO YOU KNOW WHERE FIND PEOPLE CALLED JOHN?" instead of "Do you know where John is?"
其实应该这样问的,即"Do you know where John is?"
vinod (Location) the real question is why are indians not successful india? Agree (2)Disagree (0)Recommend (0) 真正的问题是为什么印度人在国内不成功?
Alfa Dog (SKYFALL) Indian are much better at English and are harmless 100 % neither we are into too much of drinking or drugs Indians respect and follow laws in US ,Chinese loves gambling go to any Casino 55 % are oriental race ,hence Indians are prefered Agree (2)Disagree (1)Recomme 印度人的英语水平好很多,且完全无恶意,既不酗酒,也不吸毒,在美国遵纪守法。而中国人喜欢赌博,赌场里55%的人是东方面孔,因此印度人更受青睐。
Pranjal Jain (Unknown) indians are smarter than Chinese . we r smart. Agree? Agree (0)Disagree (7)Recommend (0) 印度人比中国人更聪明。我们是聪明的人,同意否?
PunebetterthanMumbai (Mumbai) replies to Pranjal Jain It's not the matter of being smart. It's the matter of fostering talent domestically. Agree (1)Disagree (0)Recommend (0)
vivek7447 (Location) Very Simple.... Indians love their job more than their country. The Chinese love their their country more than their job. Agree (3)Disagree (2)Recommend (1) 非常简单。 印度人爱工作甚过爱国家;中国人爱国家甚过爱工作。
Rajeshwar (India) Chinese don't even know the spelling of quality. Agree (2)Disagree (3)Recommend (1) 中国人连“质量”这个词是怎么拼写的都不懂。
utkarsh kumar (Unknown) we need to create more jobs in india only.....then we do not need to serve other country Agree (2)Disagree (0)Recommend (1) 我们应当在国内创造更多工作,到时就没必要为其他国家服务了。
Bansi Lal (Pune, India) We should also try to create condition in India to stop the brain drain and also ensure "reverse brain drain" Agree (1)Disagree (0)Recommend (0) 我们也应该在国内为人才创造条件,阻止人才流失,确保“人才回流”。
jm1 (usa) replies to Bansi Lal If NRIs come back to India, what do they do? Porter at Railway Station?
Chandrika (Location) Indian always shine because of high level of knowledge and brains....Chinkies first need to learn Geography as they always draw the map wrong. Idiots! Agree (2)Disagree (0)Recommend ( 一直以来,印度人凭借高层次的知识和聪明才智而在世界大放光彩。中国佬首先应当学习下地理,他们老是把地图画错。
recon (Bombay) Imagine if brain drain is stopped and our own country gives employment to scholars , then that day wont be far when India would be considered world power 想象一下,如果人才不再流失,国家给学者提供就业,那么印度被视为世界大国的那一天将不会遥远。
Pamela (USA) Language barrier is the main reason. Second, US companies do not want to promote Chinese because they are from a so called "communist" country. Third, China has better environment and more potential for its domestic companies to grow inside China. Their CEOs have good salary and good living standard in China. By the way, you do not see many Japanese in top positions of US companies, either. 语言障碍是主要原因。其次,美国公司不想提拔华人,因为他们来自所谓的共产国家。第三,中国国内的环境不错,公司在国内的潜力很大,CEO的薪水不错,生活标准也高。 顺便说下,美国公司高层中也鲜见日本人。
PKumar Kumar (India) When Chinese tourist went for world tour, people says walking "ATM machine". Because they love their country and they are number one in technology export in world. Where as Indians are selfish and they use their brain to earn for them only and not for their own country. Agree (4)Disagree (0)Recommend (0) 中国人去国外旅行时,被当地人说成是“自动提款机”。 他们热爱国家,技术出口跻身世界第一。 印度人自私,用他们的聪明才智为自己赚钱,而不是服务于祖国。
sunny (coimbatore) All rubbish. This article must b written by an Indian. Sm fool are telling we Indians are intelligent. The fact is China has all records of man made marvels wch includes tallest biggest highest largest etc. We Indians keep consoling ourselves Agree (1)Disagree (0)Recommend (0) 垃圾文。这篇文章肯定是印度人写的。一些傻瓜说我们印度人聪明。事实上,中国保持了所有人为记录,囊括了最高、最大之类的所有记录。我们印度人就尽管安慰自己吧。
Emperor () Bcoz chinese are shorter and hence they can't touch top jobs.

Agree (0)Disagree (3)Recommend (0) 中国人比较矮嘛,够不到高层职位

EMMGEE (Some where in Mars) 113 Followers Indians are MANAGERS...while Chinese are "COPIERS".....!!! Agree (1)Disagree (1)Recommend (0) 印度人都是经理级别的,而中国人是抄袭者!
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Since Aug. 26th, 36 religious leaders were arrested. 3 were arrested for child porn, 2 for murder, 9 for child sex crimes, 1 for trafficking kids through a Christian orphanage & 1 for stealing 300k from the church. Those who lecture the world about sin and morality are sometimes the most fucked up.

Since my last post on August 26th, 36 religious leaders have been arrested for various crimes:
Pastor arrested for murder. 1
3 pastors accused of luring teen girls, paying for sex. 2
Pastor arrested in sex sting operation. 3
Pastor arrested for rape. 4
Pastor arrested for ritual killing. 5
Pastor arrested for robbing casino. 6
Pastor accused of sexually assaulting 16-year-old girl. 7
Pastor arrested on suspicion of domestic assault. 8
Pastor arrested for impersonating officer and allegedly pepper spraying teen. 9
Pastor among 140 johns busted in prostitution sting. 10
Pastor arrested after being accused of trafficking girls through Christian-run orphanage. 11
Pastor arrested for defiling Seven girls. 12
Pastor forged check to clear tax debt, police say. 13
Pastor charged with domestic battery. 14
Pastors arrested for rape. 15
Pastor arrested for abusing minor boy. 16
Pastor stole over $300,000 from church coffers. 17
Pastor arrested for molesting young girls. 18
Pastor arrested in connection with prostitution. 19
Pastor charged with forcible touching. 20
Former pastor arrested for sexual abuse of four children. 21
Toledo pastor arrested, charged with sex trafficking. 22
Pastor among 13 arrested for drug cultivation. 23
Founder of Florida's biggest mega church accused of molesting 4 year old girl. 24
Senior pastor, assistant jailed for drugging, raping women in the church. 25
Retired priest arrested for viewing child porn. 26
Pastor arrested for child pornography. 27
Priest arrested for sexual assault. 28
Former East Gosford priest Carl Stafford charged with child sex offences. 29
Woman claims priest tried to kill her and child. 30
Youth minister arrested for child porn. 31
Youth minister arrested for sexual assault. 32
Islamic preacher arrested for abducting, raping women inside madrasa. 33
Colorado pastor is jailed for sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl and inviting her on a 'field trip' to a hotel. 34
Imam accused of sexually assaulting 8-year-old madrasa student arrested. 35
Imam arrested for terrorism charges claimed it was ok to eat non-Muslims. 36
For people who like to lecture the world about sin and morality, they sure do have a habit of fucking up pretty bad.
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Looking for particular video poker machines ( could be asia related ) - from early 90s

I live in Canada now - originally from Mumbai, India where I was born and grew up till about 25. Back in the 90's there used to be underground video poker parlors ( since gambling is illegal ) and the machines I had played on varied a lot of the ones here in North America
for eg.,
Google helped me as it seems they are still there
Regular ones -
Strip ones -
So both these are regular Jacks or better poker machines, some with or without joker
So if you win a win and hit double
You have options
On one fine night, I won 8 credits from a 2 pair ( with a bet of 4 ) I doubled my way up to 8908 credits - it was a never seen scenario as I locked the machine and the owner didn't have enough money to pay me
The strip one is similar however but with no half take options, but if you double 4-5 hands successfully, then it shows the next card ( in other words it reveals the double up win card so all you gotta is hit BIG or SMALL, so its a free win ) - as the game suggest, once she is completely off her clothes you get a big jackpot
The double option here in North America is so bad, you hit gamble and it shows a single card like 9 for eg., and you have 4 cards to pick from, and it has to be higher than 9 else you lose it, so if its K or A there is very less chance
I am not sure where these are made? from Asia but I am hoping someone knows where I can play those Indian/Asian style poker, Online or in Casino? and I was even looking on the web to buy a machine for home use
Any help or idea is appreciated
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24 Days - Preseason Player Updates

Preparations are underway in the community of Windemere BC, as the 6th Annual MMCKC approaches on the 28th of June. Sources say that the Tim Horton's managerial staff have already tripled their crib sheet for opening weekend, while the A&W has already ordered double their quota in mugs for the anticipated customer theft, and Mike Mazzocchi. But how are these players preparing? Let's investigate:

Robbie Wigg, shootespecial teams, Vandelay Industries:
Robbie has spent the last year under a new contract at Petro Gas, while still maintaining time to get in one of the ingredients are there. Sources reported in late April that Wigg was spotted at a Tomney Shaker actually resisting a feral Rylee in heat. He's a man of discipline, and he's still managed to keep the liver in check. Will this year unveil a new Robbie, or much of the same that we've seen in the past? Time will tell.

Brady Smuszko, Offensive Tackle/Chugger, Team Hickey
The rain has seemed to pass, and the June skies are bluer than his pair of silky smurf undergarments. But it isn't all roses in the Smuszko life, as an upcoming move prompted by his long-time fiance to the northwest has caused reported tension between the two. Aside from a few casuals with coworkers after work and a brief bender during this year's May Long, how much can we expect from the MMCKC veteran? Who knows, but let's face it: after last year's disappointing finish, he and Mike have something to prove.

Braydon Storoshenko, PhotographeResident Mangina/Power Forward, T.I.A.
Storoshenko's circumstances have changed drastically in comparison to other years. He's no longer repping the student life, and he's living with a greek Chimpanzee. Are these factors in his favor? Sources say his alcohol consumption has rose steadily since living on his own, and his performance wasn't shaky during May Long. Include that the man has been to every final since the tournament began, and there's little to speculate about.

Taylor Caputo, Joint Guard/Clutch ShooteVolume Chugger, G.I. Joe Mamma's
Caputo eats up haters the same way Matt Santillo carves through a brick of Asiago: swiftly and with ease. There have been many doubting the credibility of Caputo and Tomney's 2018 victory as a product of luck and bullshit - but as the YOTM has shown - nothing is coincidence. Caputo reported during May Long weekend that he's been keeping up during the offseason and feels "better than ever" about entering the tournament. He's in great shape, and his volume consumption is still unparalleled.

Derek Spence, Tight End/Self-proclaimed-fast-sprinter, Humble and Hungry
Focus has been the main ingredient in Spence's offseason, and he plans on taking that all the way to Windemere. Limiting the trips to India had many analysts skeptical that he had potentially lost his way, but sources reported that Spence has been spotted drinking goat urine at high altitudes during the mid-week. Is it the long-distance love that's made this man the way he is, or is he just craving victory *that* badly? It's been five years of disappointment for him and Manning, so one thing is for certain: this team is hungry for just a taste of the finals.

Max Polini, Lasagna Expert/Dodgebeer D-man, Vandelay Industries
It's time we stop treating Polini like a rookie, the man is seasoned in the MMCKC and he's out for blood. He's been keeping up with preseason training and attending specified nights at Natty, all while living the goatee-free life with graceful ease. Polini and his teammates have shown that they're capable of dismantling the big teams, all they lack is consistency. When asked what their team expects during this year's tourney, Polini replied on the annual May Long invitational, "ain't nothing but first. Harper might be out, but Polini is IN".

Mike Mazzocchi, BoxeChuggeWashed-Up-Dodgebeer-God, Team Hickey
What does an Amber Alert and Michael Mazzocchi have in common? Both are probably going to go missing during the long weekend. The guy has spent the off-season acquiring a respectable body, but the three-time MMCKC champion has somehow forgotten that bodies don't win championships, drinking beer does. Mazzocchi was seen revisiting the gutter during May Long, but is it a little too late for the man to find his bearings for the upcoming tournament? He also has something to prove after last years disappointing performance, so who's to say. Time will tell.

Matt Santillo, Games Expert/Slow-Chugger, T.I.A.
If one man has shown that the offseason is no time to fuck around, it's this man right here. The man has seen more of Cowboys casino in the last month than Giovanni Vervena has in his entire life. It may not be goat urine at high altitudes, but a tray of Brava may actually be the closest thing that this degenerate has been consuming. As other competitors struggle to find real estate in Mumbai, Santillo has already put the down payment on a three-story estate. As someone who's already seen four finals, it would be fair to assume that he and Storoshenko will be yet again, a force to be reckoned with.

Liam Tomney, Quarters/Hypemaster, G.I. Joe Mamma's
What's the difference between Liam Tomney and Joe Thornton? One is a decorated champion in his own craft, the other lives in San Jose, California. He's heard a lot of chit chat about his abilities going into the tournament, but he's assured sources that his capabilities have only improved since last year. Coming off a plaque and tournament MVP, the only word he wants to be associated with his name is *repeat*, and he plans on doing so.

Jordan Manning, SprinteCradleCradle Robber, Stay Humble Stay Hungry
Although his recent dating situation has involved a woman older than the MMCKC veteran, sources from May Long confirmed last week that Manning won the Invitational with a 16 year old girl. As creepy as this is, it can't be disputed that Manning has the ability to carry a team if they need it. On top of the five-year drought that him and teammate Derek Spence have endured, it seems certain that this year might be a little different

Graeme Rudanec, Tall ShooteStats Guy, Vandelay Industry
Rudanec has kept a low profile on the off-season. He's maintained his steady dating life, kept to casuals, and found himself a decent job through the economic downturn. Many are worried that the lack of connection between Rudanec, Polini and Wigg will be a problem entering the tournament, but entering his third year, Rudanec has confirmed to sources that they are focused and in sync for this years competition.

The MMCKC 2019 begins on June 28th, mark it on your calendars and see you all there.
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Vacations in Hong Kong and Macau

Hong Kong is a vibrant and futuristic city and it's a wonderful idea to visit this place with family for vacations. Enjoy a weeklong holiday in Hong Kong and a day or two in nearby Macau. If you are going from India then there are many direst flights from New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata for Hong Kong. There are connecting flights from Chennai, Ahmedabad and some other places too. It takes 5 hours to reach Hong Kong from New Delhi. Hong Kongbeing a subtropical region, it becomes an all the year round destination. Summers in Hong Kong are really hot and humid and so it should be avoided. Winters are dry and cool making it the ideal time to visit Hong Kong. During autumn, the evenings are cool and there is pleasant breeze throughout the day with moderate temperature. Autumn is really the best time to visit Hong Kong. Autumn in Hong Kong is from September to November and winter is from December to February. Best months to visit Hong Kong would be from October to December. One more thing to keep in mind while planning a trip to Hong Kongis to avoid going there during Chinese New Year as many shops will be closed. You can check the dates as they keep changing.
Hong Kong is one of the busiest and developed metropolitan places in Asia. Hong Kong consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, New Territories and 200 outlying islands. All these areas are very well connected with trains and bus networks.
Hong Kong Island is where Central area is located. It is the political and economic center of Hong Konghaving an expensive look but you can find a number of affordable guesthouses and hostels in this area. Victoria Peak is a tourist attraction in this area. It is a hill station with natural wonders.
In Kawloon Peninsula you find the museums, the markets and Avenue of Stars. Modeled on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, Avenue of Stars honors the celebrities of Hong Kong film industry. Kowloon is full of affordable and cheap guesthouses. The New Territories is that region of Hong Kong which has parks, wetlands and mountains. It includes the outlying islands. The Lantau Island has the famous Disneyland theme park and Tian Tan Buddha which is a giant bronze statue with gardens and restaurant of Po Lin Monastery. This is a place you cannot miss as a tourist. You also have Lamma Island with beautiful laid back beaches for relaxation.
After going around Hong Kong you can visit Macau which is one hour ferry ride from Hong Kong. Once in Macau, visit the most famous The Venetian Macau which is a luxury hotel and casino resort. It is the largest casino in the world. After having spent some time at the casino, you can visit City of Dreams, a resort and casino full of entertainment. A unique aquarium, The Bubble Fountain and Dancing Water Theater are the attractions of this place. "House of Dancing Water" is a show you cannot afford to miss.
Wear casual shoes and carry lots of water with you as you will be walking a lot at Disney Land and Ocean Park in Hong Kong.
Explore Hong Kong with Altiqa Lifestyles' International Escapes and get amazing benefits.
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Book Hotels in Goa with entradio | Hotel Sandalwood Goa

Book Hotels in Goa with entradio | Hotel Sandalwood Goa

![img](xfwrslsy81x21 " Sandalwood Hotel & Retreat is located in Dona Paula, just 100 m from Vainguinim Beach. It offers 4 dining options, spa facility, free Wi-Fi and an outdoor swimming pool. The hotel is 30 km from Dabolim Airport and 21 km from Karmali Railway Station. Panjim Shopping Area is 7 km from the hotelwhile Chances Casino is just next door. Rooms at Sandalwood come with private balconies and air-conditioning. 24-hour room service, flat-screen TVs and a personal safe are provided. Free morning newspapers are available upon request. Guests can exercise at the well-equipped fitness centre or find entertainment at the games room. Sandalwood Retreat also provides car rentals and a tour desk. Sea Pearl Restaurant serves local, Asian and international dishes. Tea and snacks can be enjoyed at the poolside Upper Coast Café. Drinks and cocktails are available at Caitan n Joe Bar and Salud Latino Bar.
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Jojo's OC Touranment #2 Round 2, Match 1: Dr. Nick Mason VS DJ

At long last, it is time for Round 2 of this second Tournament of ours to commence! We’ll be going at it full speed from the get-go this time, so stay on your guard! You never know what could be in store when that fated match arrives…
Like a one day delay. That could always happen...
Well, anyways! As always, the rules are right here, the lore thread is over here and you can always PM one of the judges for an invite to our community Discord!
Speaking of which...
New Voting System! The details are here! Study carefully, and I'll keep posting this on each Match from this point forward!
Now then, on to the show!
Turk: Everyone is here, yes?
Lite: Howdy!
Line: Fuck you.
Blin: Hellos from Norway!
Lone: Fuck you Line, you stole my line.
Turk: All of you are morons.
Turk: So it seems that the ones attempting to find Once have not all killed each other yet.
Lone: Hey, dawg, don’t look at me! I tried, daddy-o.
Lite: Oh, do stop Lone.
Turk: And to top it all off, The Overlord is insecure.
Lone: That’s fun.
Lone: Well, if you want them to die, I’ll get a part-ay started!
Lone: See you losers!
Lone has Disconnected
Lite: I do declare, good riddance!
Turk: I honestly do not care if he succeeds with whatever.
Line: I hope he dies.
Blin: Oh so he is plotting? All of you are so uncaring! I shall leave and aid him in his laudable goal! Goodbye friends!
Blin has Disconnected
Turk: We’re done here.
Turk has Disconnected.
Line: I’m keeping an eye on you Lite.
Line has Disconnected.
Lite has Disconnected.
The sound of ballroom music resounded throughout the air, and many well-dressed patrons danced happily along. For a high-class, high-profile event, everything was going as planned, except for the fact that a menacing feeling clung to the air. As the night progressed, the tension in the room was increasing for reasons unknown, and was nearing a boiling point.
It all began with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. The elderly couple danced inside a circle towards the center of the ballroom, but Mr. Johnson had had a few too many drinks, and was becoming sloppier as the night progressed. Then, Mr. Johnson swung Mrs. Johnson around too abruptly, causing her to fall and step on another woman’s, Mrs. Garyburg’s, big toe. Mrs. Garyburg’s painful wail rung throughout the air, and Mr. Garyburg, her husband, became all “puffed up” and defensive. Mr. Garyburg and Mr. Johnson traded a few insults, but when Mr. Garyburg called Mrs. Johnson a “breaching land-whale”, Mr. Johnson lost it and punched him squarely in the face. Mr. Garyburg flew back and bumped into yet another couple, the Oldriches, who instantly became enraged as well. Like dominoes, erupting outward from the fighting couples at the center, the entire ballroom erupted in a colossal brawl.
Dr. Nick Mason watched idly from the bar as the events unfolded.
“What the hell is going on here…? These people are losing their goddamn minds. This… is this a Stand Attack?”
In another corner of the ballroom, on a balcony overlooking the multitude of people stood an observant cheetah, who seemed pretty out of place. He was interested in the intensity of the emotions in the room.
“These people… they’re going nuts! Why are they getting so angry at each other all of a sudden…?”
DJ’s eyes slowly locked onto the sole man in the crowd not going ballistic, a man with… eerily similar clothing to him, except in the style made for humans.
Dr. Mason’s eyes locked with the cheetah’s as well, going wide upon processing the sight.
“Is… is that a lab coat? With sequins all over it? How… garish. That must be who’s causing this, nobody else would dress in that style.”
As DJ hopped down from the balcony, the scientist readied for the battle ahead, drawing his [Dark Side of the Moon] out into the open.
Both were there to claim an important piece of information, vital to figuring out the mystery of [Once in a Lifetime]!
With these Bizarre circumstances, the second leg of the journey begins!
The Grand Ballroom, Bellagio Casino Resort, Las Vegas. 45,000 sqaure feet, and filled with guests. Those guests are currently… very agitated, a massive brawl just beginning to break out! Our combatants are stationed on the other sides of the hall, DJ in the north and Nick Mason in the South respectively. Our “parcel” is currently somewhere in this crowd, but it’s been passed around a lot, and not even WE’RE sure where exactly it ended up. Just search everyone until you find it I guess… but make sure you’re the one to leave with the parcel, and not the other guy!
There's a wild Stand User on the loose here, and they're making everyone angry somehow! This includes our participants, so they won't exactly be the calmest at the moment.
Inverted Rasputin
Rasputin stores its own damage and effects in outside objects now, and the ranges on his Beams 1 and 2 are switched. In essence, beams are now stored inside of objects.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Purple DJ ”Shut up! You’re pissing me off!”: Stop the riot, by any means possible! The more effective method between the two of you wins!
Loca’s Motions Nick Mason Same as DJ!
Match Number Match Format Match Flavor Match Location Combatant A Combatant B Date
1 1v1 Objective A fancy ball where the guests are getting a little rowdy… DJ Nick Mason May 13
2 1v1 Deathmatch Inside a dark cave, the only source of light being an oil-powered lantern that’s rapidly running out! Presto Gami May 17
4 1v1 Deathmatch Mumbai, India. A certain thing seems to be happening… Sigmund Tremaine Kewlin Ciudad May 25
5 1v1 Deathmatch A lagoon, somewhere deep in the tropics. Nicola Henderson Null May 29
7 1v1v1 Objective A hidden valley in between two mountains… James Burton Felix Down June 6
8 1v1 Objective Live on the Jerry Springer show! Prime opportunity to discredit your opponent! Niban Shosha Huey Lewis June 10
10 1v1 Deathmatch Northern Territory, Australia. A tense duel on the edge of a national monument! “Waveshaper” Rick Max June 18
11 1v1 Deathmatch A frozen lake, a straight shot at your opponent! Felix Arrowsmith Cole Pineburg June 22
13 1v1 Objective A museum break-in. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? Christina “Chris” Carlisle James Chance June 30
14 1v1v1 Deathmatch A warehouse… inside of another warehouse?! David L. Palmer Famoso Pietraduro July 4
16 1v1 Deathmatch An airliner, crashed in the middle of the red sea! Junky Luck Dr. Alice Slash July 12
17 1v1 Objective Caught in the middle of a large-scale, armed bank robbery! Albrecht Durer Steve Genoard July 16
19 1v1 Objective Suddenly trapped inside of a dark cave! Find a way out before it’s too late! Vivi Bianchi Stefan C. Megiddo July 24
20 1v1 Deathmatch Louisiana. Swamp country. Although the decoration is quite odd around here… Steppenwolf Leonard Davis July 28
Match Number Match Format Match Flavor Match Location Team A (1) Team A (2) Team B (1) Team B (2) Date
3 2v2 Objective A bowling alley where the balls are a little too big… Adriano Donati Jitterbug Moseph Sabat Farewell Angelina May 21
6 2v2 Deathmatch Open plains in the middle of Saskatchewan, hell raining down from all sides! Bill Dolby Rooftop Singer Jack Mercury Savage Garden June 2
9 2v2 Objective A massive, sprawling labyrinth, in the dead of night! Spandau Ballet Marco Forneira Donatello Blackwell Don Under June 14
12 2v2 Deathmatch An egyptian dig site, the palms of massive statues the only thing sticking out. Pascal Chaleur Elio Valez Floyd Feelgood Nicholas Al-Bach June 26
15 2v2 Objective A large ship, filled to the brim with guards! Natsuru Springfield Harvey Harold Hillhouse Gray Jay Michael Sembello July 8
18 2v2 Deathmatch Granbury, Texas. The annual Field of Flags event. Cassandra Corazon Kate Smith Elliot J. Diamond Boy July 20
Redemption Match Match Format Match Flavor Match Location Combatant A Combatant B Date
21 1v1v1 Deathmatch The side of a remote river in Alabama. Paddle faster. You can hear the Banjos playing. Duvelleroy Airis Ani August 1
Reddit Name User Name Stand Name Team Status
u/Zanegaru Junky Luck Robot Parade Sunset Company Active
u/pm_ur_veggie_garden Diamond Boy Dirty Dancer Sunset Company Active
u/Mightymindsoup Elliot J Love Bites Sunset Company Active
u/johntindlemen Adriano Donati Clearest Blue Sunset Company Active
u/boredCommentator Duvelleroy Great King Rat Sunset Company Active…?
u/jem_rye Albrecht Durer Just Push Play Sunset Company Active
u/Shark_Steel Duke Rhayader What is Love Sunset Company RETIRED
u/Strange_Bean Dana Davis Stay Sunset Company RETIRED
u/Gallerian Jitterbug Amun-Ra Sunset Company Active
u/phinsa123 Jack Mercury Mötley Crüe Temperance Machine Active
u/Unknowni123 Stefania Sandu Rich Girl Temperance Machine RETIRED
u/YoloSwagginsV12 Nicola Henderson Exmilitary Temperance Machine Active
u/Otha_Joestar Savage Garden Jungle Love! Temperance Machine Active
u/Bentonic64 James Creech Northern Hues Temperance Machine RETIRED
u/Nivrap Dionne Stained Glass Heart Temperance Machine RETIRED
u/Quickdrawnmoron Dr. Alice Slash Mississippi Queen Temperance Machine Active (1 KO)
u/bauccgia0 Rip Van Winkle Self Called Nowhere Temperance Machine RETIRED
u/KiwiArms David "2D" Delasoul Feel Good Ink Right Now, Forever RETIRED
u/SweaterSnake Spandau Ballet Paint Box Right Now, Forever Active
u/Toedpens Seth Turmur Heart of the Sunrise Right Now, Forever RETIRED
u/Dead_Star_World Cassandra Johnson Getaway Right Now, Forever RETIRED
u/farispie Nermin Reeds Spooky Skeleton Right Now, Forever RETIRED
u/PerPapple Christina “Chris” Carlisle Shadow on the Wall Right Now, Forever Active
u/Skelly-Tan Marco Forneira Man Eater Right Now, Forever Active
u/WoobidyWoo Stefan C. Megiddo Switch - 625 Right Now, Forever Active
u/Leafsw0rd Rooftop Singer Wintergatan (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active
u/TheMysteriousDoc Sigmund “Ziggy” Tremaine Demon Days (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active (2 KOs)
u/HeavenAscensionTaric Erick "Rick Max" Maximilian Withered Delilah (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active
u/NowWithPulp James Chance Electric Avenue (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active (2 KOs)
u/Slaycube James Burton Of Wolf and Man (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active (2 KOs)
u/Addem_Up Huey Lewis Change of Heart (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active (2 KOs)
u/Sh0tgunLlama Felix “Fat Rat” Arrowsmith Set in Stone (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active
u/ChocolateDiscloud Bill Dolby It’s Raining Men (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active
u/CPU_Dragon DJ Rasputin (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active
u/rederister Michael Sembello Automatic Man Diamond Dogs Active
u/Repider Jason “Gray Jay” Jukes Hush Diamond Dogs Active
u/Calumba Dr. Francesca Marvel Ting Tings Diamond Dogs RETIRED
u/anxientdesu Airis Ani Musical Star Diamond Dogs Active…?
u/JinxTheFrosslass Farewell Angelina Chains of Love Diamond Dogs Active
u/yelualstar Kenneth “Ken” Masters Leather Rebel Diamond Dogs RETIRED
u/Ongsay Moseph Sabat Digital Lover Diamond Dogs Active
u/SilverJakler Leonard Davis Ace of Spades Diamond Dogs Active
u/KantuK Kewlin Cuidad Smooth Criminal Loca's Motions Active
u/VforVanarchy Presto Fly By Night Loca's Motions Active (2 KOs)
u/spyguy318 Dr. Nick Mason Dark Side of the Moon Loca's Motions Active
u/Ronandstone Cole Pineburg Slim Shady Loca's Motions Active (2 KOs)
u/Drebin996 Kate Smith Cibo Matto Loca's Motions Active
u/Tesla__Coil Cassandra Corazon Through the Fire and Flames Loca's Motions Active (2 KOs)
u/ArtisanBubblegum Steve Genoard Dance Comander Loca's Motions Active (2 KOs)
u/SP-Q-R Viviana “Vivi” Bianchi Noisy Pink Bubbles Loca's Motions Active
Serefin99 u/yelualstar Steppen Born to be Wild Loca’s Motions Active
u/Ismat_Urbur Pascal “Paz” Chaleur Canned Heat White Stripes Active
u/SmashPachi Evan Lain Count on Me White Stripes RETIRED
u/StonedVolus David L. Palmer Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger White Stripes Active
u/Screedledude Harvey Harold Hillhouse Flatlands White Stripes Active
u/kljg Kenny Nixon Grease Lightning White Stripes RETIRED
u/JMBChaos Niban Shosha Ocean Man White Stripes Active
u/tryburningundam Elio Valez Danger! High Voltage White Stripes Active
u/NatsuruSpringfield Natsuru Springfield Evil Woman White Stripes Active
u/CptDouglasJFalcon ”Waveshaper” Wisdom of Rage White Stripes Active
u/webdiings Null(Neal) Fly Me To the Moon The F.L.E.A.s Active
u/vyhox Gami Haru Haru The F.L.E.A.s Active
u/Spade4103 Don Under Hot Space The F.L.E.A.s Active
u/WayofAlexGaming Nicholas Al-Bach Camera Shy The F.L.E.A.s Active
u/Sullivanity333 Dr. Floyd Feelgood Moving Pictures The F.L.E.A.s Active (2 KOs)
u/Mosses76 Felix Down Learn to Fly The F.L.E.A.s Active (2 KOs)
u/FastLikeLightning Famoso Pietraduro Wayward Son The F.L.E.A.s Active (2 KOs)
u/TornkeS Donatello Blackwell I Am The F.L.E.A.s Active (2 KOs)
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Bar Girls Indian Spring Casino

Casino in Goa is very famous among Tourists, one can find many casinos floating on Mandovi River in Panjim. As you know I traveled Goa by Angriya Cruise, thi... MUMBAI, INDIA: Dharavi, India's biggest slum, isn't exactly known for being a place where you can mingle with the locals over a couple of cold ones. But I'... Breakfast Buffet at The Leela in Mumbai India - Duration: 4:20. Dahod Garden 9,786 ... John Schroter Recommended for you. 10:20. Casino Royale - Poker Scene 2 - Duration: 4:48. Periodik ... 🇮🇳 I had read a lot about Dharavi, Mumbai's and the world's biggest slum. I had seen videos of the squalor and poverty to be found there but I wanted to go... Bar Girls Indian Spring Casino ... First casino in Las Vegas , Golden Gate ( GO GO GIRLS) - Duration: 1:20. ADVENTURES with Christian Recommended for you. 1:20. 24 Hours: The dance bars of Mumbai ... Dancing Bhangra at Deltin Casino in Goa, India 2013 Aftermovie Club Mumbai, Holland Casino Mumbai Slum, Mare e tanto casino // Il giro del mondo continua con un altra tappa in India. In questo Vlog sono a Mumbai, tra le slum rese famose dal film ... Religious scammers target foreigners at sacred cities around India. Come for a walk through the ancient ghats of Haridwar with me while I show you what how t...